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  1. Thanks chaps. Is Bob still alive, he was quite old at the time the programme was made and that was nearly 20 years ago. The programme was indeed Classic Cars. As well as the Bob episode, I think I have one about two fellas who imported US classics to sell them in the UK.
  2. I was looking through some old video tapes and came across a programme from 1991 about classic cars. A scrapyard owned by a Bob Wilkinson was featured. He seemed like an interesting character and the scrapyard was huge. Does anyone know anything about Bob or the scrapyard? Is he/it still around? Thanks
  3. Very nice, wheels make a significant difference. I bet you're now glad you didn't sell it!
  4. BD3

    Irish Shite

    Not sure if it was a van or not - but it was spotted in Cavan so is unlikely to be the same one you spotted in Abbeyleix
  5. BD3

    Irish Shite

    Golf Mk1 + trailer (this would have been a common sight a few years ago but not anymore)
  6. I think Renault are turning things around after a few bad years esp. the 2001-2003 periodIf you work in a Renault garage naturally you're going to see plenty of Renaults with problems and may get a pessimistic view of their reliability. I know people who work (or have worked) for VW, BMW, Ford, Peugeot etc. and they have pessimistic views on the reliability of these marques!As for window regulators if they were actually made of plastic that would probably improve matters Any failed regs I've seen failed because the metal cable rusted/frayed and jammed in the motor.
  7. BD3

    Irish Shite

    Boards Classic Cars forum is good though, very different atmosphere to the main Motors forum which is full of knobs. Strangely, some posters that are knobs in the main forum are decent contributors in the Classic forum
  8. BD3

    Irish Shite

    While I think of it, if anyone want to spend some time looking at pics of derelict Irish shite, try herehttp://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre ... 2055095254Plenty of grotesque rusting hulks in here - everything from Vauxhall Vivas to Citroen SMs, rotting into the ground.
  9. BD3

    Irish Shite

    Not a fan of "ZVs" either. If a car is 30 years or older you get a choice of a ZV or an 83-D-123 type plate. If it's less than 30 years you don't get the ZV option.
  10. Welcome IainL and thanks for the pics. Is that a Scammell in the background of the Viva HA pic? Shite of a commercial nature is appreciated here too!I've also been into shite from an early age although I only discovered the proper termiology (shite, tat etc.) recently!
  11. Renomad, are the gold R20s only fit for spares? They look decent in the pics - are they rotten underneath? It's a pity if they are.
  12. Here is the info on the 20shttp://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthre ... 2055271310Clicking the above link will bring up some pics of a great tat hoard so make sure you're sitting down!
  13. Re: the Renault 20, there is a fella here in Ireland selling 3 Renault 20s and is threatening to crush them by the end of the month if they don't sell. Now we've all come across the "I'll crush it, I really will" sales tactic on ebay before so it's hard to know. Two of the 20s are said to be in good condition with the other one being possibly a spares only car.
  14. The phase 1 19 Turbo diesel is certainly rare, I only ever saw 3 or 4 of them even when they were new. Does it have GTS or TSE interior trim (looking at your pic the headrests look like TSE ones)
  15. BD3

    Irish Shite

    Yep, I remember the BX saga. A BX GTi or 4x4 wasn't it? Have not seen any of those for a long time. In the last few years I've seen only one or two BXs of any description on the roads here, amazing how they have disappeared.Just looking through the other thread what do ye all think of this Mk2 Fiesta? I'm LMAO Pricelesshttp://www.octane.ie/forum/attachment.p ... 1202507760
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