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  1. Same guy has a couple of Nissan Pulsars that used to sit on the road looking very unused. Now on the drive with the vans
  2. it has got four - only clear towards the end of the video
  3. How odd that it made a noise!
  4. Was apparently quite noisy so two stroke?
  5. I mean - WTF is that? VID-20211116-WA0001.mp4
  6. Charity shop tat box has been refilled - mostly newer Hot Wheels etc, no Superfasts this time
  7. One to look out for in the future - Ain't No Saint has won the Global Hot Wheels Legends Tour
  8. Knocked up a quick prototype. Even with the crap lighting in the kitchen it's not bad
  9. Yep, these three have the correct cars on the back
  10. Y'know, I'm quite impressed with this for £3, especially how fragile and easily lost some of the bits are. Only defects I can see are a break in the "basket" at the front and one of the rams that supports the booms is split
  11. Very nice. The compactor looks very similar to the Husky dustcart
  12. It's the smaller one - do they really go for that much? Seems all a bit steep to me, if they were a few quid I'd just grab them. As I have a pretty decent blue Trainspotter in the cabinet anyway...
  13. Charity shop prices have gone nuts. Transporter £3.50 Corgi fire engine £3.00 Bag with Dinky Routemaster and Corgi Escort + 911 £12.50 Local if anyone's desperate
  14. The Eddie Kidd bit was great, made me sad as much as anything seeing the state of Avon Park dragstrip, many a happy weekend there over the years - now about to have houses built on it. Great tribute though.
  15. Someone will be along shortly dribbling over that. It is rather nice
  16. Forgot to add this interior shot of the K-7. Nice to see the tools moulded in
  17. Attacked a couple of my K-7 Racing Car Transporters. Had this one with no tailgate and slightly tatty paint And this boot sale refugee with better paint and a tailgate but some sort of acid damage to the load bed Presto, fixo If only I had more than one plastic canopy to go around
  18. I remember when that colour came out and Citrine Mondeos were everywhere for about 6 months, then they all just vanished. A lot had the (17"?) RS alloys too I'll be on the lookout for those two
  19. Bargainous Maestro https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/221077420112706/?ref=facebook_story_share
  20. Ah the fantastic MC/Maisto/Corgi MK3 cab - the one that came with police lights on the soft top is my favourite
  21. I'd never seen this Lone Star Merryweather fire engine before, so I grabbed it Same seller had a Rockets Marcos This, which I think is a Zylmex but I need to do some detective work And this just because it was so tidy
  22. Got a slight dilemma/tat purchase opportunity that might help some of you out too. Guy on another site has dug a load of his childhood tat out of the loft and suggested he might part with them. Here's the pics: I'm asking about: Hot Wheels Cannonade Hot Wheels Pepsi Challenger Hot Wheels Hi-Raker Dodge D50 Matchbox Maxi Taxi Matchbox Yellow Unimog Matchbox Cortina Matchbox Rolls Royce Matchbox Toe Joe Matchbox Ruff Trek Matchbox Pontiac Firebird T roof Matchbox yellow Gliding club Jeep Matchbox glider trailer Matchbox K-24 Container Truck Corgi Ferarri Daytona Red Corgi Sierra Silver Corgi Sierra + others? Corgi Mercs X3 Corgi Triumph Acclaim Boxed Corgi Junior Sierra Majorette J4 Siku recovery truck Siku Granadas Siku Unimog(s) (2 small 1 large) ERTL General Lee ERTL Fall Guy truck I don't know what to offer, and also wondered of there were others in there anyone might be interested in? Shame the Gama Opel has lost its glass but there's a Matchbox/Corgi Mini, the Dinky Roadsweeper etc
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