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  1. I'll take that too please - regretting not bidding on the black Corvette recently
  2. Gah. Stuck in traffic with virtually no signal. Missing bargainz
  3. Must have been some ninja action going on to bagsie the Caprice by the time your post even appeared!
  4. I'll take the Tranny please...
  5. Total fail finding a yellow Capri, been in half a dozen Tescos on my travels this week and not found any, I suspect they're putting in one per case again. Because what sells is diggers and weird electric shuttle busses, not cool cars. There aren't even any on Aliexpress Rolleyes smiley
  6. I'm in that Scotland at the moment, there's a noticeable lack of anything old or interesting where I am (both cars and scenery). This is about the best thing I've seen
  7. I don't know if you remember, but I kept seeing one of these at my local boot sale, and every week walked away as the woman wanted too much money. Think I got it for a two or three quid in the end - bet you probably didn't pay much more!
  8. To be fair that 1st pic is pretty cool
  9. And of course the real prize - Hot Wheels Silhouette
  10. Matchbox MK4 Cortina is saleable even in that condition, and so is the Turbo II Transit Supervan. How much is the lot? Definitely looks worth a rummage. White car top right is a Matchbox MK2 Golf *edit* ah not that one - mysterious. Keep thinking Escort RS2000 but it's not right...
  11. Well I'm also the wrong side of the border this week, so fingers crossed! Just been scoping out where I'll be working and seen a B&M, Home Bargains and Sainsbury's in close proximity, so hopefully there'll at least be some Hot Wheels to purchase
  12. Yes - think I've posted before WH05 YET on a Skoda Yeti
  13. Oh yes! I like an error and I like that 55/Flying Customs
  14. They make a joke of it, but I'd be quite impressed if I was given "The Loaner" from The Mask
  15. I was looking through the Hot Wheels 10 packs in Smyths to see if any contained this Lotus, as my friend collects this casting and this colour scheme has been spotted among the 10s. Didn't find any, but I did find this Looking closer That is a Flying Customs 55 Chevy, and should not be in that multi-pack
  16. Hobby DB is good but it covers such a vast range that not everything is on there. Shame there's no Corgi Wiki like there is for Matchbox and Hot Wheels, I wouldn't have a clue how to make one, I can just about upload a picture to the gallery and someone usually edits it afterwards
  17. I really like longroofs, but I've only owned one (and another bought just for its doors)
  18. I was given a K10 Micra 1.3 auto as as courtesy car for an insurance repair in about 1999 or 2000, was quite old even then. Fun though, did good handbrake turns. Apparently.
  19. As I understand it Corgi sold a load of castings, and later re-acquired them so they'd had all the info underneath removed. Some don't have any name at all but are clearly Corgi castings - Merc bus Buick Regal - there are various changes to the wording, number of rivets, addition of slots for the version with side exit exhausts and made in Britain/China
  20. Matchbox XR4i came to hand earlier as I was putting my Hot Wheels away, as I found two Cosworths I thought I'd open one for comparison
  21. Ford Cargo: Ashok Leyland Cargo: Although they appear to be the same vehicle, I can't find a link between Ford and Ashok
  22. As you may have seen, @barrettbought a job lot after I posted it on the miniature eBay tat thread, and we negotiated some of the spoils coming my way. Here's a few of them, most are in very nice condition too I need @junkyarddog's skills to fix the grille on this Dodge Dragster - I have another with the grille broken on the same side There are several tidy Superfast era cars And some earlier ones too - funny enough I had all of these Matchbox already, but these examples are far better than my existing ones First time I've found one of these with the roof intact This is the only one that's new to me, Pontiac Convertible. Shame about that screen I had both versions of the Beetle (different colour glass), but mine were quite shabby compared to this pair I was bidding on a lot that included a "VOLKSWAGON" base but it got too expensive, one day... A couple of Corgis - Whizzwheels Marcos is a revised casting from the Rockets/Growlers one Rockets Jensen is very cool in lairy pink This was chucked in FOC - no idea what it is, Kinder maybe?
  23. Does look similar to the Corgi effort, interesting! Even says "Cargo" on the doors But a bit of Google-Fu: An Ashok Leyland Cargo! I even found a link to Indian Amazon selling what appears to be the same truck https://www.amazon.in/Jack-Royal-Leyland-Trucks-Kit-White/dp/B076JF2PX5
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