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  1. I'm thinking of making something similar, but using a cardboard box and white card to line it. Ideally it will fold up as it will take up valuable space, probably in my outhouse
  2. I've seen several POO plates around here lately for some reason; PO04 BEN, PO07 MEN and PO07 ONE. Coincidence or scatological?
  3. I seem to have a pile of compact cameras found when I've been clearing shops, so I thought I'd give all of them a shot at capturing the Moggie, to see if any could do a better job than my phone which seemed to struggle. Grabbed the DSLR too Nikon D3300 Nikon S2500 Nikon A10 Fuji C10 And my phone now the light's improved
  4. If any of those are Turbo Specials, colour me interested. Don't recognise the yellow "taka-Q" and Bugatti EB110(?) next to it
  5. It's a really nicely detailed casting, with a nasty cheap base/interior, but you don't see that really ...even with a big hole chopped into the bonnet!
  6. And a bit of fun - mrs BB's grandson seems to love ducks, so when a tatty Matchbox Donald Duck buggy showed up in a job lot, I was asked to customise it in his favourite colour Only thing is I've got to let him play with it!
  7. Ages ago I got a Corgi Morris Minor off @Datsuncog that was in a bad way. I stripped it down and sent my mate a pic of it mocked up on some nice wheels. He said it would look great with a V8 and blower hanging out of the bonnet. I'm still going to build a mild custom version as I found a couple more at boot sales since, but...
  8. So, what did I buy? A Welly 928 - 99p but opening doors!!1! High Speed Audi 49p Hummer(?) coach 79p Not bad Corgi Dyane 79p Equally not bad Volks-Dragon 79p - base corrosion on this and the next one is BAD though Matchbox SL mainly for the intact roof
  9. I have no idea. Either that think they're rare m9 or the donor requests a sale price. I grabbed a handful, thing is if they were all 49p I'd just take the lot and redistribute them
  10. Tat Friday - if anyone sees anything they can't live without let me know ASAP - but as this is Oxfam with the dreaded paper tags don't expect any bargains. Most are 49-79p but a couple are £4.99 including the Corgi 911 and green Matchbox single seater. Transporter trailer is £3.99
  11. Definite contender for most produced/most variations I reckon. Is there anything that hasn't been advertised on the side of one? Majorette didn't really get in on the act with their version very much
  12. Still not collecting toy cars then?
  13. I've been itching to have a play with the Hot Wheels Mazda RX-3 ever since it came out. Found a spare
  14. Are you referring to my beloved Zylmex?
  15. Been meaning to pap this MK1 Golf cab for ages - bonus Felica Fun there now too
  16. A Colette! Nice big yank wagon too
  17. Not yet. Best I can offer is this Fox Mustang
  18. Not sure where else to put this
  19. £3 each, same charity shop that had the James Bond Lotus a while back. Tatty boxes
  20. Yep that's it. I've never been to Berlin, might have to check it out
  21. Think I've seen Doris bimbling about in her Cav before, but she parked up just as I got to Asda this morning, so here it is again
  22. Yeah anything sold new as a collector's item, won't be. See also Royal Wedding themed stuff
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