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  1. Ah the Sherpa brochure using the latest technology to invisible update the photographed round lights to square. British Leyland Photoshop:
  2. My mate from school got got in touch with his estranged father a few years ago. Doing a bit of ancestry, he discovered that his grandfather was a formula 1 driver in the 50s. Wow, what a claim to fame. On further investigation, although he raced in several formulas around the world, he was not particularly successful and his F1 career amounted to 2 DNFs.
  3. It didn't have a red nose did it? 🦌
  4. A friend had constant diarrhea for months, even ended up in hospital with a camera up his butt. Couldn't find a cause. Then he stopped drinking diet coke and the problem went away after a couple of days. This must have been 25 years ago.
  5. Well today brought a new discovery. I had to reluctantly throw away a big greedy slice of apple pie because the custard tasted like paint. Turned out to be Ambrosia "lighter" custard that is low sugar and full of bloody sweetener. Low sugar custard. WTF?! Who would want that? I realise I am part of a small minority that can taste aspartame but it is absolutely horrible and is turning up in more and more stuff.
  6. That's lovely. I had a red 1.6 when I was 21. I absolutely loved it and drive he everywhere like, well ,a 21 year old. How I survived I don't really know. I do wonder what I would think of one now, mine was lumpy and hunted in traffic, the clutch was heavy and the steering was even heavier. I'd probably love/hate it.
  7. Made me think of this: "YOU LET DOUGAL DO A FUNERAL??!!"
  8. Quality reporting from BBC local news. BBC News - Smart car in Cambridgeshire with exposed engine pulled over - BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cjrpl4q4pxqo I'm not a BBC basher (the broadcaster, not anything else you might think of) but you have to wonder... A. Who gave the police statement B. Who thought it was worth publishing. A virtual high5 to the first person to spot the obvious mistake.
  9. Excellent. What opportunities have marketing departments missed over the years? We could have had the Talbot Horizon Rattle, the Rover 200 Kettle or the BMW 320d Chainsnap 😄
  10. A school friends dad was just like that, never kept a car for more than a few weeks. He did a swap plus cash for one of his cars. Probably a Volvo 240 or an Sd1 and ended up with a brown Lada. Although he couldn't help himself from moving it on after a while, he ended up buying three of four more Rivas over the following few years and became a bit of a fan.
  11. I bet that steers really well! I haven't got any pictures, but in the 90s I knew a guy who spent years and thousands of pounds building one of those trikes with a beetle back end. It was long and had ornate metal running boards. The back end sprayed in purple metal flake. All the chrome bits, bespoke handle bars made up, he really went to town. First test drive, he got to the a bend in the road and it wouldn't go round it! It had the biggest turning circle of anything I've ever seen. There were some modifications done to try and improve it but it got pushed back into the garage and I believe that's where it stayed.
  12. Someone should tell it that it isn't a goose 🪿
  13. Yes. I told the tale in the motor trade thread of the customer who came in for rear brake shoes for a 3dr 104ZS. When I asked what system it had, Ate/Bendix/Girling etc? he said "I don't know, I'll be back" He returned an hour later and handed me a pair of brake shoes to match up, I turned to go into the store room and spotted the 104 parked outside..WTF?! "It's okay" he said "I cable tied the wheel cylinder!" He was apprentice mechanic at the local Peugeot dealer.
  14. That is so sad @Pieman. Virtual hugs from all of us. Be at peace Gemma.
  15. They were a rare sight when they were new. I always pondered the difference between a Samba, an LNA and a 104. Apart from some 2 cyl Citroen engine options I suspect it was very little.
  16. I thought about watching it but thought better of it after reading the description. As most have said, except for Bangers and cash (terrible misleading name) TV shows about cars are usually awful. Wheeler dealers and Car SOS are just about watchable if you fast forward all Tim's "blag" bull shit and the obvious false tension. Edd era and some of the later UK Wheeler Dealers aren't a bad watch. YouTube is where it's at now. There are some great video producers in amongst all the numpties. I'm willing to bet that almost every other genre of specialist tv show is utter crap too if you have any knowledge of the subject. I bet medics watching casualty are muttering WTF?
  17. Sometimes you can see the appeal of a white Kia on PCP. Instead of fighting the Germans on the driveway in the pissing rain, you could have been sat in the warm with a cup of tea or in the pub with a pint waiting for your freshly microwaved dinner to arrive. Oh no. What have I said? I will shamefully hand in my badge.
  18. Often see a 10 year old Toyota of some sort with a collection of elderly ladies inside. Destination unknown, probably afternoon tea. Driver is usually 1/4" from the steering wheel looking slightly terrified as she trundles down a busy A road at 45mph with a Hino aggregate lorry 6" off her rear bumper. One stereotype that seems to have disappeared from our local roads is the old fella in a Reliant who only ever had a motorcycle license and had kept patching it up and bodging it along for years. I'm guessing the old fellas and the Reliants have both reached the end of the road. One or two turned to Axiams in the 90s, but we're soon back on 3 wheels.
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