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  1. 33 minutes ago, Cavcraft said:

    Virtual pat on the back to whichever V-dub botty fondler is thick enough to pay even half the asking price for this dreadful creation.





    WTF. I had one of those in a fetching grey that I bought for £700 in a posh part of London around 8 years ago. It was immaculate albeit slow, thirsty and wallowy in the corners. Yet it had this alluring charm to it. Sold it to a work colleague for a little bit more than I paid after retrofitting front fogs. Pretty easy as the wiring loom is already there.

  2. FFS. Tried to do an oil change on the Lexus. The fucking filter is THE most awkward position I have ever had. Not a single tool I've got will work and it's cramped. I need a cup tool or the 3 pronged one and j Raj out if time. Fuming. Jinxed myself saying how easy Japanese cars were. What an absolute cunt of s location for the oil filter.


    FML. Now I'll have to walk it to get the right tool. Ughhhhhhhb

  3. I noticed that the "screws" holding in the air intake were the plastic number plate type ones. Clearly originals were lost, and this bothers me. Quick trip to Screwfix/Halfords and metal goodness is restored. May try and still do the oil change today but if not tomorrow it is. Even bought some Liqui Moly engine protection stuff which I've used in the past and always heard good things about. I really like this car, so that's why I'm going all out mechanically etc to ensure it continues to be stellar daily transport. Ignore the spilt coolant, that was me spilling some just doing some general top ups. I'll degrease it too later. 





  4. Changed the spark plugs and pollen filter today. I've fitted a k&n air filter to this as well and to my annoyance..I found there was no air filter fitted in place! Not impressed. Spark plugs were in decent nick no issues but I'm a pedant so NGK iridium's fitted. Also spotted 2 breather hoses looking brittle and cracked, so they're on order from Lexus and I've taped the ends that were cracked up for the time being. A new PCV and grommet also on order as the old one looks past it and is dribbling a bit of oil. Once they're fitted this will run even smoother. Forgot how much better i find Japanese cars to work on than VAGs etc. Just the oil and filter to do with a new sump plug which I shall do tomorrow as I can't be arsed now 😂


  5. Finally got around to fitting my Bluetooth/dab stereo. Bloody hell what a massive faff Japanese cars are. Took me almost 2 hours as the Lexus amp was extremely fiddly to get to and fit the bypass lead, along with setting up the stereo in the new cage and wiring the mic and aerial. Sounds so much better and finally I've got some Bluetooth music and dab to enjoy.



  6. Some minor tinkering as my new plates arrived. Yes they're pressed but those who know me know they're legal. Not to everyone's taste but I think they really suit the look on the Lexus. The Lexus and IS200 badges sourced directly from Lexus at £££ but I'm a pedant and wanted to restore them. Popped in LED side lights on the front which was easy as there's masses of room. The rear number plate lights also got treated to LED's. Bit of a faff as you have to remove the whole rear panel but patience and the right trim removal kit help immensely, and resulted in zero broken clips! Just awaiting my iso fitting kit for the DAB/Bluetooth pioneer and then I'll be dead chuffed. It's getting serviced next week when I visit the parents too. Very satisfied so far.





  7. Did the shortest ever collection the other day. Walked all of 10 mins to collect this beauty and I absolutely love it. Perfect for my needs and drives absolutely spot on. The history file is amazing, it's even been terracleaned a couple years ago. A few little jobs already done to it. Put Gtechniq C4 on all the plastic scuttle and trims and looks brand new again. Also scrubbed up the interior and comes up a treat. Genuinely lovely to drive this, even if the LSD and rear wheel drive took me by surprise on a roundabout in the wet...leaving me facing the opposite way! Will be changing the number plates over and I've ordered the Lexus and is200 badges from Lexus direct to make it look better. 


  8. On 6/23/2020 at 8:52 PM, Bag'O'Spanners said:

    Sexy Safrane

    One for the lickers? I'm in love.

