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  1. πŸ˜‚That will be Sam's! I text him a while back with your dets to post it on but I know he's mega busy usually
  2. sorry 07508 801114 !

  3. I'm on 07508 80114; Colin

  4. Need a shitely from Wirral to Rowley Regis, anybody to assist at all bringing a small item near to me please?
  5. I genuinely love the level of sheer addictive tinkery that you do Ghosty. I've owned one of yours as you know and your attention to detail really is phenomenal. Enjoying this, always loved concertos.
  6. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Suggestions still welcome. We've secured a decent quote from suttys friend but he's encouraged us to look around still, we are finding things a touch difficult especially with buying a house too. Love the classic RR, will show to the Mrs!
  7. Looks like what stuboy would do to his in a fit of drunken rage
  8. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Thanks to @sutty2006 and his mate, this could be sorted. Just awaiting a quote and sort out timings but it may well be a done deal.
  9. sims00

    Wedding Car

    That genuinely would be ideal. I'm more than happy to cover additional fuel etc. 11th of April!
  10. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Friggin hell. That would be perfect if you weren't so far.
  11. sims00

    Wedding Car

    That is fit!! Unfortunately cannot be black..ideally a light colour. Although I'd probably love to stick some random flag on the nose πŸ˜‚
  12. sims00

    Wedding Car

  13. sims00

    Wedding Car

    Im I'm in Rowley Regis B65. The Jag sounds very good!
  14. sims00

    Wedding Car

    That's the thing, you put the wedding prefix on and they add an extra zero to the price!
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