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  1. I was always a fan of the smoked lights on late model Sierras, they really suited it. Doesnt answer your question mind you!
  2. This thread is now raised to winfinity!
  3. Thats mega! I've not been on the site much lately but I assume you got the cortina sold? Those speaker joysticks were always knackered on my sierras and crackled like buggery when you moved them about
  4. incredible that such a beast has not only survived.... but is a low mile minter! Odds would have been that IF one had survived, it would probably be on 185k, lying in a field and with a tree growing through the roof.... and we'd then have the dilemma of how the hell we could possibly let something possibly unique die, even though it was buggered. But no, its a beauty! Incredible work
  5. you tried RAC day insurance? its usually £25-30 for me. i cancelled a policy with tesco after about ten days and they said because I was within the cooling off period no admin fee and i oy had to pay for time on cover which was hardly anything at all, so they are worth a look. Was a few years ago though so check thats still the case
  6. Its a manual but 5 speed..Assume the 6 speeders must have come later!
  7. I was there, although only at the end. Much better show this year with a good variety. Chrysler Avenger won the "rarest" trophy but an escort RS was given best in show, pretty boring choice I thought, they're not particularly rare by classic standards
  8. Ha! I don't think its anything sinister, the coolant just looks old rather than oily, and I've knocked up a good few hundred miles in it this week with no nasties. Time will tell though !
  9. Decided with the ZT needing a good few hundred spent to get another MOT I'd rather bail out and have a change. Couple of weeks of looking at some complete dross and I've picked this up. 6 months ticket and 94k - 1200 quid. Pretty chuffed with it. There is a bit of an oil smell which appears to be a dodgy breather pipe and the coolant is like lentil soup, otherwise its in properly great nick. Drives nicely - much better than the ragtop saab 93's i've had in the past, but I am missing the ZT's cruise control Still amazes me what you can buy for not much cash if you're prepared to put the time in looking through the reams of snotters on gumtree. Anything i need to look out for on these?
  10. They look nice, engines are basic but willing enough. For me the interiors let them down. Super cheap looking dash and nasty plastic
  11. the ZR ZS and ZT are all really decent and an absolute steal at the giveaway prices they sell for now. Trophy blue is the best colour too. Top purchasage!
  12. Ive got a have a go trader mate whos got an account with BCA and has given me a silver card. As above though everything under a grand seems to be absolute crap and theres dozens of other small time traders there looking for the same as you so anything that does look reasonable is never a bargain. the silver card fees also seem to be a secret, theyre not listed on the website so I asked last time I was in and the woman at reception would only tell me the fee on a specific sale price, not give me the fee structure list. "sorry im not allowed to give you this". God knows why
  13. I'll take his two tix if they're available! PM me the details and I'll pay this afternoon
  14. Thank God for autoshite. I've got about £1200 to buy something to replace my ZT and trawling through gumtree has shown nothing but miserable focuses and micras. Cars are so bland at the moment, but this thread has given me a few possibilities. Quite fancy the cavalier Sri a couple of pages back
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