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  1. Haha. Not come back on again, I'm not fussed. Nothing changed in the drive so meh
  2. Weird. EML came on during a motorway journey, no loss of power or anything. Plugged code reader in, said none stored. Deleted it. No issues. Odd?!
  3. I did, all in good order thankfully. They're not a bad job either to sort. I'm pleased with this!
  4. Well this was overdue a service. Despite it being cold and me not feeling my fingers, oil/filter, air, pollen, fuel all done with a new rear wiper and now she purrs. It's such a pleasure to work on, minimal tools needed!
  5. And home. Top seller would buy lots more shite a++ Now I'm going to sleep for 20 hours. I've done almost 6 hours driving on 2 hours of sleep and I feel dead inside like my emotions
  6. Collected and blasting back. Jesus Colin lives in actual heaven
  7. Right. Finished a night shift (2200-0700) and I've had a total of about 2 hours of sleep. Breakfast consumed. I'm behind schedule. Let's get this drop off/collection going then shall I? ETA..3 hours. Lord have mercy
  8. I was genuinely disappointed. He mentioned it as I had won it but I was annoyed that such a fault should clearly have been mentioned at the start. Oh well. I'll continue to stick to AS for my stuff, I've never been let down. Proper gold this place
  9. Seller decided to give me the "oh btw it has this one minor (major) fault with the gearbox..." Line when I rung him to arrange collection. No thanks
  10. Couldn't pass the chance up. Auto, diesel, comfy and power. Passat is ace but I'm a lazy shite. All being well, next Friday for collection drive!
  11. Got mine the other day. Thank you! I actually will use this! In other news my SS has been sent and is being delivered to the lucky recipient tomorrow!
  12. I've not even posted mine off so apologies. I've had family/work matters but I shall hopefully do tomorrow
  13. Pleasure to meet you both. Top shiters!
  14. I've had this with the Mazda recently. It was apparently a dead cert I would get a deposit and they would collect. That was last week. I see no deposit. Just my broken dreams and heartbreak. Although hopefully a shiter is after it now so, there is always an upside.
  15. I need a fresh start and in many ways another car will make me feel that. For reasons I don't wish to disclose, it's part of the healing process for me
  16. Yeah so. I've just agreed a purchase on this..... This thread brings up gems
  17. Bump. 1100 for a car in this good nick, that drives lovely. Come on down! If I can't, I will just keep it and cherish it. I do have my eye on an older jap diesel though. Lol
  18. Fuck sake. I'm desperate to have his back but my Mazda ain't shifting. FML
  19. Very good tbh. I do 22 miles combined to/from work, and I average high 30's. On the motorway, I nudge just a smidge over 41. Genuinely impressed by it, the 6th gear really helps
  20. Right...£1100. This is a genuine bargain now.
  21. Is it weird that I want this to be my new daily driver? I am not even a tradesman of any sort. There's something so charming about this.
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