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  1. I've a very similar looking charger that does absolutely fuck all charging when the battery reads that low. Have to use the old one to get the battery voltage up to above 10 volt before that one will do anything useful.
  2. Are you talking about the car or the Nodge bodied MAN in the background?
  3. Cavcraft put this up a couple of pages back.
  4. Brave or stupid to buy it?. If I had the space (money I'd worry about afterwards), yes I'd be bidding.
  5. Not just the pic that's cracking; the description leaves a bit to be desired (engine & box extra!).
  6. That's just missing some British Steel signs and numbers, five people in it and going sideways down a mine track. Obviously I wasn't* involved in anything like that back in the late 70's, early 80's.
  7. Excellent @xtriple, know exactly where you are talking about, and seriously sums up some of the locals.
  8. My phone is shit at enlarging pics so I'd guess that's actually VZI294, a Metal Sections / CIE bodied Atlatean (which looks correct from the pic, the bus coming towards the camera is from.the same batch), that was new in November 1969 and lasted for 16 years.
  9. I meant the buses actually, easier to trace than cars given the number of sados like me.
  10. Love the Simca advert on the left hand CIE Atlatean. If anybody can read the regs of these, may make dating easier
  11. You're not the only person who thinks that.
  12. I won this in a roffle here and used it for my mates wedding in September. Doesn't matter how old it is, most things polish up well....
  13. Pheewww... But also, congrats to those involved in purchasing this and ensuring it's future.
  14. Of course, if you want to win a Citroen, @eddyramrod has just a few tickets left for his absolutely excellent C3 (that he got from Mrs BMH).
  15. I find the pedals too small and close together in our TF. Certainly, it's almost impossible to drive with size 11 boots on, I have to find some ultra lightweight and thin shoes to be comfy in ours.
  16. Marston's Old Empire IPA, 5.7%, £1.99 in my local 'spoons.
  17. Paid as well. Like Eddie, I'll be hiding behind the sofa when it's drawn.
  18. If @Braddon81 (or anybody else) desperately wants my number 48, then I'm happy to stand aside. Speak up quick before I have a drink and change my mind again?!
  19. Tax it on a monthly DD. That way if it goes tits you simply cancell it and you'll not loose much. Had one of these when they were new cars, Mrs BMH loved it, me, err no, but one man's meat is another's poison.
  20. Given where it is, it must have been one hell of a tsunami.
  21. Sister has just said "not far from us, easy to collect". Better have one, if there's any left. Pleay
  22. Sure it's only got one fuse box?. My Hi-Ace had two, one hidden away that took ages to find, certainly the previous owner never saw it as he rewired half the dash rather than just change a fuse.
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