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  1. Home sweet home. Sweaty, semi dead with hay fever but this car didn't miss a beat. Thanks again Paul
  2. You too Paul. I'm actually loving it. Can't wait to tinker
  3. Pez stop. I'm in love. Motorway beckons
  4. So close. 15 mins and I get to smell old man bum. From the seats obviously.
  5. I'm on the train backwards. Feel sick. Help
  6. OK imgur doesn't like me clearly.
  7. Just waiting for my m8 and then it will be gr8
  8. Balls I already failed with the picture upload. Whatever trev
  9. https://ibb.co/iHJtXv It begins. Baking hot day and these beauts are ready. I shall be purchasing the daily express and placing it on the rear as suggested, good shout sir. Yes, yes they are Harris tweed and leather.
  10. Ah sorrry to hear. I hope so! Updates to follow tomorrow, and I shall enjoy lane 1 of the motorway at a very apt 60mph ROVER LIEEFFF!!
  11. Another find in my garage. I have a brand new Febi water pump, it's for a 1.6 Bora/Golf and any other Vag of this era. FREE collected, or pay postage of say, 8 quid?
  12. I shall be picking this up tomorrow . I loved the Honda Concerto so this is my shiters wet dream. Leather gloves will be brought along too!
  13. Long shot but, I'd be willing to pay postage for the practical classics mags..
  14. Go on throw me 1 random please. I'm a long time lurker, how do I go about paying?
  15. Insurance companies. Ffs. So I agree to buy a Mondy on here, contact said company, agree and save a great quote. Call now to take it out and my quote jumps by £380. FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER. WHAT ON Earth is the point of "saving" a quote if it's going to change. Multi car is a total con. Currently kicking things and threatening inanimate objects...
  16. Sheeeet. I've already just agreed to buy the Mondy from AMC else this would have been a candidate for my fast track retirement.
  17. Lad at work is seriously interested. Do you have any more pictures please? He's a Frontera nut
  18. Some more clearing out of my garage continues. Audi 8L A3 TDi engine undertray. RARE AF...or probably. Actually in perfect condition Free collected in Brum. You see these on ebay for like £40 by dreamers.
  19. My father had a light blue bluebird, saloon version mind. I loved the boxy look, and the soft touch buttons on the stereo. Pretty sure it never broke down on us either.
  20. I have 2 headlamp wiper motors for a Volvo S60, working, left hand and right hand side. Free, just the price of postage please £8 Also a high pressure fuel pump for said S60, fully working, again, have it free, just the price of postage, £8 (it's bleedin heavy m9) EGR valve and inlet pipe for PD130 engines, working, just a little mucky. Grand price of FREE m8. Postage price £5 soN Or, collect for double free in person in sunny Brum
  21. Cor blimey guv I wish I could have moved sooner for this. Giffer tastic. If the sail loses wind let me know please. I'll even wear leather gloves to drive it home
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