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  1. My first car was a Strada. A777 FSO. Many happy memories of it.
  2. Ooooh - excellent buy! Wishing you uneventful travels home.
  3. That is sex on wheels!!
  4. Just ordered some- will give it a whirl! Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Nope, was assessed 4 weeks ago, repair approved and it's currently at the bodyshop. Delay was waiting for the new parts from Volvo. The bodyshop owner was reasonably surprised at the outcome too. Mind you, I played fair and didn't sting the council's insurer for a courtesy car right from the outset.
  6. Rather to my surprise, the XC90 went off to be fixerated today. That must be costing the insurers a bloody fortune! In the meantime I've been given a brand new 330d Msport Touring to hoon about it. It's nice but rather smol!
  7. I'd be doubly screwed then if I did that. Likely to cost way more than that in repairs....sigh. Cheers though!
  8. I'm afraid that I need something tidy and presentable for work. Were it not for that, I'd probably just do that. Not saying I wont just get a wing and door of a matching car and sort out the rest. Only probs then is that the car will be worthless being a write off. Will see how it all plays out. Cheers for your help though!
  9. Thanks for that Stanky. I have no intention of being arsey with the insurance company (ie claiming for an expensive courtesy car - still have the old Mondeo I can use) in the hope that they'll treat me fairly when the time comes. My suspicion is that it'll be an uneconomic repair so hope that I'll be given enough pennies to replace it.
  10. Just wondered what you good chaps/chapesses' opinion would be on this. Do you think it'll be written off as an uneconomical repair? Car which I bought 4 weeks ago got twatted whilst parked by a bin lorry on Monday. 07 plate XC90 with 160002 miles on it. Worst damage is as seen in pics, but not a panel on the drivers side that doesn't need attention and paint. Front wheel got hit too so am concerned that damage may be done there too. Naturally I'l less than amused by the whole thing! Ta muchly in advance
  11. I so used to want one of these years ago....that one is looking extremely sad.
  12. That's looking very tidy! Worth all your hard work
  13. Your doing a great job there -well done!
  14. I really want to see this car fixed and it's been very interesting reading the updates. Fair play to you Tepper!
  15. This one is 12 years old and an almost 17 year old design. so hardly even modernish...lol. Go on, you know you want to.....mind you, all ovloV's end up in Scotchland don't you know!
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