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  1. Never actually done the trade thing before. I am that attached to it that I would want dibs on it back. I've bought/sold countless times before on here and that's why I'm offering it here. If it doesn't sell as quick as I want it to, then I'll just find another route to get the money I need for what's happened. Genuinely, don't want to sell this. I just came back from a drive and sat in it for ages lamenting my personal life lol.
  2. Absolutely sour. I'm inclined to just hope it doesn't sell to somehow manage but truth be told, I need the money. Might have a decent cheap runabout to save me so just need this gone. I might even ask the future buyer for first dibs to have it back in the future I'm that attached to this..
  3. I should list the stuff better for prospective buyers 174K miles, with 20 stamps in the book, 12 months MOT Cambelt/pump done this year Starter motor done 3 years ago with receipts (big job) Other invoices for work such as boot seals, bonnet struts, ARB bushes, gearbox oil changes Silky smooth drive and no knocks etc Only bad points are the OSR arch could do with a sanddown and go over as slight bubbling but it's solid, aerial is stuck up, and alloys need a refurb, and it could do with new discs and pads up front. That's really it. Mechanically it is one of the most cherished LS400's out there, with 2 massive jobs already completed giving peace of mind for a long while 2 keys and all the manuals/wallets/papers. Shitting hell I don't want to let this go so soon. Absolutely pissing me off writing this.
  4. Well. Life can really kick you when you're not expecting it. I want disclose why, but, due to the immediacy of it all, this will probably be for sale. I really, really don't want to sell this but needs must I think. I even got under it today and it's had new stuff which I didn't even know about. Superb condition. £1450 takes it. Only included my train fare costs.
  5. Yeah I've considered that actually. I want to keep it OE looking. There's a place in Dudley with a great reputation so I think I'll start looking into it, otherwise if costs are prohibitive I'll keep a standard silver refurb.
  6. Long car is long. Exterior wise, just the OSR arch needs a go over and the alloys need a refurb. I think next month I'll sort the arch, then month after the alloys and it'll look even better!
  7. Dealer sticker and Goodwood sticker (lols) I'll keep that Goodwood sticker on..makes me think I can actually afford to go
  8. After a wash..shines up nicely. Still needs a good cut/polish with a DA..which I don't have
  9. Totally agree lol. It's why I was shocked when I won it. The seller was probably the most honest and laid-back guy, he paid a smidge over £2200 for it just a year ago and spent a bit himself but I don't think he even realised how cherished it has been throughout its life, I just kept finding receipts from nowhere. The waft is unreal. Perfect way to drive home after a stressful shift. I also found the original Lexus mats (superb condition)in the boot which the seller forgot about, there's very good aftermarket tailored ones in at the moment which match the carpets. Dealer sticker on the rear..who doesn't love a dealer sticker?
  10. Less than 1500.. I will take more photos when I get a chance to get it valeted and tinker with it a little.
  11. The previous seller really did undersell this car. Just found reams of paperwork and the starter motor was replaced only 3 years ago, along with gearbox oil and other stuff. Worra result! There's even the original Lexus dealer tax holder with discs. I love stuff like that!
  12. Yeah if red5 can pop by me it should be ok. Just need to figure out dates?
  13. Off to have a nap before my night shift. This thing even has factory xenons with working (stupidly powerful) washers. Everything works in true jap fashion.
  14. Finally home after battling through traffic...4 hours later! Car is silky smooth and the religious service record is a testament to how it drives. Decent mpg but I was really driving with a lead foot! To do list is small; new discs and pads up front, get a bodyshop to sort the bubble on the OSR arch, a nice cut and polish of the whole car and that's it for now. Maybe refurb the alloys in a few months but that's really it. Phenomenal underneath and dry too. Got this at a very good price and it's a good one!
  15. 19 stamps, mainly Lexus Guildford and Surrey. Cambelt has been done too. Smooth silky engine! Jesus it shifts
  16. Achieved. Lovely thing. Needs a couple things doing exterior wise but we are setting off home now! V8 BABBEH
  17. London bridge achieved. Onto the final destination. One of you was right in regards to the vehicle btw
  18. Bah I'm not awake enough nor clever enough to devise one
  19. Good suggestions..... Cards are close to my chest
  20. Currently zero and my bowels are fine...possibly a cheeky wee later though
  21. True AS fashion my breakfast was free thanks to the people handing these out. Protein GAINZ. Also I am in the gym later so this day is going well.
  22. Yes indeed...the only way to travel appropriately for the car I'm collecting don't you know?
  23. Cleanest trains Said nobody ever
  24. Sideways station shot for maximum art
  25. Early start today...just walking to the local station to connect via Birmingham New Street. It's something I have wanted for a while and I won this quite unexpectedly. Hopefully cruise back in over engineered silence and power. Chod speed!
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