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  1. Was it that obvious? The regret was REAL. Currently sunning myself and realising that I have a massive road trip ahead. Balls. Bucketeeers mental madness services may be employed
  2. So I'm currently on holiday and I'm now ENGAGED. Oh, and I am the lucky purchaser of this piece of fine German V8 muscle. Life doesn't get better. Cheers. Is it wrong for me to be so excited to hurry up and return and collect this?!
  3. I'm currently about to fly away to a holiday and I am secretly trying to secure this from my future fiancé. Lols
  4. It's a good car that hasn't given me grief. Hopefully does someone else a good turn now.
  5. Sold to a shiter..deposit taken!
  6. None at all, I've serviced it myself and inspected it too at the time.
  7. It's an automatic. If you Pm me, and send me your number I can take more for you
  8. I get around 45mpg but that's putting my foot down and not hanging around, and a mixture of town driving too
  9. Reduced to £1600 for a shiter... genuinely surprised now. Just need the space to be honest.
  10. Alternator now replaced. Reduced to £1700 on here now. Surely a bargain!
  11. Alternator arrived and being fitted tomorrow! Will bung this on gumtree afterwards I think. I need the money and space . I'd rather it go to a good home though
  12. Bump. I'm going to offer it for £1800 to a shiter once the alternator is sorted. I need the money and space too. Bargain!
  13. Now up for sale again..original post edited!
  14. Right, I am now going to keep this! I am genuinely chuffed that I don't have to sell now. Withdrawn
  15. Well this is doing me a sterling service. Another long round trip to Hertfordshire and back, effortless. Hmm.. Any interest lovely people? If not, autotrader tonight or worse..gumtree for a PS4
  16. Still here. Tempted to keep it but now I want the Xantia if excellence..so come on guys do a buy! Will list in autotrader soon if no interest.
  17. Still here.. although I may keep it. It's that good I'm not that keen on parting tbh
  18. Picture makes it look like a headlamp is faded, it isn't! The sun was shining on my picture lol
  19. So for various reasons, mainly money and hopefully, impending engagement/wedding (sshhhh) this is deffo for sale, with a discount for shiters. Currently, I am having the alternator replaced, as it basically died yesterday. I've sourced a good quality second hand one from a breaker with some warranty, and it's been checked and proven to work perfectly. It arrives in a couple of days, and I am paying to have it fitted. So the car is currently awaiting this in the garage. I've already got an alternative vehicle sourced and don't need any PX's, just a straightforward sale. This was purchased from Colc of this very parish, and has been fantastic, alternator issue aside! So.. -130k miles, FSH - stamped book, countless receipts and paperwork, totalling thousands of pounds..mechanically absolutely brilliant. Recent stuff like turbo and other bits, engine is sweeter than your proverbial nut -Full leather with heated seats, Sat Nav, Cruise Control, dual zone climate control..all working perfectly! -recent full service by me approx 2k miles ago involving oil/oil filter, pollen, air..fuel filter included but I ran out of time and haven't actually had time to sit and do it since -rust free! underneath it is fabulous. Seems to have had a very recent new exhaust system too. -MOT till 19th November 2019! No knocks/bangs/ghosts/borrowers/cockroaches. It really does drive brilliantly. Comes with 3 keys, 4 matching Michelin Cross Climate tyres. Only negatives are it has a ding to the rear tailgate, and theres a small patch of paint that flaked off on the rear bumper thanks to aggressive car wash peoples. I'm located in Quinton, Birmingham.
  20. Genuinely interested, have the Merc to swap too. Can I have some interior shots please?
  21. I want this, it's strangely alluring.
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