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  1. Ah fuck sake. It's been a total nightmare. He said he could get the bolt out but would have to cut the drop link. He seems to love cutting things. Once he's sorted the nearside, I'll drive it about and if it clunks, I'll get new drop links and bolts.
  2. So my Bora has been a right bastard in regards to it's wishbones/ball joints. What a saga. Mechanic has had to cut the bolts off, which is fine and all. However, weirdly, when putting in the old bolt for the drop link to connect to the wishbone, it tightened but then didn't tighten fully. It will continue to turn tightly and that's it. He checked for play, there is none, and he even hit it several times to see if it would come out, which it hasn't. It spins tightly with a ratchet but refuses to move by hand or force. He suspects the very end of the bolt has been damaged slightly. Question is, will it be safe? He certainly seems to think so. There was no play whatsoever.
  3. Made an enquiry about that Rover 827si...the temptation is strong. Plus I'm a sucker for that colour. MOT history interestingly cannot find anything online for it, so I'm guessing it's been off the road at least 10 years, seeing as they normally go back to around 2006. Decided not to go for the Diesel R8 as I realised I couldn't bear the Goldness.
  4. I've just been offered this at £190 as the winning bidder didn't make contact and she want's to offer it up as a second chance.. One of the arches has had a quick repair for MOT she stated, and one is potentially holed... hmmm...I am tempt
  5. I'm dangerously close to bidding on the Xantia or Diesel Rover 214.....
  6. Saw this late. I don't have a proper trailer but willing to help!
  7. Woohoo. Well it's going to do my. Friend a good turn. I was going to be a greedy guts and have it for myself, but, this car is tailor made for him. He jumped at the chance and said yes. Mediocre collection thread next week.
  8. BACK WHEN SKODAS WERE PROPPA SKODAS M9. Not this current incest we call VAG. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Skoda-Estelle-105-LUX-Needs-saving/142479708043?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20140122125356%26meid%3D1d73dfacdd0b4ae283f9d4dabb7b4d51%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D6%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D192280635873&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  9. Simply simply lovleh http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mazda-323-original-classic-car-with-super-low-mileage-and-low-owners-rare-car/192280635873?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  10. Didn't blow its oil cap. My moron of a friend didn't replace the bloody thing. He left it on the edge. That's why I was so angry at him.
  11. Much swearing. Group of us set out, mates in the bora ahead and me and 2 others in the rover. Asked friend number 1 to check over rover prior to setting off, says it needs oil. We stop at a petrol stetson and purchase oil. around 10 miles into journey I see steam. Engine bay opened to discover oil cap is wedged on the front grill, and oil has been spitting everywhere and onto manifold. I'm absolutely stunned I've not done any damage. Oil level was at minimum and a right royal mess. Plus the idiots in the bora didn't bother to pick up my phone calls so I'm stranded waiting for them to finally realise we are nowhere near them. 40 mins later they return and manage to top up the oil. Friend number 1 is now going to be cleaning up the engine bay and my anger went to stratospheric levels. Moral of the story, do shit yourself. Anyway. I'm over it. (I'm not)
  12. Will update later. My friends are turds. And mot man rung me grumbling too. Yay gr8 day m8
  13. Blame my friend. I've ended up wasting my Morning and my sleep. I not enjoy.
  14. Mod please delete. I've managed to break down before hand. Awkward. Mission over
  15. More chod incoming. Requires an MOT which is booked for today as soon as I pick it up. What's the price I hear you ask of this new bit of prime beef? £0. Free. Gratis. Erm, any other word meaning totally naff all to pay. Estate. Diesel. Picchurs soon my children. Will be on the way to collect this in half an hour. Say a prayer for me for the MOT why don't you
  16. Can I nab those wheels and tyres please for the rover?
  17. Seen quite a few, but they aren't listing their model numbers so I have no idea on torque levels
  18. I'm considering purchasing an impact wrench, preferably second hand. What amount of torque is considered sufficient for general car use, such as getting rusty bolts off etc? I'm planning on changing both front wishbones and ball joints on the Bora, so I'd rather not struggle. Plus, it'd be handy to keep for other jobs too.
  19. A woman at my previous job, had paid just over 1k for a proper respray in baby pink on this...including interior trim. God help us all
  20. I could potentially collect this for you but best I could do is store it at mine. I can shove my Rover in the spare garage and park this outside. I live in Birmingham
  21. Yeah sorry it has them, they were inside the trailer, need re attaching. I'll be slowly "restoring" it over the coming weeks as and when I have time. Managed to squeeze it into the garage after throwing loads of shit to the back. Genuinely not any space left now to even move.
  22. It was literally 3 minutes down the road from me. Lovely bloke, explained everything as I've never had a trailer before and enjoyed seeing my Rover as well. Going to buy a light board for it with another plate, and perhaps next week start slowly putting in the new wood parts to the bits that need doing. Also, in other news, I'm tempted to renovate the interior. It's actually lovely apart from the driver seat which has a small tear in the stitching. I'd love to see if I can get leather or perhaps a newer interior.
  23. Anyone got an interior for the R8 rover going spare? Door cards too etc please
  24. Not much progress recently as I've been busy. Stuck the new complete door strip to the driver side, muuuuch better! Also new shite acquired, say HALLO to ma lil frend... Trailer mctrailer face. Mine for the sum total of 20 quid. Seller even gave me some solid wood replacement panels which are good. It's a solid old thing just needs a little TLC. It will scrub up nicely. Chuffed!
  25. WANTED - Rear wiper motor for the R8 Rover please...haven't really diagnosed it properly but I may as well replace.
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