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  1. Wtf is that car? Looks like Clio headlamps and Rover 45 doors.
  2. Bizarrely, having read this whole thread this morning (somehow missed it before) I just saw a black 66reg Citroën c-zero in Newmarket. Not seen one for ages.
  3. BTCC single wiper conversion innit.
  4. In the spares place mixing paint people would often offer the helpful information "it says green on the log book m8" when asked for the paint code. When the car was registered, the salesman looked out of the window and decided to call it Green or Grey or whatever and wrote that on the sheet. I'm surprised they still bother putting colour on the V5 now as everything made in the last 5 years seems to be some sort of grey.
  5. Thought I spotted you in a local layby yesterday, but that huge nato green transit still had the white patch above the windscreen.
  6. Add it to the list of modern stuff that either dissolves in no time or just doesn't work. Paint stripper, weed killer, wood preservatives, shed roof felt, epoxy glue. shoes.... Probably all 100 times better for the environment (apart from shipping it half way around the world instead of from a factory up the road), and much less likely to cause us any harm. And also a fraction of the price they used to be. Just a shame it doesn't work. See also, fizzy drinks that used to be nice and now taste like paint and bags of crisps that only have 6 crisps in them.
  7. I'm going MGF with hydrasag suspension.....
  8. I know a guy who has a small bump in tescos car park and smashed rear light of the new car behind him. He waited around for the owner who waved him on and said "no problem, don't worry about it...... Its under warranty!" I'd love to have been at the dealers when he tried to claim.
  9. Told this one before, but a few years ago I went with a mate to look at an E36 325i. Private seller, not a bad area. We saw the car parked in the street outside, had a look round it and it looked good enough to go and knock on the door and get a closer look. The guy opens the door, takes one look at us and exclaimed "Fuck me! White people!!" He then went on a long rant about all the Fuckin P***s coming round and making piss taking offers. We ignored him while looking round the car while he went on and on, eventually telling us he was behind on his mortgage and he badly needed the money. We offered him 2/3rds of the asking price which he was happy to take. A very odd man indeed.
  10. . With cars like that Hyundai it makes you wonder how many started life as demonstrators or daily hire cars rather than being actually chosen by a paying customer? When I worked at a Peugeot dealer, the only XE or GE models I ever saw were courtesy cars for the service dept.
  11. Ah yes, Equip accessories. Utter shit. That would be a £1.99 clock that I am willing to bet doesn't work.
  12. A local roundabout got an extra lane recently and the signs and arrows all show left lane for left only, right lane for ahead and right (against highway code guidance) but only on one leg of the roundabout. So I approach in the right lane to go straight over (2nd exit) and almost every day someone pulls out of the 1st junction infront of me because they expect I am turning right. I don't doubt that all call me a twat, but I didn't make the stupid rule.
  13. Well I doubt it would go very far on a good day.
  14. It is almost like MG were producing scratchy plastic, tacky outdated Chinese tat BEFORE they were sold to China.
  15. I looked up Barry Assmann to try and find the whole argument. This retired gentleman claims he is "An experienced parking officer who still maintains duties in the local area to ensure safety" How much do you not want to meet that guy?!
  16. @trigger that Astra is some GM base model brilliance. I haven't seen a mk1 Astra in years and a round headlight saloon in decades. Brilliant cars.
  17. With no discernable vehicle access, I wonder how he built it in the first place. Part of me thinks good on him, but you wouldn't want that at the end of your garden would you? No wonder the neighbours hate him.
  18. A mate of mine took a big redundancy from a well paid job he had got by fluke and really wasn't qualified for. Unlike the impostor syndrome that most of us have from time to time, he was quite the opposite and believed he should be every other firms perfect candidate. He got a big chunk of money and decided to use that to tide him over until the perfect job landed in his lap. He was still in the pub of a weekend, still buying stuff he didn't need. He wouldn't take anything he felt was beneath him despite a few offers. Hell even I offered him a minimum wage driving job to tide him over but no. After about 18 months his money ran out and we didn't see him about so much. Last time I saw him he was running errands for a local building firm. I guess the lesson is, get A job. So long as it is not intolerable then you can search for something better at your leisure. Given what you told us of the firms treatment of staff, I would be VERY suspicious of the offer from another branch if it is technically a different firm. Could they take you on for a few months and then let you go, saving themselves the redundancy payout?
  19. Love it. I think it must be 85 or 86. Nothing newer than a B reg to be seen. That means the Marina taxi on an L reg is still working at 12 years old. Some going.
  20. My first thought, does this mean cheap jags and volvos? And fk me, what is @DirtyDailys fleet?! Fortunately I have a company fuel card and Mrs has a 206 hdi that does about 60mpg so long as I don't drive it. Today I saw £1.68 for diesel!
  21. The article says they were returned to their rightful owners. If they were found where I think they were found, you would not want them back.
  22. I wonder why normal pick ups have died out? All the builder's merchants seem to deliver these days, maybe that's why there is less demand for a car that will carry a ton bag of sand? The trend for Rangers and Hiluxes as company "vans" as a tax dodge seems to be dying off. Has that loophole been closed?
  23. No takers for the £623 Allegro 1500 special? Its got velour seats.
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