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  1. I'd be doubly screwed then if I did that. Likely to cost way more than that in repairs....sigh. Cheers though!
  2. I'm afraid that I need something tidy and presentable for work. Were it not for that, I'd probably just do that. Not saying I wont just get a wing and door of a matching car and sort out the rest. Only probs then is that the car will be worthless being a write off. Will see how it all plays out. Cheers for your help though!
  3. Thanks for that Stanky. I have no intention of being arsey with the insurance company (ie claiming for an expensive courtesy car - still have the old Mondeo I can use) in the hope that they'll treat me fairly when the time comes. My suspicion is that it'll be an uneconomic repair so hope that I'll be given enough pennies to replace it.
  4. Just wondered what you good chaps/chapesses' opinion would be on this. Do you think it'll be written off as an uneconomical repair? Car which I bought 4 weeks ago got twatted whilst parked by a bin lorry on Monday. 07 plate XC90 with 160002 miles on it. Worst damage is as seen in pics, but not a panel on the drivers side that doesn't need attention and paint. Front wheel got hit too so am concerned that damage may be done there too. Naturally I'l less than amused by the whole thing! Ta muchly in advance
  5. I so used to want one of these years ago....that one is looking extremely sad.
  6. That's looking very tidy! Worth all your hard work
  7. Your doing a great job there -well done!
  8. I really want to see this car fixed and it's been very interesting reading the updates. Fair play to you Tepper!
  9. This one is 12 years old and an almost 17 year old design. so hardly even modernish...lol. Go on, you know you want to.....mind you, all ovloV's end up in Scotchland don't you know!
  10. Tayne and I headed very south of this parish of Aberdeen on a mission to find me an XC90. We found ourselves south of some huge metropolis called 'Glaisgae'.....never heard of the the place before, even with it being so big? Furst car was rather good - but needed brakes all round not just the rears as suspected from yon MOT thingy. Also we weren't 100% sure that the autobox of tricks was changing properly. Said our goodbyes to the vendor with a promise* that we'd be back. Headed back to yon 'Glasigae' place and test drove two others. One three years older and £1k more. Yuk!. Eventually found a car buying emporium* that turned out to be a tower block in a very salubrious area of said metropolis and test drove an even more yuk and dodgy one. Gearboxes all the same (apart from the dealer one which was very sluggish) so headed back down the way and a surprise' raid on the first vendor. Deal struck at exactly what I wanted to pay for it and it's now back in our own shire. Two owners from you new...current owners 5 years and fsh. Wifes car, she's bought a 4wd Mini. He has a very recent C Class Estate ans a Disco 4. SE spec, 07 plate, 159k, ticket until next Jan. FSH with a decent wad of receipts. Metallic grey with full cream leather. No smoking on start up or under load whatsoever. Needs some paint to the rear passenger door. (Knew about this before we headed down..not a biggy). Also rear arch ....but that turns out to be a screw on plastic part so will source from a breakers in same colour. Headlights need a damn good polish (these all do) and a few stonechips that I want to see too and deal with. Car presents very well. Brakes...grim, so will get that done. Due a service and will get the box serviced too. These things seem to eat bushes so will start a program of replacing them. Not a bad old drive at all. Supremely comfortable and pulls like a train. My biggest issue driving it home was keeping it at legal speeds until I worked out the cruise control for the last 50 odd miles. Only have these two pics from the original advert. Will take more over the next few days.
  11. Sterling work sir - I've been following this thread with interest. Oh - and I'll have a random please!
  12. That's a bugger Saabnut...next time man, next time!
  13. Well bought sir! The dark beast does look rather tasty! That must be about the highest spec around at the time.
  14. A conversation with a car seller on FB in the past hour. Not what I was looking for but a rather tasty looking 105k mile Jag XF with fsh came up for sale. Decided*I could make it work for me so messaged the seller. I asked the seller how long he'd owned it and where it had been serviced. Reply. 'Like two months ago in a garage in Aberdeen, not sure what its called'. 'Drives fine had it 6 months'. I replied with many thanks but I'm out. Reply, 'Well you go have a good day cos I'm sure I serviced it. What a fecking halfwit....I pity the fool that buys that. Pics taken in a nice area of Aberdeen.....I bet the car isn't for sale there Edit.....turns out the seller resides in Latvia, must have been a quick weekend trip to Aberdeen.
  15. The 'thing' is...I just have no real desire for the Outback, sadly. They just don't do it for me. A bit like the A4 Allroad,... a tad jacked up but no real clearance, The A6 on lift will go clear of serious stuff. My mate and I took the tape measure out last year and measured his Freelander 2 against my A6 on lift...there were a few mm's in it in the Allroads favour. Had a cracking XT Estate decades ago so nowt actually against Subaru. I'll just wash my mouth out with soap now and say that I much prefer the current shape of Outback to the noughties one Still fancy the XC90 mind but having a discussion with the owner of a same age Allroad as mine with less than half the miles His is pov spec and I'm trying to mentally work out how to transplant all my high spec goodies into that one should I take the plunge. Mind fried.....lol.
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