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  1. Oil bath air filters, that brings back memories. Just ensure if you get an apprentice to follow your instructions of "clean it out with petrol and refill it", they don't refill it with petrol.
  2. Even better when you read the full description,; "The car does show it's age since the photos have been taken as it has been parked up for the past 4 years. The car has an electrical fault. Last MoT 2018." Think I'll give it a miss
  3. Oh, for the days when you could ride a 250 on L plates without a CBT.
  4. My Ibiza estate clearly uses the saloon exhaust system, otherwise why would it finish two foot from the back of the car and piss off my MoT tester each year
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284815871124?hash=item4250594c94%3Ag%3AiOIAAOSwfzFiZXIL&LH_Auction=1 A Matiz you might* want to own
  6. They all came with badges, some operators chose to have them fitted, others just stuck them in the stores. Hence why I have a Daimler badge.
  7. Somebody doesn't know their loco classes (gets anorak and leaves).
  8. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202205115583563 The description is as impressive as the only picture
  9. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202205125623785 1.1 for maximum enjoyment,
  10. Bolton bus station. Deckers are maroon with cream. Bus on far left looks to be a Ribble SARO (Saunders-Roe) bodied Tiger Cub which were new in 1954.
  11. And whilst mentioning CPPTD, hidden in the back of the depots were some splendid things back then. This Crossley Condor was built 1931 with Short Brothers 48-seat double deck bodywork as No.74 and was converted to breakdown wagon in 1948 It lasted until 1972 and is happily preserved. Also still with us (just) is this Leyland Titan TD2 RV3412. It was new in 1933 with an English Electric 50-seat double deck body and was one of two converted to Tower Wagons for maintenance of the trolleybus overheads. BK2986 is a Thornycroft J, built in 1919 for Portsmouth Corporation. It originally had a Wadham O16/18RO seater body but was rebodied in 1926 with an ex London General AEC B 1920 Dodson O16/18RO body. I believe it's at the Milestones museum in Basingstoke. Also at Milestones is tram 84, which the Corporation had kept from the end of operations in 1936. It was converted from a horse car in 1903 having originally been built in 1880 for use on the North Metropolitan Tramways Co. Ltd in London before being withdrawn and being used as a railgrinder before eventual restoration. Portsmouth (like Glasgow and a couple of other tramways), used the the strange 4ft 7 3/4in gauge tramway . Now at the East Anglian Transport Museum is trolleybus 313, RV938, a 1951 Burlingham bodied BUT.
  12. So, back to Portsmouth and the single deckers. We'll start with these 34 seat, two door Weymann bodied Tiger Cubs from 1960 that were coming to the end of their careers. Who said London invented dual door standee buses. Also two door and carrying 42 seat Weymann bodies were two batches of similar looking but mounted on Leyland's Leopard chassis, this is 147 from the second batch from 1963. Identifying the chod should keep you happy for a few minutes. After the Leopards, CPPTD moved onto rear engined single deckers and were one of the few operators to buy Leyland's Panther Cub model (400 engine rather than the 600 in the usual Panther). Rather surprisingly, Marshall built the 42 seat two door bodywork. It was an even bigger surprise when CPPTDs next batch of buses were AEC Swifts, their first non Leylands since trolleybuses IIRC. Here's 178 in the new livery. They switched back to Leylands with the next order, but again caused many surprised faces when these Pennine bodied Atlanteans arrived. here's 188 (J reg) and 191 (K reg), the Panther cubs were also split over two registration years (E and F).
  13. When it comes to lusting over old cars, a just pre war Merc is top of my list. They just oouuze quality. Mind you when I first saw this post I thought it was Himmler stood by the car.
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