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  1. Now this is a mobile home.. Doubt my bus for the last bit will be as good.
  2. So after a pee, the first since Sheffield, my train has arrived. Yes, a P*c*r, and boy it's shite!
  3. You'll need to zoom in to read the building. And it's raining. No guesses yet on what I'm collecting?
  4. Which is why I'm currently here, where I remember Westerns being stabled.
  5. Keep having to turn off the free WiFi because Cross Cuntry trains think Autoshite.com is a web site that cannot be trusted!
  6. Train 2. Proper train, albeit Coach E, where my seat was booked isn't useable but fortunately there's plenty of space.
  7. You'll not miss anything. Have a gratuitous tram pic as I await train No 2
  8. Breakfast consumed, Third poo (curry last night), on my first train.
  9. In my yooof I was told that sex and drugs and rock and roll were bad for you. Now, it appears that drinking in pubs after 10pm, having an office job and unnecessary travel are the problems. Another problem is smartphones,alcohol and used car web sites. So today, after I've finished this cuppa in bed, performed the three s's, there's a trip to my local station for some necessary rail travel. What it is, where it is, updates to follow.
  10. The first Borismasters were London registered. Then Wrights did a deal with the authorities in NI and got the full allocation of 1 to something like 800 (and re-registered the first lot) of a local reg and then a different starting letter for the last lot. Scarborough has been building a lot of milk floats for London not least because they can get them South on a full charge. Wrights were generally Scottish reg until they went tits. Then the operators that got the completed ones (Diamond) registered them locally. Mercs tend to be registered starting with B as there main place i
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