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  1. Saw on Facebook this has now been scooped up by Aaron jacobs who seems to pounce on any cheapish cortina and break them for spares. He seems to find a couple a week.
  2. I had this whole door not closing issue on a couple of the ZTs I had. It was a major pain on a freezing morning at 5am when I needed to get to work but ultimately they were fine again after they defrosted. Worst case scenario you could always climb out the window!
  3. First car I ever got "off the clock" was an E reg Fiesta 1.4 Sport. Clock only went up to 110 and it'd comfortably do more than that, helped by the fact there wasnt much of the metalwork left to weigh it down by the time I owned it RIP E857HSL. MK3 Cavaliers often have comedy speedos and it was my party trick to terrify passengers with the needle bouncing off 140mph when you were lucky if you were actually even doing the ton.
  4. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a PSVita from a charity shop for an unbelievable 20 quid. Played with it for a bit then stuck it on ebay and got 75 quid for it. What a result! Packaged it up and left it in a carrier bag in the kitchen to take to the post office. Crazy busy at work so I've been a bit tardy in sending it but today was the day, suddenly can't find it anywhere. Rings my missus to ask if she'd moved the morrisons bag in the kitchen. "Oh I thought that was rubbish, i took it out to the bins" The bins were picked up yesterday, its gone. Now I have to refund
  5. I often think that people expect champion the wonder car when they buy an old ford now because of the price you have to pay to get one. The reality is a clapped out cortina that you would have paid £500 for 15 years ago is still a clapped out cortina now even though you have to pay thousands to get it. I love the things but I dont drive one now because even I dont think theyre worth the price they fetch.
  6. Its a 40 year old cortina, welding is par for the course... im not sure I'm buying his faux horror on Facebook. It doesn't actually need an MOT now anyway as it'll be exempt.
  7. its my birthday, and its been crap. Missus is in Aberdeen which is now back in lockdown so I got a short and very cold facebook message last night saying she wasn't a rule breaker so id have to have my birthday some other time. She hasn't even phoned today. Supposed to be off work but got called in because theres been an Internet meltdown and when I went to get in the car I saw a huge nail in my front tyre. Worst birthday ever.
  8. Thanks very much to DodgyBastard for the louver and a shot of the Cortina (and his Niva) which has fired me up to actually get my mk4 back on the road. Having driven it, I have to say it was a bloody good deal at 1500 quid.
  9. Spoiler is rare/worth money if you're taking it off.
  10. Nice! A steal at 1500 quid. They all need welding, and it'll look tons better with all the crap removed (although I like the window louver!)
  11. Wasnt expecting this on facebook marketplace
  12. Haha! Nae roadshows out at the moment sadly. What you really want as a shiter is a TayFM roadshow... on the rare occasion they go out these days it's in an E reg Mercedes truck... as its only ever been a radio roadshow truck it's got crazy low miles. Last time I saw it when i worked there it was painted dayglow yellow ?
  13. I was briefly an auction driver in about 1998 at Kinross. Some cars were like old friends, coming back week in week out. My job was to run the car through, wait while it sold, then drive it out of the auction hall and round the corner to the storage yard. You were told not to go higher than 2nd gear and to do your best to disguise faults. One night I had command of a very tidy B plate Golf GTi and after it sold I couldn't resist giving it a bit of welly round to the storage compound. It was at that point t I realised it had no brakes whatsoever and I watched in what seemed like slow
  14. It did seem to get a about a fair bit. I remember seeing it twice parked at the kingdom centre in glenrothes (why he wanted to drive a 70 mile round trip over from edinburgh to what is a thoroughly bleak shopping centre I've no idea)
  15. What?? Aberdeenshire is BRILLIANT for autoshite. All of these are within 10min walking distance of my girlfriends house in Culter(bar the 2 moss covered oxfords, but they are only 5 miles away) I see loads of autoshite up here, you're not looking hard enough
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