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  1. Two from the YORK Trailers collection that I'm about to send the negatives off to the company as they still exist. I've sent these pics via email and got the following reply; 'Some of the long serving employee’s and even some of our retired employees have enjoyed looking at them and trying to remember the trucks ,driver and what we were doing in that location. Our former workshop manager remembers the vehicles and several retired employees including my dad remember the drivers name, Tom Knight nickname “Shonka”' Location is Corby, (GUY Big J8) best part of forty years in the steel industry means I know a Blast Furnace when I see one. Took a bit of working out where it was but the office block in the background (above the trailor) gave it away, the asbestos riddled one we use to refer to it as (was stripped and demolished) at work. Enjoy. "Shonka"
  2. Travelled on some Romanian buses in that area back in 1991. Even at two years old (by the chassis plate details) windows had wooden wedges in them to stop them falling out. I can only imagine how wonderful* gas powered ones were.
  3. Not impossible as a local operator is still running a K reg ex Stagecoach B10M / Alexander PS on school services
  4. Think the seat in the back was a basic option as we had loads of these at work in the late 70's and they all had that.
  5. Pre select are easy enough, just teaches you to look ahead and read the road and conditions. Just don't try driving them like manual boxes, as some Sheffield drivers did many, many years ago when they borrowed some from Northampton.
  6. I've had bulbs that look perfect (even brand new ones) but put across a battery didn't work.
  7. WTF cannot people be arsed to move the car away from the jetwash they've just spent £5 on before photographing it.
  8. At least Barnsley isn't on there....
  9. Quite amusing that the advert on the side of that Bristol K / ECW (of Bristol) is for Shweeeppss and the reg is SHW.
  10. And rest of the BMMO ones ended up almost returning home being sold on to Hulley's of Baslow, just outside Sheffield.
  11. More from the YORK Trailers archive. That's a lot of snacks !! Fiat tractor unit, Dover ?? Plastic cab ERF, Plastic Foden version, Leylands, and to finish, ,this Scammell.
  12. Right, more Sheffield goodness from my camera taken around 50 years ago, and single decks belonging to the B (Joint) and C (Railway) fleets. The B fleet received the very first Leyland Leopards built which were fitted with Weymanns 'Fanfare' bodywork. They were basically Tiger Cubs but with the 0.600 engine instead of the smaller 400 units to cope better with the local hills. Whilst most references to these say they were L1 chassis types, I remember having an official fleetlist from the council around then and they were actually designated using the Tiger Cub PSUC1 marks but with 'Special' after it. There were more than one batch of these, here's the B fleets 1003 (outside Herries Road Garage), 1012 at the Norfolk Arms on the A57 with a fine selection of chod in the car park and a crap picture of C fleet 3071 at the Hillsborough terminus of the 31 route (not everything looks good after 50 years, me included). Burlingham also bodied Leopards for the B and C fleet, here's 1008 passing through the railway arch at the entrance to Parkwood Springs, the village within the city. This is the only road in or out, and whilst the arch is way above 1008, the road rises steeply, hence the 11 foot warning. There's no housing there now, it was later the Ski Village but possibly better known (or not) for where some of the early scenes in the 'Fully Monty' were shot. One thing about the B and C fleets was it meant that Bristol and ECW products were available to them but denied to the A fleet as their supply was restricted by the Government to Tilling Group companies (ie the ex Railway ones). This means that ECW bodies appeared on Leopard and Titan chassis in Sheffield, Here's the two B fleet examples, 1010 & 1011, along with a C fleet Burlingham, 3079. Rotherham, Donny and Tracky buses in the background, and a C fleet example 3081 behind a newish HA Viva at East Bank garage. They were basically just the standard ECW bodies found on the Bristol MW chassis with the Leopard badge where the Bristol ECW badge was normally.
  13. I had three, two with the 1.9 diesel and the VRS. Upgraded from a Felicia to new W reg, then an 03 then a 53 (the VRS). Did well over 100000 miles in each of the W and VRS. Excellent cars, would have another, try and find a picture of them sometime.
  14. Absolutely agree. Anybody on here complaining about things being flipped needs to grow up and smell the coffee. These things were for sale at a public auction so they had the opportunity to bid on them themselves if they were seriously interested in them. If they didn't, then don't complain.
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