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  1. Weirdly I like the look of the AA badge on it.
  2. Apparently it's going to rise to almost 25 degrees this week. Ideal time for me to get under and start spraying.
  3. I found a perfect solution instead of having to buy a new head unit and faff about fitting it. There's an input lead that directly plugs into the stock Bose system of the Mazda. Cost about £5 and I've hidden the wire to pop out the driver side, and I can plug in an aux lead into the female unit. Now I can play my songs and this lead has a mic (from Halfords) and works very well to take hands free calls too.
  4. Small update on the Mazda. Fresh set of wipers all round, and I've popped in a new set of centre caps which really make a difference. Just replaced the spark plugs too as they were due, NGK iridium. Also, fitted Bosch LED sidelights to the front and rear number plate lights as I think it really suits it. Not the stupidly powerful one's mind, just the subtle OE white look. Next is to demist the headlamps, clean the engine bay and fit a new fuel filter.
  5. Mine arrived yesterday. Just need to find the time and a warmish day to get under it and start spraying.
  6. Ah I didn't think of that. Would people advise a coat of rust converter prior to Dynax, or is it fine to wire brush and coat it with Dynax after?
  7. I honestly do not think anyone believes you're an idiot for buying blind. I have done it for at least 5 of my last purchases which have mainly all been off here, purely as I trust shiters knowing that they usually always do the "warts and all" descriptions and that we tend to look after each other. In fact, I have limited myself to just keeping to here mainly (ls400 eBay purchase aside). Perhaps there was some dishonesty or there wasn't, but it's behind you now mate. Future looks a lot better and I am genuinely eager to see this recovered and stronger than ever.
  8. This thread is turning out to be the true essence of autoshite. I love it . If I can help in any way to get you up there too, let me know.
  9. Didn't realise you'd be going to Brum! I was still on duty and could have given you a cheeky lift! Enjoy your journey back, get some ibuprofen gel for your neck when you arrive
  10. Fully makes me regret selling it. Such a brilliant car. So unpractical though
  11. Just bought 2 cans of the Dynax UB. Didn't have an idea of coverage but cheers Tamworth for the info,helped me to bite the bullet! Plan on preserving the good underside of the Mazda through the winter!
  12. Home! Well I am shattered but thoroughly enjoyed it. Car is fabulous and is so smooth and quite powerful which I am pleased with. To do list is small: fresh wipers all round, demist headlamps, spark plugs/fuel filter and pollen filter, and detail the engine bay. Covered in thin dirt which is honest! Seems to have a k&n panel filter installed too which is a bonus, I'll whip it out to confirm and then I can order the cleaning/oiling kit. Oh and install my own stereo. Genuinely chuffed with this!
  13. Wohoo. Pez shot. Now to home. Great seller and guy. Lovely car too.
  14. Never have I wanted to win so bad. Already checking flights WHILST IM MID JOURNEY TO A COLLECTION. ITS ADDICTIVE
  15. Brum achieved. Just enough time to get some lunch on the go and then 3rd leg of the journey.
  16. Back to Brum I go..need to get some lunch..too and then third leg of the journey to Peterborough awaits
  17. Achieved!! What a pleasure it was to meet Tom and his father and the cat. Small cat was small
  18. Roite. We are off. Chod speed for the first leg to deliver V8 happiness to Yoof!
  19. I get free bus travel (not because of my age I hasten to add) and I still choose not to take it. I absolutely cannot stand using the bus so I feel your pain. Hopefully, it is worth investing in this car despite the tighter than tight financial hit it's given you. I'm shite with cambelts (meaning I am totally scared of them) but anything else you might need a hand, I am not too far and can bring tools if it helps in any way..
  20. I've done quite a few collections on here but tomorrow morning, I embark on a dual delivery/collection day and you know what, I am genuinely excited. Always enjoy meeting another shiter and I get the pleasure of meeting 2 tomorrow, and the train's are both direct so that pleases me to no end.
  21. I had a light blue one of these in the manual 5 speed diesel variety. Very well put together, although lord, I hated the colour despite being initially taken by it. It was "retirement blue" to me. The fuel pump failed without prior notice on the motorway..signalled by a message on the dash saying "fuel pressure low/failure"..and wouldn't crank. £400 later and it was sorted with a new one...I never quite trusted it again tbh...completely lost my interest in diesels after that.
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