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  1. Still, no regrets though, definitely wanted this V8 in my life, even if fleeting.
  2. Right.. Some Pirelli tyres fitted, and I've fully balanced the wheels all round. Discs and pads for the front are on order too. This will probably be up for sale. We are looking at buying a home around Derbyshire, and that commute is a ridiculous long term prospect that I won't sadly be able to sustain that cost. £1400 is what takes it. Will come with discs and pads, you can fit them yourself.
  3. Update on the Audi.. It's flipping awesome. I've covered 600 miles in the last few days due to family stuff (wedding things) and my god, it achieves a genuine 34mpg, which is staggering. Around town, mid to late 20's which, is again, brilliant. Hasn't used a drop of fluids, and there is pleasingly no leaks. It feels far quicker and throatier than the LS400 was, it's addictive. Unsure how long I want to keep it, I do want an LPG conversion but, the mounting costs of a wedding mean it may not happen. However in the interim, tomorrow will bring some new tyres, as the rears are cracking, and the fronts are good. Will put them to the rear as there is a slightly different tyre size that should go on the front which I've found, so that will be sorted. I'll also sort the discs and pads out and fresh brake fluid, and some new number plates from Audi for the OEM look because I'm sad. Might..MIGHT be available very soon though. The sensible boring side of me has fallen in love with Jazoli's Avensis so, this could be available for cheaper than what Craig was selling it for. One negative though, driver door doesn't suddenly open from the inside. Think the cable or something has fallen off but I can't be bothered right now to take the door card off and put it back. Laziness.
  4. I've got to say, Alex is a hero and a gent. I'm over the moon with the Audi (cheers Craig!) There's a couple minor jobs to do which I'll sort today, then anew head unit beckons and I'll service it, and enjoy the throaty roar of the gorgeous V8. Long term plan is to get an LPG conversion, it looks reasonable price wise and means I can enjoy this car.
  5. Looks like Monday is the day for Bucketeer to perform his magic. Excited m9!
  6. Bucketeer may be engaging in another MENTALIST collection/delivery caper very soon indeed now...
  7. Was it that obvious? The regret was REAL. Currently sunning myself and realising that I have a massive road trip ahead. Balls. Bucketeeers mental madness services may be employed
  8. So I'm currently on holiday and I'm now ENGAGED. Oh, and I am the lucky purchaser of this piece of fine German V8 muscle. Life doesn't get better. Cheers. Is it wrong for me to be so excited to hurry up and return and collect this?!
  9. I'm currently about to fly away to a holiday and I am secretly trying to secure this from my future fiancé. Lols
  10. It's a good car that hasn't given me grief. Hopefully does someone else a good turn now.
  11. Sold to a shiter..deposit taken!
  12. None at all, I've serviced it myself and inspected it too at the time.
  13. It's an automatic. If you Pm me, and send me your number I can take more for you
  14. I get around 45mpg but that's putting my foot down and not hanging around, and a mixture of town driving too
  15. Reduced to £1600 for a shiter... genuinely surprised now. Just need the space to be honest.
  16. Alternator now replaced. Reduced to £1700 on here now. Surely a bargain!
  17. Alternator arrived and being fitted tomorrow! Will bung this on gumtree afterwards I think. I need the money and space . I'd rather it go to a good home though
  18. Bump. I'm going to offer it for £1800 to a shiter once the alternator is sorted. I need the money and space too. Bargain!
  19. Now up for sale again..original post edited!
  20. Right, I am now going to keep this! I am genuinely chuffed that I don't have to sell now. Withdrawn
  21. Well this is doing me a sterling service. Another long round trip to Hertfordshire and back, effortless. Hmm.. Any interest lovely people? If not, autotrader tonight or worse..gumtree for a PS4
  22. Still here. Tempted to keep it but now I want the Xantia if excellence..so come on guys do a buy! Will list in autotrader soon if no interest.
  23. Still here.. although I may keep it. It's that good I'm not that keen on parting tbh
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