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  1. Had my swirl flaps removed and blanked on the e90 the other day. If anyone is fairly local, Marc’s Independent BMW is the name of the garage based in Aldridge, and he is utterly brilliant. I’ve done the job once before myself but my back ached and I hated it so i farmed it out this time. Car has no flat spots at all now. However the dreaded driveline vibration on heavy acceleration is more noticeable now and I remember the fellow shiter from whom I purchased it said the coupling doughnut was worn on the MOT. Jesus Christ I didn’t know the part was a pricey as was the labour!? Very expensive month it seems, but will be worth it.
  2. Check the rear jacking points thoroughly, common failure point that some people often bodge. Thermostat failure is common as well but you can easily do them yourself iirc. Starting issues and rough running are usually down to OVP relays which again are very common. I had one years ago and it was such a shame I had to get rid, ridiculously over engineered cars. The fuel cap itself felt like it was machined from a solid piece of steel
  3. Sam I've used the following method countless times and they come up looking as good as new. I've tried a few methods but genuinely, with patience and minimal tools/equipment, you will have them looking better than the bloke you paid £25 to.
  4. So the Honda centre caps were deteriorated and really annoyed me. Rung Honda near me and they quoted around £110 for 4...which was ludicrous. Apparently aluminium and plastic is why. However Startin Honda in Worcester seem to do special offers on their eBay store for random honda items and to my surprise, they had a set of 4 for £35. Makes all the difference!
  5. Comes with "contrasting" bumpers...aka not a single option requested ..EVER The pinnacle of sales talk right there...😂
  6. Polished up the headlamps a treat. Wet and dry sandpaper and then plast x with a drill attachment. They weren't bad just needed doing and looks miles better. Acetone on the middle grille has brought it back to chrome which also look better, but I may just get another as the Saab lettering has its silver paint wear off. Unfortunately the wind tipped over my whole bottle so I can't do the other 2 but another bottle is on order. Loving this car.
  7. More changes. Replaced the badges on the bonnet and boot with some nice new ones, and finally fitted the Sony DAB and Bluetooth unit with the mic/aerial today. Stereo is booming and clear and it's nice to have dab and hands free calling again. Badges are a welcome addition. Just got to sort s fresh pair of plates, demist the slightly misted headlamps and then I'll make the front grilles chrome again as I'm not a fan of the black look. Acetone and some elbow grease will work a treat. Full service of fluids and filters when the weather warms up too.
  8. So already changes have happened. Found a top bloke not too far who likes Saab's and we did a PX deal for these good condition aero wheels with great tyres. Also bagged a mint aero steering wheel and he even fitted them for me. Absolutely makes the car even better!
  9. Picked this up from @Vantman today. I'm still not back but what a car and bloke. Chuffed.
  10. Yes indeed they are
  11. These are an absolute steal, and the reviews are actually quite positive surprisingly. Decent wet grip as well.
  12. Tbh, this would make me want the car even more😂
  13. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202010285534378?atmobcid=soc3
  14. Colleague at work tested positive for Covid..I was with him the first two earlies..so now I have the wonderful honour of isolating for 2 weeks and "working from home" which in my line of work is not enjoyable. Damn and blast.
  15. That's @colcold one! Was wondering what happened to that. What a crying shame about that dent.
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