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  1. It looks like you've bought a reasonable one, definitely put the decals back on. The 998's are an underrated, smooth little engine and it's easy to almost double the power output with not much work and no negative effects on reliability. Everyone should have at least one mini!
  2. Fair point, but at the risk of winding you up, that really needs some sort of structural repair. You can buy a cheap gasless (so you can use it in your wind tunnel) mig for £100 that will join metal together. I know not many of us on here are wealthy but I am happy to start the ball rolling by chucking a tenner into the "buy Eddy a welder" fund ?.
  3. I appreciate that you're probably a bit fed up with advice from every direction but, as somebody who spent several years welding for a living, why not just buy a cheapy mig welder (even a gasless one) and have a go? It doesn't matter too much if your welds aren't aesthetically pleasing as long as they are strong enough. It's really not that hard and it makes forming replacement panels a lot easier as you can make them up a bit at a time if you need to. There's loads of online tutorials too. Anyway I'll shut up now. Good Luck.
  4. Very nice, does she know about it?
  5. WTF? How can this be? You have to try one, quite simply the best thing to drive, ever. Nothing else is quite the same, admittedly the build quality etc left a lot to be desired at times! I have owned 38 of them so far. Prices are now insane so I probably won't be buying many more. If you're ever in Cornwall give me a shout and we'll let you have a go in one. Heads off to sit in dark room.......
  6. Just for you x, I would have taken it sooner if the Land Rover wasn't at work awaiting yet more repairs
  7. All very exciting! Wife, dog and I are getting ready to head North to Tavi. The Kia is her replacement car due to several reasons, some of which are my fault... The blue mini has been her ultra reliable daily for 9 years with only one failure to complete a journey (leaky radiator), due to pregnancy she could no longer fit in it safely so I bought her a series Land Rover - I is stupid! Land Rover no good so got free Berlingo - had to replace gearbox before use as was borked. Failed to notice that MOT expiry date exactly the same as baby due date and not sure I will have time for necessary repairs at moment as workshop is occupied by Land Rover (suprisingly*) and I have lots of pre-baby jobs to do. The common sense answer seemed to be to buy a car, unseen, that was many miles away and rely on some strange strangers to get it closer to me, cue 6cyl et al.......
  8. Apologies, only just got in from a very long day at work. 6cy, that sounds awesome and very generous. I'll get in touch with Beep and try and get the car paid for, taxed and insured asap. I am sure I can get up to Tavistock ok to collect it. Thanks again guys
  9. Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place. I did originally ask on BeEP's for sale thread but then thought it might not get seen there, sorry. I am attempting to purchase Mr BeEP's Rio as a replacement car for my wife but - due to a severe lack of any spare time on my part - I am struggling to collect it. If any of you lovely folks could help out in any way it would be much appreciated, I am quite happy to pay for the privilege. Should we manage to work it out I will have the car taxed & insured and I have no problem if the mover(s) need to use it for a few days. There must be someone out there who is madly keen to drive one of these? Cheers, Damian Rio now here and I don't even have any pictures as the wife has been using it all day! A big thanks to BeEP, 6-Cyl, Hairnet and HMC for making the collection happen and thanks also to all the other members who offered help, storage and moral support. This place is awesome!
  10. Sold. I'm not entirely sure who bought it or even what the names of the people involved were but it's still with a shiter.
  11. 6 Cyl, I can always meet you at a Cornish train station......
  12. Took a couple of rubbish pictures today, it was pissing down as usual. Chassis isn't as bad as I remembered, worst bits are the nearside as pictured. Boot floor could be patched up in the short term. Offside rear arch is the weakest. Cheers
  13. As title says, 300tdi Disco. Just been used for house moving duties towing stuff (other shite mostly). Now in new house with too many cars so has to go. I was planning on selling it to the local Land Rover breaker but, if anyone on here wants it for £300ish then I'd rather do that. I'm at work at the moment so will add pics tomorrow. It's on around 240k, I've owned it for six months or so and it has been totally reliable. I did the head gasket at 223k when I first bought it as it was just starting to burn through on cylinder 4. Reg is S46 NGC but from memory MOT history tells you nothing! It needs the usual welding to the rear of chassis and the boot floor is just starting to go although not badly. The steering box weeps, it needs rear calipers but there is a new pair included if it sells on here. It has had various bits of welding before I got it, none of which are particularly impressive - just mot bare minimum stuff really. It's a nice old bus and I was planning to weld it up and keep it. Unfortunately I have been told that there are already too many vehicular projects on the go (Transit, Phoenix, two minis, Berlingo etc) so this one gets the chop. . It would need to be collected by next Thursday as it has to live on the public highway, I have it insured until then and I'll be cancelling the tax sometime after that. I appreciate that this is a crap ad for a vehicle with next to no MOT but here goes. Oh, by the way, I would possibly swap it for interesting mini related stuff (proper A series minis). Cheers
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