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  1. Drive into matlock a fair bit and I've never noticed a 20 zone lol, I feel a speed awareness course coming......
  2. Picked up a C1 with 3 weeks MOT a few weeks ago, 90k miles. Paid £850 It went straight through MOT, there are some bargains but you need to look
  3. Just fixed mortgage for another 2 years, Jesus christ......
  4. You should do reviews for a living 🤣🤣
  5. Lovely looking thing, I've had experience with a petrol prince engine twice and I said never again BUT if it was cheap then maybe.... Would have to be very cheap!
  6. Been after a cheap learner car for a week or 2. This came up on Facebook last night, messaged him straight away and went to view. He said he had already had tons of messages but I got there first and put a deposit in his hand This morning did the 20 minutes WALK to collect it lol Citroen C1. 08 plate. No electric windows, no central locking. 4 weeks MOT. I was hooked lol. Its really solid underneath, 2 new tyres on front and it drives so nice. Not a single suspension noise or anything unwanted All for the super price of £850! Few marks on body but oil and water clean and it fires up and wants to go! MOT booked for a couple of weeks, I want to clean underneath and give it a spray of waxoil, also want to give it an engine service The plan is to give my lad some lessons and when he passes to give it him as his first car
  7. And rich, dont forget that part xx
  8. Yes, I'll mention it to the bank that was taking his home back
  9. Fair enough, when my father in law was going to get his house repossessed and begged me to buy it so he could rent it back at about £300 less than market rent I should of turned my back, lesson learnt
  10. Bottom end of market?? Terrible mate
  11. There is no way I would ever have another prince engine, ever Even for free Even if they paying you, alot
  12. It's been trouble free completely, fixed radio reception with a new aerial base and that's all its needed. Good seller would recommend 10/10
  13. Which slk? Exciting!
  14. The mx5 on here is a really nice car in the metal @RichardK
  15. I've had a 230 R170, lovely cars but alot different to the R171. They drive lovely, my 200 drove so so nice. I wudnt have a 280, my thought was just go that extra bit. Tax is cheap enough on these too. People want the air scarf and heated seats so makes them easier to sell if they got these options. If your local and want a drive out give us a shout lol
  16. Not any more, years ago I'd travel but I'm old now lol
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