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  1. This was mine in 2007. First day of Mondeo sales 2.0Si and it was MINT. drove like new. Stolen and burnt out by arseholes and I was gutted. Rip K821SSM
  2. Can't see this lasting long with cowdenbeath banger track nearby. @DodgyBastard this too dull for you ? £350
  3. Off the road since 2017.... but cheap enough to be worth a punt. One for @DodgyBastard? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/619086499636966/?ref=facebook_story_share
  4. Gone already. Great wee cars these
  5. I had one of these and loved it. Quick enough too that it landed me 6 penalty points back in 2009. Kept it for much longer than I usually hang on to a car
  6. Just curious why scrap is so high at the moment? My local yard is running ads on the radio offering £300 minimum for drive-ins. Seems not long ago I binned a sierra and walked away with the princely sum of £10. Double edged sword as it means there's far less rock bottom cheapos on gumtree
  7. For the first year since 1995 I haven't bought or sold a single car. My A4 B6 continues to be the daily and the cortina is still in the garage awaiting my attention! I'm bitterly disappointed in myself.
  8. Me outside Central FM In Falkirk around 2001. I bloody loved that car.
  9. Is @DodgyBastard in the market for some 70s BL hell? market https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/259480506131025/?ref=facebook_story_share
  10. Sold at £960 which seems very cheap for a sierra in 2021
  11. This has @RobT's name all over it...
  12. I saw an ad just last week for a Focus on marketplace listed as - MOT expired, no idea what it will need as I've no time to get it tested. He seemingly had forgotten that he'd put it in for a test the previous Tuesday and it had catastrophically failed 😂
  13. That's the nicest one I've seen... colour suits it. I saw keef Adams was selling his so when i saw this thread I presumed you'd bought that! As Local shopping trollies these are absolutely fine, they were just overpriced for what they were. Missed opportunities are what MG Rover excelled at so its no surprise really.
  14. Despite being a serial ZT licker I've never driven an F. Like them though! I'll buy a raffle ticket if it goes that way Might be better hanging on to it til the spring for a better sale price when you get fed up as flogging a floppytop heading into the winter is like trying to sell rabies.
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