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  1. That's harsh. Look after yourself and those around you.
  2. @paulplom exactly who did you buy this TT from?!
  3. OE Merc wheels are problematic. My boss had a nearly new SLK bought from a main dealer and they replaced all 4 wheels after the lacquer turned to shit. They should have stuck with these:
  4. Facebook not eBay, and not 1979 for obvious reasons. Y reg? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/782606360204594/?ref=facebook_story_share
  5. Casually scrolling, I thought this was fork lift truck refresher advice. It's always boxes cones or pallets as a course at our place, depends what the instructor can be bothered to find. My last ft refresher was at a different depot and outside. It absolutely pissed with rain so the instructor watched us pick up a pallet, turn 360 and put it down again from 50ft away. Everyone passed with pretty much no points.
  6. I thought we all liked @BorniteIdentity why would we do that to him?
  7. Couple of guys I work with, around my age have given up the sports bikes for the simpler life of classic scooters. Main reasons: Slower speeds = potentially less death. Ability to bimble about without dressing up like a fettishist power ranger first. Tinkerable mechanics. However, both have ended up getting professional rebuilds, resprays, endless mods .... Spending fist fulls of cash and never actually riding anywhere. Expensive shed ornaments. The AS way would be a shonky scooter with gaffer tape plastics from Facebook marketplace.
  8. How about these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265027300376?hash=item3db4dbac18:g:mhgAAOSw76djRfC8&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4HBK6fP%2BJsgXEDBYv3hei76kPyEAs6NNcldN50vJFdUx4hvwNIiks3DE%2FmbWU2m4yxfm1LBdoCnB7cXntLJJjkCJl%2FemODsMgQIO7aHQwct9fTauPRJLKHnAEvJRzIHEvzmR6EKvPCpWUrlrxQD3zV2V9KygMFhcDEXNHLTEVIvpUHmY8LMvv3oBqDS%2FRbn%2F23O%2FphPYh8YZA6hu662FxsgAVdZu3CEqcpD%2BGQQcbPgP9tAdHjHVv5w6tJzH07qpyJfdZ%2FRAzm%2FCqLhcm28A%2BT3d6PmAztglEnPetDiN3kfi|tkp%3ABFBMsMH-w4pi
  9. I believe there has been some ruling that insurance companies can't charge existing customers more than new customers which has stopped the practice of artificially cheap deals for new customers.
  10. The TV ad for the latest Peugeot. Is it a 508? Anyway, first time it came on I thought they said it had VELOUR! It caught my attention, and I thought it is about time velour made a comeback. I can't stand cheap leather or scratchy Tweedy seats. Quite disappointed when the next time it came on. It turns out to be "the car with ALLURE." So just advertising bollocks and no 80s luxury seating. Won't be buying one of them anytime soon then.
  11. Facebook marketplaces eh? We had a piece of furniture to move on, so I put it on there. Over a 3 week period I had at least a dozen messages that went: Is this still available?. Yes it is.... *silence* One went "Can you deliver for petrol money (40 miles away?) No, it won't fit in my car. Oh, it will fit in mine after all, can I come today? Yes, (postcode and phone number) *silence* And a load of " definitely want it, just arranging a van " followed by *silence* A "Can you keep it for 6 weeks until I have moved house?" Er, no. I was getting ready to cut it up and take the bits to the tip when someone actually made a sensible offer and said they could be there that day and actually turned up. So about 1 in 15 are not twats.
  12. I avoid that forum completely. I might enjoy your opinion on a Toyota heater control but anything political seems to turn toxic almost instantly.
  13. Does sat on your dad's lap aged 5 "steering" around a field on a campsite count as driving? If so. Tick
  14. That's very generous! He was probably only expecting a tenner!
  15. I have a real hate for concealed rear for handles. I just don't get it. Did anyone think the Alfa 156 was a 2 door coupe? No. Now these lifestyle bullshit blobs like the H-RV above and particularly the Toyota CHR have rear door handles almost in the roofline. Tiny rear doors and a low roof mean the rear is only suitable for children....Who can't reach the handle?!
  16. PCP Deposit on a nice BMW 1 series in white with M badges?
  17. Another in the things I shouldn't have sold file. I bought one in 2007 for £100 when I was known as tontops. It had suffered a wiring loom fire behind the dash and the owner just wanted rid. I had the dash out and spliced new wire in to replace the crispy bits over a couple of weekends and it passed an MOT, I used it for work for a few months while I was away on training courses getting 45p a mile in expenses. When the small dimensions and having to change my shoes every time to drive it got a bit much, I stuck it in on eBay and it made £500. What a result said I. The winning bidder came 200 miles to collect it and I thought he must have been mad to travel that distance for a common old snotter. It was not immaculate by any means but I had described it brutally honestly and he seemed pleased with it. Of course if he just stuck it in a shed and left it he would be quids in by now.
  18. I can't recall the exact quote, but I do recall Derek Matthewson saying that history from a one make specialist was not necessarily good news and many were to be given a wide berth.
  19. A while ago I found some old photos from about 1988 taken at school with the carpark in the background. What was a load of dull everyday stuff would cause palpations round here now. Unfortunately I think I binned the pictures as part of a clear out. Ones I remember and the owners subjects: C reg basic Orion in maroon. English. C reg Capri Laser in white English -he kept it for years. T reg Volvo 343 in brown. Geography. W reg mk2 Escort estate in beige. Woodwork. P reg MK3 Cortina in purple. Games. Y reg metro city in Champaign beige. Physics. B reg SJ410 soft top in black. Biology. X reg Ital in blue Music. D reg Toyota Tercel 4x4estate in brown. Headmaster. There was also an abandoned blue mk1 transit minibus and it's CF2 replacement sat alongside. I remember my last junior school teacher had an orange MK3 Cortina and the head drive a doom blue Princess. Shame I can't remember any of the stuff they tried to teach me.
  20. That reminds me, my takeaway hasn't turned up yet.
  21. I'm sure he will be pleased to get any assistance. And putting your Reg sleuthing skills to work too Win win
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