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  1. Glad it's being looked after. I live far from them so a lot of the time major work has to go to a garage that my dad always used to pick. Guess they've been taking the piss. Absolutely boils my blood.
  2. Vaughan was a pleasure mate meeting you. I'm genuinely pissed off reading about the jobs, the garage he used are known to mess him around for ages and I've had run ins with them as well. I spoke with my dad and told him what you've written and he's genuinely pissed off and actually apologetic. It angers me that they can take advantage of him as he's elderly and very trusting. I shan't be letting him go anywhere near those cowboys now. They're not even cheap!
  3. Ah poo. I knew the code meant the in tank pump was going to fail..they're a bastard. Sorry to have jinxed you!
  4. So a collection happened today after work... massively long shift but I was looking forward to this all day. 25 mins down the road. It's absolutely GORGEOUS and genuinely, immaculate is the word. Garaged most of its life with low long term owners, mainly BMW stamps and receipts. It's a dream. Full electrics, heated seats, ice cold climate, etc etc. I love the velour. Smooth and plenty of power on tap. In love.
  5. I did it. My god it took me 4 hours. I'm proud of myself as that was bloody hard. Just got to put the pollen filter housings Ng back on but I started it and sounds healthy, keen to give it a blast driving and see how my efforts fare. Got rid of A LOT of carbon and egr is nice and clean now too.
  6. Currently sweating and swearing my way through this. Hardest thing I've ever done. Fuck sake. Swirl flaps STILL INTACT given its 182k miles is astonishing. Can't wait to delete the fuckers
  7. I had one of these in the horrible light blue colour a year ago. That first fault code came up although when the fuel pump failed on me on the M25. Genuinely put me off. Strange that it popped up on yours without any issues mind but, just be weary!
  8. Dad's enjoying it. He's dinked it already though on the sill but being a giffer it's par for the course lol
  9. I take no credit for my ownership. I enjoyed Ghostys tinkering although I did pay someone to sort the wiring to all the speakers though, and I put that AS sticker on. Ok I would like a little credit then thank you please
  10. This happened today. Vaughan is another top shiter and lovely bloke. My dad was semi emotional afterwards, he always gets attached! Hope it serves you well mate.
  11. So the other day, took the Honda for its MOT. Was actually a very strict MOT place too so the advisories were a bit meh. However, mechanically perfect and in fab condition they said, and an easy pass. The place I used are all ex mechanics from my current work place so as such, I can fully trust them. 13m MOT! The battery now is held securely and even has the original positive terminal cover, looks lovely. Shit picture as I had some crap on the camera which I wasn't arsed enough to wipe.
  12. Genuinely sorry to hear what you've gone through. Agree with the sentiments, that the main reason I buy/sell on here now only is due to the honesty and good spirit members show each other. I was interested in this at one stage too and I'm glad I've dodged the bullet.
  13. Had a little spare time and weather was good. Demisted the headlamps, they weren't bad as said before but could use a refresh. Looks miles better!
  14. Yup on the car. Nope I used a local auto locksmith. Dealer was painfully expensive, and this was the cheapest and really good!
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