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  1. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Suggestions still welcome. We've secured a decent quote from suttys friend but he's encouraged us to look around still, we are finding things a touch difficult especially with buying a house too. Love the classic RR, will show to the Mrs!
  2. Looks like what stuboy would do to his in a fit of drunken rage
  3. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Thanks to @sutty2006 and his mate, this could be sorted. Just awaiting a quote and sort out timings but it may well be a done deal.
  4. sims00

    Wedding Car

    That genuinely would be ideal. I'm more than happy to cover additional fuel etc. 11th of April!
  5. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Friggin hell. That would be perfect if you weren't so far.
  6. sims00

    Wedding Car

    That is fit!! Unfortunately cannot be black..ideally a light colour. Although I'd probably love to stick some random flag on the nose πŸ˜‚
  7. sims00

    Wedding Car

  8. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Im I'm in Rowley Regis B65. The Jag sounds very good!
  9. sims00

    Wedding Car

    That's the thing, you put the wedding prefix on and they add an extra zero to the price!
  10. sims00

    Wedding Car

    I did say this but she would rather us drive it..plus the chauffeur stuff is timed and doesn't seem to fit in with our schedules on the day. I've got if all else fails a Bentley available which is a modern (ugh) but, they're ten a penny and for a few hundred quid pointless really.
  11. sims00

    Wedding Car

    My classy and hers are two different things πŸ˜‚
  12. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Don't you dare is what she said πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Alright guys! I remember I posted something similar for my friend's wedding last year. So, I'm getting married in April this year. Both me and my fiance detest the whole supercar rubbish. It feels cheap and tacky to me. We would prefer something more elegant but a lot of the stuff I've looked at, I'm not allowed to drive it as it's chauffeur only. I want to be able to drive the damn thing! So, my request is two fold. Does anyone have or know anyone that has something special that I could pay to use for my wedding, or know any companies that wont charge the earth when it comes to hiring? Of course for any shiter who allows me, I am more than happy to pay a good price and also cover insurance, cleaning etc. Suggestions welcome. Just has to be classy I guess (fiancΓ©s words!)
  14. Genuinely pleased you sorted the beeping lol. I could hear it and thought that would annoy the hell out of me! Let me know Mo if you fancy me doing your service for you!
  15. Yo Sims lad. You buying Sams Insignia? I can come and collect you if you want?

    I am usually around your area. Did. Bit of work briefly at Sing Fung Chinese food place.

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    2. sims00


      Yes mate! My car is being collected at 11ish so I'd be heading over to Sam for 12. πŸ‘

    3. Lord Sterling

      Lord Sterling

      Cool. I should be there by about 11ish anyway just for a quick Autoshite meet?



    4. sims00


      Should be sound!Β 

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