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  1. Well bought sir! The dark beast does look rather tasty! That must be about the highest spec around at the time.
  2. A conversation with a car seller on FB in the past hour. Not what I was looking for but a rather tasty looking 105k mile Jag XF with fsh came up for sale. Decided*I could make it work for me so messaged the seller. I asked the seller how long he'd owned it and where it had been serviced. Reply. 'Like two months ago in a garage in Aberdeen, not sure what its called'. 'Drives fine had it 6 months'. I replied with many thanks but I'm out. Reply, 'Well you go have a good day cos I'm sure I serviced it. What a fecking halfwit....I pity the fool that buys that. Pics taken in a nice area of Aberdeen.....I bet the car isn't for sale there Edit.....turns out the seller resides in Latvia, must have been a quick weekend trip to Aberdeen.
  3. The 'thing' is...I just have no real desire for the Outback, sadly. They just don't do it for me. A bit like the A4 Allroad,... a tad jacked up but no real clearance, The A6 on lift will go clear of serious stuff. My mate and I took the tape measure out last year and measured his Freelander 2 against my A6 on lift...there were a few mm's in it in the Allroads favour. Had a cracking XT Estate decades ago so nowt actually against Subaru. I'll just wash my mouth out with soap now and say that I much prefer the current shape of Outback to the noughties one Still fancy the XC90 mind but having a discussion with the owner of a same age Allroad as mine with less than half the miles His is pov spec and I'm trying to mentally work out how to transplant all my high spec goodies into that one should I take the plunge. Mind fried.....lol.
  4. I'm used to being raped for road tax with the A6!!!
  5. Let me know if that XC90 comes in, may well be interested.
  6. TBH, I'd not even looked at Subaru as I was under the impression that they were in the habit of grenading their engines in spectacular fashion?
  7. The annoying thing re the Audi is that I had its box flushed and refilled and not inconsiderable cost at Bavaria in Aberdeen last May.... it was just a tad sluggish prior to that and went down hill rapidly after that change.....hey ho. The old girl has full main dealer sh from new,,,,,just a shame that Audi didn't think to service the box equally well...wankers, lol.
  8. I get exactly where your coming from. That said, there are plenty geartronics out there in diesel flava doing mental miles. The geartronic box seems to have got it's bad rep whilst mated to the petrol engine - guaranteed to go bang! That said the 'sealed for life' pish is the major downfall in any auto box. As I said, really want a manuel, but they are few and far between! There is one 60 miles away with a good history but a grand more than I can currently afford. Grrr. It's green though so best run away, lol. Your sounding a tad grumpy tonight Mrcento...have you been attracting even more utter fuckwits to your ad for the Disco???
  9. As may have been noted elsewhere I have an interest in buying an XC90. That changed today to a real want for one. I've lost the patience and love for my A6, c6, Allroad and all it's gearbox issues, which is a shame as it was the 'perfect' package for me. WBAC can have it now as far as I care. Missed a good one 10 days ago but I;m still looking. One of slight interest just south of Glasgow, 07 plate geartronic, facelift. Serviced every year but on average 28k miles done between services. This morning a 55 plate popped up a few miles away. 118k miles and manuel flavour,,,I was much excite. Tayne duly called and we headed out. I was expecting a bucket of shite- but hoping beyond hope that it would be decent. My former thoughts were confirmed. Yeah a few wee scarpes and dings...but wouldn't have been a deal breaker. No service history and generally uncared for. It needed; new front discs and pads, centre exhaust pipe was corroded af just as it joined the very new back box. Drivers side window regulator was borked. On test drive whilst the owner was driving it I felt something wasn't right in the rev range on gear change. On driving it myself my fears were confirmed....slightly slipping clutch. Bite point on same was so high that a breath on the clutch pedal would have made it slip. I politely declined and walked away. Those are the negatives. I realised that the XC90 is a car that I'd actually very much enjoy owning. I loved the D5 engine and it's growl. It was responsive and handled like a much smoller car. Comfortable and quiet. Reality is that when I find a decent one in my meagre budget it will be a geartronic. I'd prefer maneul but they are rather rarer. I don't necessarily mind an autobox, I've had a few, but my recent trials with the A6 has rather put me off them for a while. I have a cash budget of £3k - maybe a few hundred more and don't want to be going to the other end of the country from Aberdeen to view cars that turn out to be total buckets. I'm rather hoping the SVM will put they're heads together and help me join them
  10. I had one back in the day, Kingfisher blue with cream half leather/half alcantara. Lovely, lovely car until some eastern european scrotes stole it!
  11. Nice to see Y188 again after it's brief sojourn next door. Did the coolant issues ever get fixed? I liked it more than I thought I would but couldn't be arsed with the bonnet arrangement if I owned one! I had a few times of holding that for Tayne, lol.
