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  1. Have you ever been given notice to quit your rented house because the landlord didn't like the "scrap" car parked on the lawn (and it was taxed / tested / insured and being used as my daily - honest!); or upset the neighbours at the same place by spraying your other car in the drive after work but forgetting to check the wind direction.........
  2. Have you noticed how nobody parks next to you in Tesco/ Asda/ Morrison/ etc.
  3. Have you ever had the tester find so many immediate fails he's had to get another piece of A4 paper to write them all on.
  4. Have you ever been pulled by plod and asked why you have such a large tool box in the boot weighing the back of your car down. Then watched their faces when you explain it's an old car and the tools are for when it brakes down.
  5. I liked the bit in the description that said "Sadly it is getting used less and less mainly due to my 16 year daughter refusing to go in it unless its dark". Personally I'd keep the car and get rid of the daughter.
  6. Has one of your neighbours (the first time they met you) ever said " Oh, you're the one with all the cars in the drive". Or "Just how many cars have you got". Or "8 ! FFS why do you need that many".
  7. The other "old trick" to try and stop your car being nicked was to split the low voltage wire to the coil and wire it through one of the normal series of switches you find on the dash. It took me bloody ages of pissing around trying to work out why it had suddenly stopped working until I realised that the HRW switch on the MGB I'd bought was used for that very purpose (it didn't have a Heated Rear Window!) and I'd turned it off by accident.
  8. IIRC you can adjust the gap using that screw so if effectively controls the level of sensitivity of the alarm.
  9. I'm sure that many, many, many moons ago I fitted on of those alarms to a car and I'm 100% with @lanciamattabout removing it. BUT, don't just chop it out, follow where the wires go as I've a feeling that you had to chop the feed to the coil and connect it through the alarm and a switch that you could fit where you wanted inside the car (but not on obvious view). There's not something daft like a little red button down the side of the drivers seat that you press in prior to starting is there?.
  10. Sorry, yes, makers name I believe (Skoda do have a sense of humour).
  11. No, it's in the menu, bit like your TV and the options of standard, user, etc etc for colour and sound
  12. That's one of the different options for the music style like Rock, says the man that's had four Skodas with that head unit (including a Roommate).
  13. Is this why Greater Manchester is in COVID Tier 3?? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202011025708750
  14. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202011236395723 500 squid S40 with 31 pictures to entertain you. For me the money shot;
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