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  1. Ahh, the good old days, when plod could wade in and sort out the knob heads without fear of some politically correct, up their own arse minority, thinking they're more entitled than normal people, whining like twats and going to court because "their human rights" have.been abused. Rant over...
  2. Trust me, when it comes to car drivers and industrial locomotives, the car drivers seem to think the loco will stop, give way, or move out of their way, especially at shift change time.
  3. Lhttps://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202110138432797 Cheap Connie needing a clutch master cylinder.
  4. So, we were in Leeds Bus Station the last time and we might as well continue there. Leeds had a two tone green livery but the one man buses were mainly light green with dark green lower deck windows whilst the older, two man (and the old colours) were dark green with light green windows. Lets start by showing these differences on the (then old and new) buses 50 years ago. Leeds mainly bought locally built Roe bodies so generally the only differences were what chassis they were on. New PDR2/1 Atlantean 404 (that would be subsequently sold to Ipswich) stands alongside exposed radiator rear entrance Regent V's 854 & 791 and front entrance Daimler CVG6 572 (that would end up at Huddersfield). That little white box on the front up lit up and said "Limited" to warn intending passengers it didn't stop at all the stops. More Regent V's, including tin fronted 944 that ended up with Tyne and Wear PTE and Metro Cammel bodied 920 flanked by Atlantean 463 and Fleetline 146 both with Roe bodies. Note how Leeds didn't paint the bonnets on a lot of the front engined buses. Single deck Fleetline 1214, 32, an L406D Merc with Deansgate body on the shopper service. The end for many buses is sad, former 426, a Regent III that had been used as a driver trainer since the early 60's ended up at Sykes Blacker Hill scrap yard.
  5. Who's that closer to, you or me, for the traditional "Yorkshire" step into this dark alley for a knuckle butty?
  6. AV690 was the development of the AV590. The AV 691 is a different engine that was developed into the AV760 and ultimately the TL12 (used in the Marathon lorry). Don't forget AEC developed a V8 diesel used in the rear engined Sabre prototype (and yes, I've been on it!). As I'm shortly to tick the box on my license renewal that says "stick it, I've had enough", oh for the days of being able to put a 760 engined, ZF boxed Reliance into 6th (at about 75mph) and watching the Speedo wedge itself into "Smiths MPH" territory as you waved goodbye to a National Travel West (ie Ribble) Leopard in the days when the outside lane of the M1 was reserved for E Type jags and AEC engined (and the BMMO C5/6) National Express coaches.
  7. Driven most of the rubbish Leyland made. The 400, 600, 680 and the TL11. Give me an AEC 470, 505, 590, 691, 760 or the TL12 any day. IIRC DAF licenced and developed the 600 in their trucks and buses and Ashok (BL India) also used that basic engine.
  8. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202110088276184 £295 seems a bargain...
  9. Just got my letter from DVLA for the renewal of my PSV. As I'll by over 65 when it's due, the annual medical, licence change and other costs (CPC) means it's not seriously worth it given how little I've driven recently. Enjoy the future, I started in 1978 so buses and coaches were rather different.
  10. Liked for getting there and back, not the boot support failure. Keep fancying going to Haynes when I'm down that way, preferably in something they don't do a manual for.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133888833993?hash=item1f2c6579c9:g:HCYAAOSwzUphUgCO "The car is moted till end of October 2021 has never failed mot". Obviously failing it's MoT in 2012 and 2018 doesn't count.
  12. There certainly is. You've a shiney modern bag of shite, enjoy the "seats" as they are generally reconed to be like sitting on an ironing board.
  13. Presumably this bus, Good luck with the collection. (I'm not psychic, tells you the bus details on the ticket).
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