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  1. Not at all. Had an 04 plate one for a few years, sound as a pound. Sold it 2 years ago and it's still going strong.
  2. The bit of river where I walk my dogs was plagued with neds on stolen bikes screaming about the place. They were responsible for at least one dogs death, Also one of them decided to sit in front of my immaculate A209 and wheelspin stones over the whole thing causing considerable damage to the paint. In fairness to our local plod, they did what they could. I remember having a conversation with a crowd of them one evening a couple of summers ago, right after I witnessed one of the scrotes on bikes trying to run an officer down. They were as frustrated as I was. They simply weren't allowed to follow said scrotes off road as, if they did AND one of the scrotes hurt himself, then the police would be culpable. This country is fecked up in so many ways these days.
  3. UK passenger planes may just be the ultimate shite. I think the average of the BA Fleet is about 14 years!😀
  4. Could be of interest to someone? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/637734809966747/
  5. I agree. I'm a fanatical salmon fly fisher and my favourite of locations is the river North Esk in Angus, a river I spend a lot of time fishing. I've had N70 ESK for a number of years now.OK it's currently on my sorn'd A6 Allroad with the buggered gearbox which I must make up my mind what I'm doing with VERY soon. Fix or get rid and transfer the plate to my XC90....which is a car I just can't seem to feel the 'love' for. One day I really like it, the next I think it's a dismal PoS. It's a plate that means feck all to most (fishers get it!) but I like it as it means something to me.
  6. As per our conversation recently re my XC90....oh, I hear ya! God that thing has a thirst!! 🤣
  7. That is properly nice Spurious. Well bought! There'a a very clean 100 saloon not far from me that I keep meaning to stop and get pics of.....it makes me smile!
  8. That seems to be a Volvo thing! My XC90 can go from 165 miles to empty to 70 miles to empty in 20 miles, sigh!
  9. At least the neighbours will be nice and quiet!😂 Mind you, I wish you could get something like that uo here for that price!!
  10. Trust me, if A, I wasn't trying to get down to one car, and B, I had dry storage, I'd be snapping that 518 up in a flash. I've seen it about - it lives less than 1 mile from me. It's lovely if you bear in mind the wing that needs paint and a damned good polish all over.
  11. This may be of interest to some especially as it has a ticket until next April. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/492798011309437/
  12. My first car was a Strada. A777 FSO. Many happy memories of it.
  13. Ooooh - excellent buy! Wishing you uneventful travels home.
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