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  1. Got to confess I am absolutely fascinated by both the infrequently-visited areas of both MSAs (comes of having to wait around at them for 45 minutes while EVs charge) and motorways in general (love Scammonden water, the tunnels under the M62 there, unofficial ways on and off motorways). There is all sorts of odd, abandoned, forgotten stuff at MSAs, where no-one ever walks, just yards from where thousands of people walk every day. Not much can equal the Pennine Tower, of course. Any MSA with a walkable bridge between sides is absolutely epic - and if it has a skanky and decaying Buggery King branch on the bridge, even better. Fascinated by how Ferrybridge (triple EH rapid charger site, dreadful toilets) and several of the A1 services, have become run-down since the roads were diverted away from them. Can't wait to see what Skelton Lake MSA will be like. Very, very sad, I know.
  2. How bizarre. What an absolutely nonsense set of reasoning. You're better off without them really as they've cost-cut everything own-brand until it tastes like dogshit. I always drive barefoot if it's any distance, and in warm weather often go barefoot at stops. Never had any trouble at shops - did get thrown out of an ex-employer's site once, for 5 minutes, but that's it.
  3. Thanks all. Glad others are having the same "part worns are shite now-a-days" experience. As for the Germany thing - I scrapped two Pirelli this winter, both partworns from Germany, both with egg-shaped bulges in the sidewall as soon as pressure was applied. Even with the bad 'uns, partworns were still cheaper than new, but the hassle isn't worth it anymore IME.
  4. For years I ran cars on partworns from a filthy backstreet place, or occasionally the cheapest nastiest new ditchfinder going - but mostly partworns. Mismatched, awful brands, etc - but always legal and manufacturer spec in terms of size/rating. Recently, though, about half the partworns we've had have had obvious, illegal/dangerous problems, or been punctured. Is it pointless now? Was it always pointless and we were just lucky? Give the lecture about being a danger to myself and others if you want, it's fine.
  5. It's looking good for tomorrow. Just got to choose a car really.
  6. Are Roomsters shite yet? It looks like probably not, the cheapest ones on autotrader being £1300? If the rubbish isn't too filthy you could probably do OK buying a scabby Roomster, using it, then selling on - but that's probably not really what the OP intended. The Roomster feels a lot more solid than the old Berlingo did but for some reason I've never really bonded with it, it's just a tool. Silly attitude as the Roomster has been faultless and bits were always falling off the Berlingo...
  7. +1 for Berlingo Multispace / Partner Tepee. You can get a fucked-but-still-running multispace for buttons, especially if pez, and it "looks" like a car (windows all round) so doesn't trigger the tip nazis. With the seats folded back (or removed entirely) it holds as much shit as the van version. Taller than an estate so much easier to load. Still miss mine.
  8. It's all of about 15 minutes (enthusiastic) drive from here. Will try to make the next one.
  9. The heating is outrageously inefficient. In stop-start traffic with the heater on full is a very different matter to 40mph with the heater on low. You want a number so I'll say 35 miles, but anything from 10 to 50 is possible.
  10. I've seen that asserted before but I'm not sure whether it's true. It might just charge slower when it's hot - whether or not DC charging is entirely disabled when the a/c system fails is not clear to me. Certainly it wouldn't charge at full speed in hot weather. We never rapid charge it, and it's shite, so meh.
  11. 9 months in. It still works. Passed MOT with no advisories. Aircon compressor has got a bit noisy. As we live in Yorkshire this isn't an issue. No noticeable further degradation in the battery. Bodywork has got a bit scruffier - jetwash lifts the lacquer but leaves the dirt behind. Although they look nasty, the cloth seats put up with abuse from children and wear far better than the LEAF ones did. It's worth a grand more than I paid for it, which is pure insanity. I want to sell it but wife says it's "the best car ever".
  12. If copyright holder complaints are unlikely, archive.org is where you want to be uploading. Would have thought 20+ year old magazines would be fine - no-one likely to complain. I've done quite a bit of scanning using a technique similar to the video above - cut the spines and stack the pages on a sheet-fed scanner. Haven't got the nifty machine for cutting right through the spine of a thick magazine in one go though - generally find bindings either pull apart easily if glued, or have staples which can be pried out with a knife. Then just guillotine the pages and good to go... The key to speed is avoiding jams; clearing a jam takes as long as scanning half a magazine.
  13. How are you getting on with the LEAF? The bottom-end-of-the-market ones just keep going up and up in value. Quite unbelievable.
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