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  1. Always had a soft spot for these. Slightly ugly but, they keep on going, this one looks lovely! Great buy. VTEC STIKKAS PLS (lol joke that's Audi)
  2. Also, mod's, is there any way of removing the tag of "for sale" as I'd like to convert this into a sporadic progress thread
  3. Any positives with the spares chaps I'd be most grateful.
  4. Fantastic, if you do, let me know what you'd like for it. Also, there's a missing thing just in front of the sunroof. Think it may have been a manual wind for it in case the electric failed, at the moment it's just a round hole in the headlining with a nut behind it. If you have that also I'd be obliged
  5. That would be great. I'm after a drivers door rub strip if you've got that too.
  6. Cheers guys. In the coming weeks, I shall be doing a crappy thread about things I'm doing to it to improve it slowly.
  7. No longer for sale! Managed to sort a garage here, old boy approached me who had been away, and said I could use his for free so long as I cleaned it. Get in! My Rover stays. Woohoo. LONG LIVE BERNICE (POTENTIAL NAME)
  8. No I know, it's a combo of me being ultra precious and just generally paranoid.
  9. I think so. When I bought the Bora I received it within 5 days, ferociously fast! I do like the new system though, makes it less of a hassle. Plus, it's free. No need to pay for a stamp and envelope. F U POST OFFICE
  10. Cheers sterling, do let me know. If it sells it sells, but I'd love to know if there's a cheap lockup near enough. Ta. Still available atm just waiting to hear back on pm
  11. I'll even give myself a stern telling off in the mirror.
  12. It really does Paul! I had started to purchase items with the intention of fitting/sorting bits on each rest day I had as well. If I didn't have so many tools (shit) in my own garage I would have tried to shove it in there. I even shoved in some Redex because POWER
  13. Where I live it's a cul de sac, just off a main road, where there isn't really parking. I could park it in the side streets nearby, but seeing as they are on the cusp of built up areas, I'm not very comfortable with it. Yeah, it's a £200 car, but I'm very precious about my cars, whatever their value. I treat them as if they're the best thing since the proverbial sliced. Plus, it may have also be the fact that I am plod and highly suspicious about anyone coming near my car.
  14. The offer is kind and very generous of you but Bewdley is a bit too far for me. I'm in Moseley and it's a fair old whack sir. It'd need to be more local for me so I was able to drive it more regularly. THE ROVER DEMANDS TO BE DRIVEN I got told about my garage space last week and have been frantically trying to sort. I have a garage at my place although it's chock full of my tools etc. I even posted leaflets (lol) through peoples doors here to see if anyone is willing to rent me their space. Not a single reply. TIGHTWARDS
  15. BALLS. I make this ad with teeth firmly gritted and tears held back. Impending garage space loss coupled with overly strict cul-de-sac management means I literally have no place to store this. Many of you saw my epic (lol) collection on this beaut. I have loved every second. So far in my ownership I've given it a full service of oil/filter/air filter/plugs, and new Bosch front wipers. Runs smoother now too! Seriously It is a hoot to drive I have been driving it to and from work every day. FJ insurance is 150 fully comp as well, redonkulous. I even went the whole hog and started purchas
  16. I have been fortunate enough to own a 190E in the past, and I had the exact same symptoms, and was indeed the ball joint. Common as muck problem and not very much money to replace. I drove on mine for 6 months before replacing them, purely because I am lazy. You should be fine to drive back.
  17. I only really got into cars due to my father. His car history comprises of a Datsun Cherry, Honda Accord (GOLD! Spandau BALLET), Bluebird, and 2 x Xantias. It's odd as he was forever repairing the Honda and Bluebird, and come to think of it, the Xantias. There was something so endearing to me about helping him perpetually fix the chod he purchased. I've had a total of 12 cars in 7 years of driving which clearly shows my addiction to shite. I've been bollocked more than once though to stop chopping and changing....NEVRARRR!!
  18. I'll keep an eye out on and off duty chap. I cover Great Barr too. Massive shame, I love these cars and there's clearly a sentiment to this one.
  19. Back in the day, I was about 13 I think. He saw an ad in Loot. It was a dark red ish colour, and I remember falling in love with it, all the magical lights inside. Biggest annoyance ever that he never went for it.
  20. OMG. My dad almost bought one of these but ended up buying a Xantia (also prime French Brie) Put me down for 2 randoms please. I WILL AVENGE U FATHER PM me your details for paypal etc etc
  21. Home sweet home. Sweaty, semi dead with hay fever but this car didn't miss a beat. Thanks again Paul
  22. You too Paul. I'm actually loving it. Can't wait to tinker
  23. Pez stop. I'm in love. Motorway beckons
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