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  1. Unusual, check, velour, check, Finland...bother. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-THUNDERBIRD-EVOLUTION-1988-/172744129770?hash=item28385a3cea:g:KNcAAOSw3YJZTDkf
  2. Less shonky early Mk3 Estate http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-mk3-escort-estate-early-3-door-1981-/162567596697?hash=item25d9c8aa99:g:NXEAAOSwjKFZUXaw
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1998-ford-escort-1-8-GTi-16v-estate-for-restoration-/182642959324?hash=item2a865e63dc:g:OIgAAOSwIjJZVNNO Shonky GiT estate for 99p
  4. My local toy shop often has a few old die-casts for sale, got these today
  5. I paid £80 on offer for my Garmin Nuvi with Euro maps. Cheapest I could find as I didn't fancy getting lost and having to ask directions in foreign, as I don't know any. I'm pretty impressed with it so maybe look at 2nd hand units.
  6. Cheers dad - I tend to agree. There was some white residue left from the cleaner but a quick wash and brush up reveals no obvious problems;
  7. Yeah sorry - I have three accounts and thousands of images, almost impossible to move them elsewhere now.
  8. I should be heading to Gaydon on Sunday, British Leyland show; https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/events/the-bmc-and-leyland-show Never been to the museum before so I thought it might be a good time to visit.
  9. Female star, as you said. Check the number of points, star/Torx and spline are different IIRC.
  10. Once upon a time my garage looked spacious and my 5 looked lost; Now it looks more like this, and I have to move house. I am not looking forward to packing and moving all this, and I don't even know if the new place will have a garage. I am currently blessed with a two car drive, plus long car port, another car-long space in front of the garage and the garage itself. I bet I'll be lucky to have a shed next time. Spacious;
  11. I've seen many mis-fueled cars in for repair at dealers (VW/Merc) and have never known any age of diesel to be damaged by unleaded. Modern ones are supposedly prone to damage due to lack of lubrication for the pump and fine tolerances on the injectors, but again I have never known one to suffer a failure. Definitely best to drain all the filters and lines though. While I'm here I might as well tell you a story; Working at Chelmsford VW years ago, a fleet driver managed to fill his diesel Passat with petrol, it was towed in and we provided the driver with a petrol Polo to use. As it was driver error he was responsible for paying for the drain, new filters etc. Not long after collecting the Polo he complained that he's struggled to get fuel into the tank as the filler was too small . Yep he'd managed to fill the loan car with diesel, so ended up with two cars in the workshop having fuel drains. I think he ended up with a bill for about £600 in the end. I should also add that modern petrol VW engines do NOT like diesel, I have seen exploded pistons due to this, not recommended.
  12. I have re-used them, mostly because I always forget to buy a new one and remember as I undo the sump plug. I have used these on various engines and if the right diameter can stop minor leaks on dodgy sumps; They're listed for Mondeos and are usually not a lot of money.
  13. Cheaper! https://www.gumtree.com/p/lawn-mowers/robi-reliant-powered-allett-cylinder-mower./1251364278
  14. A quick Google found these guys, anywhere from £25 to £60 for analysis though http://www.theoillab.co.uk/product-category/oil-testing/engine/ I think I'll stick to good oil and regular changes. I can't quite believe there was a time when I had a 2.9 litre daily driver that absolutely refused to crack 20MPG.
  15. Probably not, but I'm too old school to bear the thought of 20,000 on one oil change. I guess you could say it saves me money long term as the car should last longer.
  16. How long shall I leave an alloy suspension arm, a galvanised bracket, a stainless steel knife and a steel track rod end in Dr. Magic™?
  17. Hmm fair point - I might do a test on a bit of scrap. It's still bloody good for de-greasing shite though!
  18. Service every 6k, not the ridiculous 20k the manufacturer recommends!
  19. I treat all the pedals as if they have a raw egg between them and my foot. Usually 60 MPH on cruise when on motorways/dual carriageways, and reading ahead for traffic lights, slowing cars etc. I know the behaviour of local traffic lights and can predict whether to go for it or coast when approaching them. There are also a couple of bits on the A45 where I can put it in neutral and it will stay at 60MPH due to the decline. I got 65 MPG out of the last tankful (1.9 TDi Passat). 56 is about the worst it's given with mixed town/M-way driving.
  20. I really don't hate these, and I've not been aware of a Cosworth estate before. I did have the older shape Cosworth Scorpio, and can confirm the performance is far from sedate! Much as I love estates, I prefer the smiley as a saloon for it's American influenced bum design. Wonder what the reserve is?
  21. I avoid taking my car anywhere other than my own workshop (i.e. the driveway) unless absolutely necessary. Having said that, I have been into Kwik Fit in Wellingborough with my wife's modern (Motability), and then more recently my own car, both times for a pair of tyres. No upsell, nice waiting area and no rattle guns! All wheel bolts torqued up correctly which is a refreshing change from the usual "12 dugga-duggas" and then check it with the torque wrench. Kwik Fit most certainly fit tyres on behalf of other internet tyre sellers, that's how I bought mine. I get my MoT done by a guy my wife's known for years, and he knows if there's a problem, yo, I'll solve it.
  22. Well if you insist... (might be the odd Custom Car/Hot Car page in there) Most of what I have scanned is air-cooled VW stuff, I highly recommend my previous Facebook link as the Street Machine community has scans of pretty much everything.
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