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  1. On 10/3/2019 at 9:45 AM, vaughant said:

    It's shit when you get caught out on a car, particularly on a car forum like this where almost all members are pretty honest abiyt what they're selling.


    I bought sims00 dad's Avensis and while it was advertised correctly/fairly and sims was stand up guy in everyway, I think in the past his dad may have been ripped off on a few jobs as I've seen the supplied receipts yet someone tiewrapping a clutch slave cylinder onto a gearbox and also managing to lose all the fixings for the undertrays so replace with tiewraps doesn't inspire confidence. The clutch is heavy and very juddery on pull off but I suspect this is fitment rather than wear as a receipt for new was supplied at a price more than I paid for the car however the car functions otherwise perfectly and it's not impossible to drive in anyway, Sims 00 hid nothing.

    I found a bolt loose on the aux belt tensioner (also replaced by the same garage), so loose it was cutting through the belt so it convinces me the garage have taken advantage, such a shame people still do that in this day and age.

    However, I'm chuffed with the car and my son really likes it too, it was immaculate inside when picked up and the bodywork was in much better condition than described and after a major cut and polish session it came up fantastically.

    I've had no issues with buying on this forum but the previous vendor of this car has had you over IMO, regardless of personal issues it takes a minute to say "hey, really sorry about the car and it's issues, I was going through a hard time and should have been more honest. When I'm back, I'll get in touch and we'll sort it out". I worked on a boat in the middle of the Congo and could get contact home everyday so it's a poor excuse save for military service or the like where yes it won't be too of your priorities ( which happened on another forum years ago!!! Got settled after the lad came back from the middle East).


    As for taking a car back to the person for a refund/re-exchange as suggested above best of luck. I had someone threaten me with this for the sale of a great little Corsa years ago which developed an apparent wheel bearing noise plus the seller was annoyed he hadn't received the FSH a day after I sold him the car.

    Being a decent sort and disappointed said wheel bearing had not been picked up on the MOT a fortnight earlier I offered to send a new bearing through the post along with a discount of £45 for an hour's labour to fit (probably a 20 minute job in reality) and that I'd already sent the FSH off to him the previous day. Once FSH arrived a message was received that the car was suddenly fine now and he was happy, bearing not required, clearly selling it straight on at a profit with the promise of FSH to the new keeper. 

    People are quick to quote the law but in reality they know little about it. From a forecourt, you're protected to a point but a P/X deal of a previously damaged car Vs an old BMW via a private sale would be laughed at in court and threatening the person to give you your old car back/a refund would land you right in the soup. 

    Hopefully this will be resolved amicably but I think even the op is doubtful of that. 

    The po of the BMW will struggle to shift anything else on here for a while if ever which is some comfort I suppose.

    Vaughan was a pleasure mate meeting you. I'm genuinely pissed off reading about the jobs, the garage he used are known to mess him around for ages and I've had run ins with them as well. I spoke with my dad and told him what you've written and he's genuinely pissed off and actually apologetic. It angers me that they can take advantage of him as he's elderly and very trusting. I shan't be letting him go anywhere near those cowboys now. They're not even cheap!

  2. So a collection happened today after work... massively long shift but I was looking forward to this all day. 25 mins down the road.

    It's absolutely GORGEOUS and genuinely, immaculate is the word. Garaged most of its life with low long term owners, mainly BMW stamps and receipts. It's a dream. Full electrics, heated seats, ice cold climate, etc etc. I love the velour. Smooth and plenty of power on tap. In love.





  3. So the other day, took the Honda for its MOT. Was actually a very strict MOT place too so the advisories were a bit meh. However, mechanically perfect and in fab condition they said, and an easy pass. The place I used are all ex mechanics from my current work place so as such, I can fully trust them. 13m MOT!

    The battery now is held securely and even has the original positive terminal cover, looks lovely. Shit picture as I had some crap on the camera which I wasn't arsed enough to wipe.


  4. Genuinely sorry to hear what you've gone through. Agree with the sentiments, that the main reason I buy/sell on here now only is due to the honesty and good spirit members show each other.

    I was interested in this at one stage too and I'm glad I've dodged the bullet. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, SiC said:

    By the pictures, I'm guessing this is a Civic Mk8 ctdi?

    Where did you get the key made and cut? Honda dealer?

    My old one is now owned by my in-laws, but one of the keys packed up. So could do with a new one. 

    Yup on the car. Nope I used a local auto locksmith. Dealer was painfully expensive, and this was the cheapest and really good!

