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  1. Tbh, this would make me want the car even more😂
  2. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202010285534378?atmobcid=soc3
  3. Colleague at work tested positive for Covid..I was with him the first two earlies..so now I have the wonderful honour of isolating for 2 weeks and "working from home" which in my line of work is not enjoyable. Damn and blast.
  4. That's @colcold one! Was wondering what happened to that. What a crying shame about that dent.
  5. Yeah I know it's just a ballache. Everything else seems fine with it, just need to persevere. Thankfully my friend will let me use his tomorrow whilst the part is on order. Ransom spares I must say are a brilliant site that have all new OE spares if anyone ever needs domestic appliance stuff. It wil give me satisfaction that I'm prolonging the life of it though.
  6. Fuck sake. My Bosch washing machine has given me more grief. Couple weeks ago pressure sensor thing went bad which wouldn't unlock the door. £20 new and I replaced it, worked fine. Now today error 34 and the interlock has failed so can't lock. Stupid bastard. It's only around £20 again but I thought Bosch were meant to be better than this .
  7. ???Dealer is not far from my parents in Watford...RIP Bushey heath plates..
  8. This is also true when it comes to partners..mine can read way too much into a simple message and BOOM the doghouse beckons..
  9. So I thought I'd give an update into my Insight that I purchased from @colc on here. It's a unique thing as we all know to look at but the drive is what I'm most impressed with. Very roomy for a driver and a passenger to sit and the seats are genuinely comfortable. So far, I replaced the dead stereo that was badly fitted with a Pioneer Bluetooth kit. Fitted it much better and sits right now. However the two speakers are shit, one is blown and I discovered that there's a spot behind the seats on these cars that already have 2 spaces pre fitted with wiring ready to take 2 more 6.5" spe
  10. Lol no way! Why are you seeking @Jim Bell? We could have been insight pals and done amazing things.
  11. Winner! Just got back to Watford for a flying visit to the parents. 80mpg achieved with not much effort. This car is brilliant. Quirky and so comfortable to drive. Battery is in rude health as well which I'm chuffed with. A few minor things to do aesthetic wise and I'll make it look smarter but I'm pleased. Looks like I'll be hanging up my car buying tendencies for a while as I've found the perfect vehicle to commute and save money. Brilliant to see Colin again and his amazing house.
  12. So I say goodbye already to the Legacy today and I'm picking up something completely at the other end of the motoring scale. 3 hour journey awaits me. Something which is super rare, super frugal and only 2 other members have.
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