    I went to see this today purely as it was about 45 mins from me, and my dad almost bought one 15 years ago. The seller is a proper top bloke, spent ages nattering away. He's done a lot of work mechanically and it runs superb, the engine is almost sewing machine smooth and dry. He's had a few Safranes and amongst his other cars is a nice Cayenne. The stainless full exhaust system is quite throaty but I like it. The ride is wallowy and I found the steering vague, and the pump almost pulsates at low speed and seems to not like it when you dry steer with no revs. Unsure what would cause this. Handling was poor, I guess going from the ST170 to this I'd always be critical as the Focus is so tight and precise so perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh.

    Other than that, everything works. Ice cold air con, system voice computer etc etc. Good condition inside and body wise has some surface rust on the edges of the boot lip and a couple of random spots on the roof. I was tempted but I think it's a great car with the right engine and gearbox combo, and it'll go on forever.

  9. 1 hour ago, loserone said:

    Ye gads, I thought it had been lucky to have escaped that particular stick for so long.

    Fear not, I've nothing else planned modification wise. Just a k&n panel and that's it.

  10. Tinted the focus today. I wanted it to look similar to my departed Mondeo with the rear tints and I think it really suits and lifts the car, giving it a meaner look. I'm going to give the headlamps a polish soon, and use some gtechniq C4 stuff on the black trim such as around the wing mirror and the headlamp washers. Really love driving this car. Never been so fond of one!


  11. 1 hour ago, ChampionRabbit said:

    Looked out of my workshop window at about 8am to see a couple of coppers with what I thought was a speed trap, but what turned out to be a stinger.

    One thumbs-up the other (hiding behind a tree) and slung it under a passing pikey van, and unfortunately also under a passing builders transit.

    The pikey was arrested, and the builders moped around moaning about their 4 fresh punctures the repair/towing of which the police took about 3 hours to arrange.

    Quite exciting!


    Such a good feeling when it's a good sting! Cake fine though for the innocent transit 

  12. New upgraded rear wiper arm/blade fitted. Looks a million times better and really suits the car, old one has been binned. Popped in some subtle LED number plate lights too and changed the reverse lightbulb. Noticed it was out the other day and it's the easiest thing, you push in a tang and it pops out. It still said motorcraft on so possibly the original or just a dealer visit. Fully working now.


  13. Just now, iainrcz said:

    I decided a Malian was what I needed.
    Looked nice, YouTube vids sounded ok.

    Got it, fitted it.... Found out it sounded like some fucker playing a trombone down a megaphone. The volume on cold starts, Christ you could hear it from a neighbouting town.
    The drone inside at a certain speed was horrible. There must be nothing in those silencers.

    Plus it never really fitted properly.

    I now have a non resonated Milltek, it now actually sounds like a sports car.

    I may just fit a nicer back box, I've seen a good used Janspeed one in eBay. But if I decide against that then I'll go for a local exhaust specialist to just replace it. The exhaust itself is in fantastic condition I'm just wanting to future proof it a little 

  14. Well I had to do it. Popped to Halfords to get some Millers petrol max additive and at £5 for the Richbrook keyring seemed quite a good deal. I tried my best using Halfords toolbox red touch up pen to fill in the faded ST badge. Wobbly handed as fuck and it's not the greatest of jobs but, even at a couple feet it looks a million times better. A new OE badge is £28 and I don't think I will be buying that any time soon. I will be doing a full service including plugs on this just to keep it sweet. Think I will invest in a k&n panel filter though. 



  15. 12 hours ago, Agila said:

    You will ruin the originality of a fantastic example that you have.

    That car is ace. Simple.


    11 hours ago, iainrcz said:

    Cheap eBay exhausts are a one way ticket to pissing off your neighbours.
    Ask me how I know.

    Duly noted and deleted from the watch list!

  16. So despite the miserable weather I spent 30 mins fitting a pioneer Bluetooth/dab stereo I had kept in my cupboard in the very likely chance that I may buy another car which indeed I did. Routed the aerial and mic wires just fine and sounds a thousand times better already. Also removed the silly red "at" stickers that were on the trim, came off easy. Aside from that, I have the air con regas booked for tomorrow, and I am swapping the front wipers for the denso hybris blades which in my opinion really do look the most OEM style flat blade. Also got a upgrade rear aero wiper arm on order which will complete the slight refreshed look. Love this car!


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