  6. So I've had the Civic for a little bit from iamgroot of this parish. Mechanically it is clearly brilliant. There wasn't really any history when I got it from him but it genuinely has been taken care of. Such a strong drivetrain and no smoke or leaks. I've set about doing a few little things to it that it needed. A full service has been done including the bastard fuel filter. Pleasingly the air and pollen filters weren't even that bad so it's been kept on top of. New set of Bosch wipers put on, the old ones were HORRENDOUS.  I found the passenger wiper arm was stiff and therefore not pressing onto the screen properly so liberally applying WD40 into the joints and shaking like mad freed it up perfectly and now pleasingly hits the screen. 


    The battery was on its last legs and failed as I left the lights on. I noticed the interior light didn't come on nor did the light warning and traced this to a faulty door switch. Also it wasn't secured and seeing as the mot is due soon, it's a failure if it isn't secure so off to Honda I went for some goodies. New battery clamp and bolts, and a new Halfords battery which was better value than Euro (I've got the hallowed trade card lol). Looks miles better and starts much quicker! I've ordered the original positive terminal cover to finish it off so I'll pop that on too in the coming days. Treated myself to some new dealer number plates as well to freshen it up!

    Also, the key, Jesus Christ was bodged. Had to get a new one cut and programmed for £90 which wasn't bad at all. 

    Only things left to do are refresh the headlamps, and put Gechniq 40 solution in the plastics to make it black again. The headlamps aren't bad, but I've become a dab hand at the wet/dry sandpaper method and it'll make it look even better. Oh and fit my stereo too..oh and get rid of the awful gearknob for an original one lol






  7. Finally got round to replacing the horrible windscreen cowl. Easy as to take off and replace and makes a massive difference. There was broke up and crumbly bits of the old one underneath so I cleaned it off before putting it all back. Also degreased the engine a few days ago and it doesn't leak at all, nice and bone dry. The rear washer jet pipe has been knocked off so a quick job to access it from the rear, and popped it back on and cable ties it, I now have a correct spray on the rear!


    Ordered a new window regulator for the driver side as it is crunchy and sometimes stops. £15 new, and it isn't a hard job at all, so that's next on my list. Next month a full gearbox oil change and filter. It's a lovely smooth motor.




  8. So I'm currently enjoying the 3 series touring I nabbed off here. Treated it to some new centre caps for the alloys, new wing indicators as they were yellow, new wipers and bonnet badge, along with fresh number plates. The windscreen cowling is awful; broken up and split TADTS. I've ordered a genuine from BMW via eBay for not a great deal, so once that arrives the car will look a lot fresher. I've also ordered some Gtechniq C4 trim restorer, and will give the rest bumper trim and mirror/door handles a go, and it will look a treat then. The car really has been totally cared for so these little touches I think will set it apart.

    Will pop a few pictures up in the coming days when they're sorted.

  9. On 5/6/2019 at 4:08 PM, DavidB said:

    Taschen "20th Century Classic Cars - 100 Years of Automotive Ads"

    476 page hard back book, filled with 90% car promotional imagery and a bit of text, from the start of 1900's to 2000.
    It's a huge book and it's really nicely put together, typical of Taschen.

    £12 posted!







    I'll take this if it's still available please

  10. Right..


    Some Pirelli tyres fitted, and I've fully balanced the wheels all round. Discs and pads for the front are on order too.


    This will probably be up for sale. We are looking at buying a home around Derbyshire, and that commute is a ridiculous long term prospect that I won't sadly be able to sustain that cost.


    £1400 is what takes it. Will come with discs and pads, you can fit them yourself. 

  11. Update on the Audi..


    It's flipping awesome. I've covered 600 miles in the last few days due to family stuff (wedding things) and my god, it achieves a genuine 34mpg, which is staggering. Around town, mid to late 20's which, is again, brilliant. Hasn't used a drop of fluids, and there is pleasingly no leaks. It feels far quicker and throatier than the LS400 was, it's addictive.

    Unsure how long I want to keep it, I do want an LPG conversion but, the mounting costs of a wedding mean it may not happen. However in the interim, tomorrow will bring some new tyres, as the rears are cracking, and the fronts are good. Will put them to the rear as there is a slightly different tyre size that should go on the front which I've found, so that will be sorted. I'll also sort the discs and pads out and fresh brake fluid, and some new number plates from Audi for the OEM look because I'm sad. 


    Might..MIGHT be available very soon though. The sensible boring side of me has fallen in love with Jazoli's Avensis so, this could be available for cheaper than what Craig was selling it for. One negative though, driver door doesn't suddenly open from the inside. Think the cable or something has fallen off but I can't be bothered right now to take the door card off and put it back. Laziness.



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