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  1. I actually use GEM Motoring Assist, and have done so for the last 3 years. Fantastic level of cover for the premium, covers everything, inluding a hire car and potential repairs. They have always been fast at getting to me, and always seem to rank 1st in JD Power customer surveys.
  2. Oh my shit. I'D LOVE THIS. 2 many cars.
  3. Small update today. Trusty mobile mechanic fitted the new fuel filter with ease lol. It lives! He even checked the rear shoes and cylinders, and pleasingly, he said it's had new cylinders and shoes and brake hoses recently. No real issue with the brakes he said, just seems commensurate with the type of car. Also timing belt checked, in good health and he said no real need to change right now so I've left that. I'll probably still get it done in a couple months I think when winter starts to loom though. There were timing marks on the side of it which meant it has been done recently too.
  4. Lovely thing, drives superb. Engine temp fluctuates a bit in traffic, so I'll have a fiddle. Cheers!
  5. I'll take this, I am only round the corner too. PM'd
  6. I'm in a sort of sod it type of mood. You aren't interested in a PD150 Bora as PX are you? Smashing condition, plenty of history blah blah. I'm mad for considering a swap given how cherished the Bora is but, I get bored easily
  7. Right this has been booked in with my trusty mobile mechanic for next Monday. I've asked him to do the cambelt/pump etc as well, he seems sceptical about being able to get the bottom pulley off, but here's hoping. I'm going to replace the thermostat prior I think, it runs a touch cool. No idea where it is though, I'll have a look at Haynes later, unless anyone can enlighten me?
  8. Yeah I was having an envious look over that earlier.
  9. The National Trust Manual 2016 is going to be strategically placed on the front dash to join my leather/tweed gloves. I'm going full on here.
  10. Ha I know, but it came with nothing, so I am effectively GROUND ZER0. But, judging by the mechanical condition and the bodywork, it's been dearly loved. I just hope to improve it that much better.
  11. I'm consoling myself with my original rover handbook. I feel better knowing my car is the same one on the manual. Probably. Also my receipts can go in here, I'm quite festidious like that.
  12. No I don't think it is. Seems to be running off the alarm which, clearly looks like it's been disconnected now. Lawl
  13. I tried my best to prevent it moving but it's tight as a hell. It does need one given the age and clearly looks original. It's worth me paying my mechanic to suffer with. Also, I tried to sort the rear wash wipe pump as that's dead but they've sent me the wrong one. Unproductive day for me
  14. Also not quite sure what the hell this is meant to be attached to? Rover is off the road now till I can sort the filter as a soft squeeze of the fuel lines shows it will leak fuel from the cylinder part on the top of the filter. Moddafokka
  15. Well balls again. Thought I'd whip off the original fuel filter and put on a fresh one. Can't seem to get the nuts off and I've ended up bending the top part of the filter so now it leaks fuel. I'm gonna give up and call my mobile mechanic on this one. Ffffff uuuu rover y u h8 me
  16. On the subject of tyres..this is something that gets to me, irks me even. I've seen countless people with high end Audi's/Merc's etc, only to run absolute budget rubber on them. I always tend to judge the owner on this basis that, if they can skimp on rubber, then they can skimp elsewhere with car maintenance. Why bother having such a high end car if you can't really do it the justice it deserves?
  17. Oh lord. I'm that tired after a night shift didn't even realise KruJoe posted about the things, that I did 2 individual replies. sleep is for the weak (me)
  18. YES PLS ALSO! I shall PM you
  19. YES PLEASE!!! PM incoming
  20. Sweeping statement that. We're not. Take each person at their merit, rather than tarring an entire force etc. Rotten eggs in every walk of life, but doesn't make me hate a collective of people because of the poor attitide/behaviour of a minority.
  21. It's literally one of the ones round the back at my place. I'm considering spreading some of my stuff out to the both. He said I can have it for a while (whatever that means). But, I think this is a good chance to clear out and see if I can stomach squeezing the car in amongst my stuff. There's a hell of a lot of stuff which I cannot be bothered to remove out of my laziness. I think there's some up by Kings Heath that came up about 4 days ago, I'll have a look and try and find the advert again.
  22. FULL VERIFIED VOSA MOT HISTORY (WITH PRINTOUT TO PROVE) *in the absence of any real service history* As if that is a selling point. It's totally and utterly free you moron. UGHHGHGHG
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