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  1. Actually, if I had 750 quid spare, and the space to reassemble it, I'd be bidding on that. Far worse than that has gone for a higher price, and being a Kingston upon Thames one adds to the value. Seriously isn't over priced in my view.
  2. Be able to use them in the UK after the 31st of this month..(runs away before being banned for using the B word!).
  3. Yon now know why my green MGB GT is still in the garage (after nearly 10 years) winking at me and the mig welder every time I go in there. That though has a modern, electronic fuel pump, guess why!
  4. I see they have turned the public view off on that camera now so we cannot watch the fun and games.
  5. Oh dear, dear. Points closed up ? Looks like M5 north J20?
  6. Shit, I'm in Sheffield tomorrow. Fortunately the drive is full.........
  7. It's New Year's eve, another couple of beers and tomorrow it's yours.......
  8. I had thought of that, but it's a narrow road and trying to pass a vehicle going the other way involves getting as close as you can to the parked cars. I do wonder if PC Plod has been expecting a call from his boss over Xmas though.
  9. So the modern has been parked on the street opposite my place in Torquay for the last week. I've noticed it every time I walked the dog but that was interest. Today we came back north so fetched it around to the house to load up and found this under the wiper. I thought it was the usual one saying scum bags are operating in this area don't leave things on show etc. Anyway, I was about to lob it into a bin when I opened it. At least they were honest, although I wonder if the got the CSI boys out!
  10. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201912285628929 This could be a decent buy for £350, if you remove what appears to.be a boom box in the boot.
  11. For 600 or 390 quid, depending on which bit of the advert you read, you can prove you are savvy. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201912285631939
  12. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201912275615704? 475 squid, less than 40k miles, in the home of giffers (aka Bournemouth).
  13. Get my mate to realise that despite owning it from new, after 12 years his Astra really does need the cam belt changing.
  14. When ever you see the good old "chocolate block (even white chocolate versions)" in a picture, you know you're on to a 'winner'.
  15. I bet if you went to your local bookies they would give you fairly short odds on a fuck up.
  16. I had 8 before I joined, 6 now, so AS has had a positive health (and financial) benefit for me.
  17. 245 squid already. Far too close to me but the words Donny in the location always make me go oouughh.
  18. ^^^^^ nothing new in that, they're usually advertising that sort of discount but when you look closely it's only on certain items. Then when you click and collect (or next day), you stand in a queue for half an hour before getting served, then have to do the same latter the same day as the bits "don't quite fit". Good when it works, PITA usually.
  19. So the background shite tells a story as well.......
  20. These are fucking excellent, a powered roller skate. You need a big bore exhaust and a lowering kit to really* appreciate them. Oh, and they rot like fuck also. Boot floors by the wheel arches are the worst areas. My tester got to 10 "it's fucked mate" entries on the MoT before he gave up.
  21. Roffle, that way I don't have to buy it back!
  22. If it wasn't for AS in 2019, I wouldn't have won this; sold this to the excellent Mr Eddyramrod; Would probably have stopped Mrs BMH buying this; This, with the help of @LightBulbFun would still be on a Q plate; and I wouldn't have enjoyed the coffee making of @xtriple. Don't know how I'll beat that lot next year.
  23. Do we have a full list of entries?. I was going to submit this, my "luck win" in the roffle being used as a wedding car for a mate (pics been on here, somewhere) .
  24. I love dropping one in a lift just as I leave, sound in the knowledge that the next occupants will have selected a high floor and the doors will have closed just as they enjoy my parting gift.
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