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  1. Good luck with that sale!! It's an only slightly modded Saab 9-3 estate. Take 4k off that price and you might be getting there.
  2. Springer

    Tragic news

    Never met the man, however my heart felt sympathies to Reb on the loss of his father in tragic circumstances. I lost my old man couple of months ago...it's never easy. Stay strong Reb!
  3. Had a C70 T5 in Kingfisher Blue back in the day! Loved it, Great to drive, never gave me much bother- comfiest seats ever and finished in cream half leather/half alcantara! Sadly it got nicked by a bunch of dodgy Polish guys....but that's 12 years ago now.
  4. I currently drive an 07 one.....they're still not smoll, trust me! I'm actually going to watch this one, older than mine but lower miles and manual. My geartronic box is 'flairing' worst outcome a new valve body, but I suspect it needs complete replacement of engine mounts and some more turbo hoses. I've chucked £1500 at mine in the last two months and I'm getting sick of it's neediness! Other than that I 'kind' of like mine - of that make's any sense? When behaving it's a comfy, secure place to be!
  5. £900 for a clutch on the manual.
  6. A mate had a Granada estate in the same colour. Never seen this colour since!
  7. I have a reserve met bid on this. at present. I'm not likely to win it, but if I do i'll roffle it on here. I'd get the fun of driving it home and some shiter get's a dream car for a few quid😅 We all m ight need a bit of fun* whilst self isolating!!!
  8. Springer


    Well bought there sir!!
  9. I've never* done that!😇
  10. No pics soz, but one of a very, very early brood of Crested Tit's had a lucky escape this afternoon. I wondered what my almost 13yr old Border Terrier was sniffing around on the track when out walking her and the springer earlier, it was the young bird. I'm amazed she didn't have it down her throat! Even a few months ago she was still taking rats out. The wee bird just flew up to the nearest branch and sat looking at us. Whether it survives this early in the year is another matter entirely!
  11. Isn't this a case of FFS just scrap it?? I admire the will to save this, but glass, paint and fuck knows what else....what is the point really? ?
  12. I got as far as Aberdeen...but did do that when I was 18, lol.
  13. Just twigged where that pic was taken! I grew up there (not on the edge of the cliff obvs, lol)
  14. I'd just be worried if that family had a slight dislike for me!!
  15. That's a winner for me - great colour combo and well done on all your efforts!
  16. Even the Mk2 version is getting incredibly cheap! Saw a decent one up for £1500 the other day....57 plate iirc.
  17. God, I'm getting old. Mis-read C70 for C30...doh! Had a T5 back 13 years ago in Kingfisher Blue with Cream Leather/alcantara interior. It was on a V plate and bought at 102k miles. Never gave me a hint of bother in the 18 months I drove it, lovely thing and probably the most comfortable seats ever. Sadly it got nicked by a bunch of Poles whilst I was on holiday. It wasn't devastatingly quick, but the old girl could pick her skirts up when needed. Really just a capable GT car.
  18. If I didn't need something considerably bigger (the biggest sister of the C79, my XC90) I'd have one in a New York minute. Still think the styling of those looks very fresh now. Mind you, my 90 os doing my head and wallet in just now......worst Ovlov I've ever owned.
  19. I have an urge to pee after seeing that ad. Could also be my age though.
  20. As said above, housing stock is distinctly non Aberdonian. I sell and fit blinds for a living and have done for several decades so generally could work out which street it would be from the first pic......and I can't!
  21. https://www.gumtree.com/p/saab/saab-1997/1367427079 £200, 900 with a ticket until May, Totally shit advert though.
  22. One for the Marina lickers? Dunno if thus us salty or not....£2k? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/609064319872487/
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