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  1. Dammit! Cant believe I missed this roffle. Looks mega
  2. Google hasnt been back to my area since 2009. On the day they passed my mk4 cortina 2.0S is sat in my then driveway with an empty space beside it as the then mrs cortinadave had recently run off with some bloke from Dunfermline. I filled her space in the drive with an SD1 a few weeks later
  3. Remember 2015, when you still had half a chance of picking up a RWD Ford under a grand? Sierras seem to have suddenly been discovered by the old skool brigade and catapulted into the "HOW MUCH???" price bracket. Shame, as I quite like them, but not in a three grand sort of a way
  4. This is what annoys me - the world really hasn’t changed THAT much since the 90s, yet the majority of the public think anything older than a 10 plate is some rudimental primitive thing, one step up from going to work on an ox. i saw a banger rally being organized on Facebook, and a guy who thought he was some kind of extreme adventurer taking an 03 plate Audi A4 to Spain.
  5. This is the best week of the year to pick up a rock bottom cheapo. People who have over spent on xmas and forgot they still had to pay the rent. Get the cheeky offers in
  6. My 03 MG ZT had a sunroof. I like them, not sure why they died out really. Air con is all well and good but its no match for sunburn on your bald spot.
  7. @Broadsword is WINNAH. thanks @DodgyBastard for the ten minutes of both excitement and horror when I saw your gifted me a ticket just before the draw...
  8. Tidy! Got the water issues sorted, was just a leak on the pipe into the heater matrix. not many nasties have revealed themselves, other than that it has been “decatted” by someone hollowing out the cats and welding them shut again. Not a massive issue now given it’s got test til end June, but it will be then. Other than that it’s very nice. It’ll likely be for sale soon as a letter from my landlord landed on my doormat on Friday telling me he’s selling my flat, so I need to pull together a deposit for a new place fairly sharpish.
  9. I think DodgyBastard sold it on after a last moment of fame appearing in one of the last episodes of Still Game. Don’t know where it went from there
  10. CortinaDave

    Vectra C

    About as uninspiring as it gets. Cumbernauld in car form. Not specifically awful in any way, but just not a place you want to be in.
  11. These are disappearing at a rate of knots... cracking little cars, keep going even when the arse is absolutely hanging out of them. looks like there’s a few mot’s left in this one! Nice save.
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