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  1. A couple of old photos I've recently found, First up is my Great uncles Ford Anglia outside my Great Grandparents' house. Circa 1960s 2nd is from left to right, my Aunt, Uncle, Father and Great uncle standing around my Grampas' new company car. A 2600 SD1, apparently my great Uncle (who was German) wasn't impressed with the British Leyland quality on the SD1. Circa 1980s 3rd is my Grandpas friends Ford Consul, when he lived in London in the early 1960s, the guy was quite proud of this car. 4th was another company car my Grandpa had, a fairly new Ford Cortina after a argument with a fence post, which the car obviously lost. Circa 1960s And lastly are pictures of my Grampas first ever new car, a Ford Anglia sat outside his house in the early to mid 1960s and also my Great Grandmother (German and spoke very little English) stood next to the car. My Grandpa polished every inch of this car when he first got it home and it is said that the paint work kept its shine for many years after.
  2. A new day, a new project In a moment of madness I agreed to go half with my brother on a 1951 Morris Minor MM named Geraldine. The madness is that I already have a "project" which I have already posted on here some time ago (not much has happend to that), and I still don't have a garage to store any of them in... anyway the Minor was delivered yesterday and we spent most of the day moving a shed and fence to get the car round the back of my house, there is nice hard concrete floor to work off of back there. Well, about the car. its rotten as usual, the door bottoms have completely gone and I suspect there is some rot in the "internal" door mounting panels as you can hear crunching noises when putting force onto the doors themselves. the rear floor pans have detached from the rest of the car just below the back seat and I think a rear suspension mount is going to be needing replacement. Luckily most panels for this car you can buy to fix most of the problems. the unusual thing is that the sills and front floor pans seem to be fine (I think they've been replaced before) and the chassis/outriggers seem ok, a little crusty here and there but from what I can see sicking my head under the car it seem ok (not great, not bad). On the plus side the car has had the 1098cc engine and gearbox from a Minor 1000 fitted and it runs and drives. sadly no history with the car except the old style logbook. Not sure if the engine has been converted to unleaded but I will be checking that when the engine eventually comes out. Gears seem ok but again a full service will be carried out. Plan is to hopefully within the next year build a concrete sectional garage around the car (concrete base already there luckily) and buy a body roller to do a complete body restoration. luckily the bumper mounts seem solid and so hopefully use these to mount it to body rollover jig. This will be our first restoration for us but I think you cant get any simpler than a minor and its a good car to "learn" on. (fingers crossed), Though if anybody has any knowledge to pass on I would be eternally grateful. Well here's some pictures of where the car stands now, work wont start straight away (I still need to buy most equipment, welder etc) but any progress will always be updated here.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1979-ford-Capri-1300-L-43800-miles-same-family-owned-from-new-swop-px/164176579768?hash=item2639afccb8:g:CYYAAOSw1ZJepuwe Rare beast, still being a 1.3l
  4. Passed my test one month before turning 19, drove the polo for a year and when the insurance became cheaper bought the astra. Fitted a complete leather interior and door cards to the astra and also fitted later "snowflake" alloy wheels with red centre cap on. Honestly my faviorite car ive owned. but spent some time unemployed and needed some money so I sold it... to my father who still has it to this day 3 years later so its been in the family for about 6 years now. Sold the polo shortly after buying the astra and so it once driving by but the number plate no longer exists so probally scrapped by now.
  5. Just found a link for the crossley on the owners club: http://www.crossley-motors.org.uk/gallery/today18_50/mellish_18_50.html
  6. some more photos, one is of my great uncle sat on his old motorbike circa 1950s. another is of my dads old mk3 capri circa 1990s, which I now currently have sat in a council garage awaiting restoration and the other four photos are of my grandfathers old 1925 crossley which he owned in the late 1950s/early 1960s whilst living in London. The last photo is of the crossley on my grandfathers driveway in the mid 90s, the owner at the time had tracked my grnadfather down and got in contact with him, sadly when the owner came to vist my grandparents were on holiday so he took this photo of the car on their drive and posted it back to them. The owner of the crossley sadly passed away the other year but the car now belongs to his son and is known amongst the crossley owners club.
  7. Found some more photos, the first picture is of my grandfathers rover sd1 2600 circa 1980's with my aunt, uncle and dad with my grandfathers brother in law. second photo i have no idea who they are or what vehicles they are.
  8. Here's a family photo of my great grandfather in his first car. Not sure of the make and model but I believe it to be a Jowett.
  9. Hello everybody, just wanted to introduce myself and my capri to the forum. Its a 1981 2.0S mk3 that's been in the family since 1990 and has been passed down from my father to me some years ago. The story is that my father bought the car inn 1990 as his escort xr3 was to expensive to insure and his first child was on its way, so the escort went and he bought this from a man in the Selby area. (my father being a ford trained mechanic, he did like his ford back then) He drove the car for about 3 years and with a new house and me and my brother on our way he had to find a family car that was my economical and cheaper to use than this, and so for the next ten years it spent time in a relatives front garden, then made its way from one barn to another until 2003. This was when he decided to restore the car himself and so we dragged it back home and plonked it into his garage. Sadly due to work he just couldn't find the time for her and so for another 10 years she sat unloved until 2013 when I was given her. The picture above was taken on the day we dragged her out of the garage, now I was still an apprentice living with mum and dad so all I could do at the time was put her in a council garage safely tucked away. This picture was taken in June 2019 as she is now. I have now purchased my own home and I'm currently working on modernising that, I also need to build a garage for the capri so that I'll have a dry place to work on her. My plan is to restore the car so that I can enjoy using it on days out and even holidays to the south west. I wont be doing a full body strip down resto but she does require some welding work on her back end. As can be seen from the photo's the rear valance and rear corners have gone and there are some holes in the sills at the rear. There's also a small hole in one of the rear chassis rails just around where the fuel tank is mounted to. I have obtained a new pattern part rear valance and I can get pattern new rear corner out skins as well, I will also be removing the tow bar as this car will never tow a trailer or caravan again. I will be needing new leaf springs as the ones on it are pretty well worn. I may be needing a new fuel tank if the old one cannot be saved but I'll make that judgement when the time comes, but apart from the rear end the car is mostly rot free. From the back of the doors forward everything is pretty much solid. Floors are good and the doors are ok (I have a spare passenger door if I decided to replace it). The scuttle panel is solid with no bubbling any where on it and the dashboard is not cracked which for me is a bonus as I've seen lots of capris with cracked dashboards due to the sun. I just hope my father can remember how this all goes back together. I do still have the original steering wheel which is inn a poor state and requires recovering, currently a mountney one is fitted which I actually prefer to the original one so I'll be keeping it on the car. The engine is the original 2.0 pinto with the 205 block, this will be getting a full strip down and rebuild when I get to it. Well that's all I can think of to say right now, hopefully within the next year and can get my garage built and start working on this car and maybe start to actually enjoy it. ?
  10. I know a guy who's really into his Peugeots, He has a 504 convertible with the number plate "PEU 504C".
  11. When I was younger there was a dealership which sold these in sherburn-in-elmet, just up the road where I lived. I don't believe they sold much as the shop closed down around the mid 2000s and up until recently there was one left in the forecourt until a tyre shop took over last year.
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