  12. Wow! I hope someone gets a bargain!
  13. The car has been at Perth Saab who couldn't fix it so I was advised to run away by a fellow shiter. Apparently to 'quote' him the Haldex in these is made of cheese as well. May thanks to said shiter, he knows who he is. Am particularly grumpy tonight as had made up my mind to purchase an XC90. Long term owned by the local garage owner and price dropped into my range last night, Rattled through jobs today and whizzed round the corner with a wad in my pocket this afternoon, only to find it had sold 2 hours previous. Grrrrrrrrrr! Have had 2 cars off him in the past and it rubbed salt into the wound when he said, 'you should have given me a shout this morning and I'd have held onto it for you'! My fault I know, but I'm just about car'd out just now. Stuck with the fecking 'emergency' Mondeo for the foreseable.....and I hate it! Only option left is to try again with the A6 Allroad and probably have to spend what it cost me initially on the gearbox.....that's if I can find anyone near Aberdeen to look at it. I am NOT in a good mood.
  14. Have the chance of the above for pennies and have been discussing with the owner, Have always hankered after the chunky 9-3X estate with it's 4x4. Current owners have faffed about getting the ECU repaired. Company that has done the 'repair' lost the original and have sent two replacements, neither of which have worked. Sellers have got sick of the carry on and have replaced the car. It's literally 2 miles from my old mans house so could tow it there and dump it until I could work out a fix. Last discussion with the sellers was that the ECU was only for the 9-3X and that;s where the problem was. Do our Saab lickers on here concur with this or is it an ECU and everything else needed??? Input would be much appreciated. I have sufficient pennies sitting here in the house and could rattle up the road after work tomorrow and obtain it. On a 10 plate, 125k miles and only one ever MOT fail for a dodgy lock on one of the back seats which was there and then repaired! Seller has said that a new unit is £800 (it's his Mum's car) even at that it worth the coin. Sorely tempted!!! Over to the faithful shiters for advice!!
  15. We went, we saw, we walked away! The fact that the seller had only owned it two minutes (bought for less 40 miles away at the start of Feb) and the lack of a working instrument cluster and it was a no no. Nicely specced car which I would have had were it not for the above.
  16. Yeah, I saw your thread re SeniorYoof's new steed. Looked a nice steer. We'll have a look and poke around, if anything is 'off' then it'll be see you later to the seller.
  17. Thanks - that is one of the obvious things that will be keenly looked for. The 2006 on models don't seem to be as bad for this. The 04 plate A209 that I sold last May only had one tiny bleb, to be fair.
  18. Tayne and I are off to peruse a 170k E320cdi estate on Sunday, 06 facelift model, MOT History pretty clean. I know a few fellow shiters have owned these before and would be most grateful for any pitfalls to look out for. Many thanks in advance.
  19. Might not be worth holding onto? Sounds to me like the builder is in financial trouble. 'Let's do it cheaper in the hope that the customer will stump up quicker than agreed and we get some cash in'.
  20. I can see this 'problem' from both sides. If I as the provider of services had agreed an end of April payment then I wouldn't go back on that unless absolutely desperate.....and even if desperate I'd be open to discussion on the matter. 'Nowt I can do' is a pretty naff response from the builder and breaches his verbal contract. I think the above response is a very sensible one.
  21. Grumpy - you'd better believe it! Was woken this morning with a streaming nose. I think cold, but no, my bloody nose bleeding. That's a first! Got this dealt with and on with my day. Came out of a clients house at lunchtime and headed off to my next call....hmmm something not right. Bloody great bolt through the front tyre on emergency/temporary chod Mondeo. Wheel off, spacesaver on, another nose bleed. Off to local tyre place. Tyre fine, patchable, £25 thanks very much. (Last time I was there it was a tenner to the guys for a pint). Rest of the day goes fine. Off out with the dogs after work. it's cold, I'm walking quick as usual, nose is a bit sniffly....bang another massive nose bleed. no tissues or fuck all and I'm a mile from the car. Fuxxake! Got someone interested in the A6 Allroad as is - great! Trying to look around for a replacement. Why does anyone EVER advertise a car on FB Marketplace??? I've never, ever had a response to any genuine query on there. Same on here - genuine interest in a car for sale and the seller can't be arsed responding - regular poster too! Ach well, it is the 13th I suppose.
  22. Calling Wingz!! I've pm'd you and others have asked the question....is this still available? I'm seriously interested even if it does mean a flight down sarf and a long trudge back up to the frozen North! Could we have a 'yay' or 'nay' please?
  23. Congrats to Jazoli! Whew....a bullet dogded!!
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