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  1. Simple answer is no. But all footie matches then had several press photographers taking pictures for the newspaper they worked for and with 1st Division (now the Premiership) the BBC would also be there (and sometimes ITV).
  2. I'd say that whilst plod might stop you they should be pretty understanding when you explain the circumstances to why you need to use the car. Hopefully.
  3. When you apply it asks for certain details from your log book and sorts it for you. You need to scan and send a copy of it (a bloody small copy as well, was the longest bit of the application for me), takes about 10 days for it to come through. I'd guess you'll get an orange 3 sticker (my motorhome has a yellow 2). For the 4 quid or so it costs it gives you a talking point even if you never go. Application form is fully in English, if you click on the links you'll need brush up your frog.
  4. Whether you do it this year or next it might be worth getting one of these. https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/en/
  5. ^^^^^ Whistle bus as we called it in Sheffield (this is Reading - Northen Counties bodied Bristol RE and a Burlingham bodied AEC Reliance behind). Basically the last buses all left at the same time (11.15 here) and an inspector would signal the approprite time by using a whistle. It was then every man for himself as drivers jostled for position to get out of the bus station. After the whistle had gone the rest of the timetable for the route generally went out the window.
  6. Interestingly since he last advertised it he's added the bit about it was subjected to the recent floods. Bet that's really* helped the long term anti rust treatment!
  7. I love these, and I'd love another one, but knowing how fucked mine was back in 1987, I think I'll give it a miss.
  8. Jesus, £320 for a "night out"!!, what are you doing, panic buying at Tesco?
  9. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202003188554258? Spare £195 quid and this could be yours . August Most.
  10. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202003198599184 £195, July Test so will be ready for you when your self isolation ends..
  11. Fiat Panda Dynamic. There's fook all dynamic about it, trust me.
  12. It'll not just going to be chod that's cheap soon. There's going to be plenty of people who have to make the stark choice between buying more bog roll / pasta / paying the rent/mortgage or paying the PCP on the shiny heap in the drive.
  13. Interesting that they have west country registrations rather than the usual S (built at Falkirk) or Y (built at Scarborough). Go Plymouth, or actually Go Cornwall won a massive 8 year contract not long ago for contracted bus services in Cornwall which involved investment in new buses.
  14. The top one looks like somebody has fitted MGB headlights.
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