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  1. after getting fed up of my daily government sanctioned walk round the housing estate I decided today to wash the car and T Cut a couple of scuffs off it instead. Got glowered at by almost everyone that walked past, clearly cleaning your car is not an approved exercise by the local outdoor activity police 🙄
  2. Lo and behold mrs cortinadave's fester which was due to run out of test today has been updated this morning to it's new expiry in 6 months time #result
  3. Shite Knight suited you as username, swooping in on hopeless cases and bringing them back to life. The diesel R18 survived much longer than it would've done in my ownership.... and that shoveit is a major project too! Hats off.
  4. Mrs Cortinadave's is due on March 30th, and no "roll forward" has happened so far
  5. im suffering from the general lack of local chod for sale for me to perv over on facebook marketplace and gumtree. At least we have the fiesta roffle tonight to keep us entertained
  6. my Cortina also becomes MOT exempt as of 1st April and I was looking forward to using it as an excuse to drag it out of the garage and get it roadworthy. ( I know that seems a weird way of looking at it) However with things as they are it'll continue its slumber a while longer.
  7. I think so. This is rolling but only until things start to get back to normal when theyll review it Mrs cortinadave is ecstatic as her Fiesta was due on the 30th and this broke in the news minutes after the garage had text her to say her test was cancelled as theyd decided to close til end april
  8. On the sierra though, the toys were pretty cool. The LED doors open graphic on the ghia was absolute 80s joy, with the AWS warning lights above it that illuminated a bit like the game Simon of the same era. Only one of my Sierras had the rare optional fuel computer but that too was dripping in 80s-ness. You dont NEED this stuff, but it's cool if you have it. My mk4 cortina has headlamp wash, which was opulence itself in 1979
  9. Base mk3 cortina - only mirror was the internal one. No carpets, bench seat... no passenger sun visor ! Heated rear window was only on XL and GXL at first!
  10. Although I'm glad this is being saved, im a little sad its heading so far south as it's a local legend here! I've seen it doddering about now and again for absolutely years and I'll miss that as it always brings a smile
  11. If that's from 1991 - look at the state of that stellar, despite the fact it'd have only been 5 or 6 years old at the time. Wouldnt see a 14 plate car looking that knackered today
  12. The old man upstairs from me gave up driving in about 2010 and spent the next year trying to get a grand for his S reg Neon in green. He asked me if I was interested and I told him it wasnt my thing. " too big an engine for you son I take it" he said. This despite me sitting in my Sd1 3500 vanden plas at the time of this conversation. The scrappy ended up taking it away.
  13. A mate of mine said the Hyundai Stellar was known as the Horrendous Seller in the trade as they were totally unwanted by the mid 90s
  14. 10.... @garbaldy congrats! A festival of beige rust now belongs to you!
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