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  1. Sold. I'm not entirely sure who bought it or even what the names of the people involved were but it's still with a shiter.
  2. 6 Cyl, I can always meet you at a Cornish train station......
  3. Took a couple of rubbish pictures today, it was pissing down as usual. Chassis isn't as bad as I remembered, worst bits are the nearside as pictured. Boot floor could be patched up in the short term. Offside rear arch is the weakest. Cheers
  4. As title says, 300tdi Disco. Just been used for house moving duties towing stuff (other shite mostly). Now in new house with too many cars so has to go. I was planning on selling it to the local Land Rover breaker but, if anyone on here wants it for £300ish then I'd rather do that. I'm at work at the moment so will add pics tomorrow. It's on around 240k, I've owned it for six months or so and it has been totally reliable. I did the head gasket at 223k when I first bought it as it was just starting to burn through on cylinder 4. Reg is S46 NGC but from memory MOT history tells you nothing! It needs the usual welding to the rear of chassis and the boot floor is just starting to go although not badly. The steering box weeps, it needs rear calipers but there is a new pair included if it sells on here. It has had various bits of welding before I got it, none of which are particularly impressive - just mot bare minimum stuff really. It's a nice old bus and I was planning to weld it up and keep it. Unfortunately I have been told that there are already too many vehicular projects on the go (Transit, Phoenix, two minis, Berlingo etc) so this one gets the chop. . It would need to be collected by next Thursday as it has to live on the public highway, I have it insured until then and I'll be cancelling the tax sometime after that. I appreciate that this is a crap ad for a vehicle with next to no MOT but here goes. Oh, by the way, I would possibly swap it for interesting mini related stuff (proper A series minis). Cheers
  5. It is indeed, that'll be the wife. I can't persuade her to drive anything other than 1970's British Leyland stuff- figure that out?
  6. St Stephen - so not far away. Current running vehicles are: Scruffy looking blue Discovery, slightly less scruffy looking blue Mini Clubman Estate (real one - non BMW), weird looking Q plated Phoenix estate (kind of a plastic Mini Clubman thing) - in 1970's gold colour. Others are several minis, soon to be gone C15, 1989 Transit - in process of removing V8 to refit pinto engine and a Citroen Xsara (although I don't actually know where that is at the moment).
  7. 83C for the win! Meeting him at the station tomorrow. Van is now off to Devon (wherever that is?) probably to be used for carrying scones with the jam and cream in the wrong order.
  8. I have had a few messages etc. I didn't expect this to be anything like this desirable! To keep things fair and above board - if anyone can definitely state that they will take it this Saturday or before then it is theirs. If not, then I will arrange viewings for any potentially interested folks in the order that they contact me. Currently Calzone is first in line (PM on its way). I will keep everyone informed as best I can. I wouldn't ordinarily be so pushy for it to be gone in a hurry but I have used up all my favours with family, friends, employer etc and have around ten vehicles scattered around the country! I really hope someone can make use of it as it is too good to squash.
  9. FOAD - I am not really sure I could sell the spring compressor as it is only something I knocked up and I have no idea whether it is actually safe to use or not! It only took a couple of hours to make and I could take pictures of it and/or make a sketch if that helped? As I'm sure you know, the rear springs or these are right strong little bastards and the proper tool is mega money.
  10. Why not Cornwall? I'll throw in a pasty or two....
  11. Morning All, Just in case it is of use to anyone on here, now is your chance to own an awesome C15. I've had it for three years or so (three MOT's anyway). It is unlikely to pass another MOT without a fair bit of welding type attention to the rear end. This became more apparent recently when the dog released the handbrake (accidentally I assume) and rolled off in the van with me hanging onto the door handle - the subsequent impact to the nearside rear corner revealed mucho rust and necessitated some *great* repairs involving a hammer, cable ties and pieces of cut up oil can to act as an under wheelarch spray guard for the -now exposed- rear light unit. Anyhow, the van starts, drives and stops - although the brakes are pretty tragic by modern standards, which is not unusual for a C15. It has an MOT until the end of August and it has been totally reliable in my ownership. When I first bought it I replaced the radiator, clutch, cambelt and rebuilt the rear axle (which involved making a huge spring compressor) so it may have some salvageable parts. I also replaced brake pads, discs and shoes prior to the last MOT. The engine (152K) is fine, the gearbox is slightly noisy and becomes more so on long motorway trips. It has just completed a 2000 mile surf trip without letting us down and I have faith in its ability to trundle on until it is out of MOT. It is rusty and scruffy (I'll add pictures when I figure out how to). It is in Cornwall, near St Austell so miles from most of you. It will be bridged on Saturday as its replacement is arriving and I have no space. I have absolutely no tolerance for Ebay/Gumtree morons so it's offered here for a (possibly negotiable) £50 if you want it.
  12. The Berlingo sounds good to me, I'm a long time fan of them. Unfortunately I have very little free time at the moment so I have no chance of a Lincolnshire collection, sorry. Would it fit in the post?
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