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  1. Just before you think I'm defending the owners...I'm not! It's classic behaviour of many dog owners who don't research the breed traits prior to purchase, then act all surprised when their dog actually displays those traits. Shih Tzu''s, Lhassa's etc are all Temple Dog breeds, therefore it;s in their DNA to bark and scream. They were deigned as an 'early warning system'. Yet we still have owners (and their long suffering neighbours), surprised by this outcome. Fuckwittery exists everywhere!! Just stick to the routine of waking your neighbours up every time thei
  2. Different legal system up here in Scotland. You can be done for stealing a dog but not a cat. Madness I know!! Hope you get your problem sorted out and you get your cat back.
  3. I went through similar back in 2012. I has a lovely big ginger tom who was bottle fed as a kitten, arrived here and was instantly 'adopted' by my then terrier. She thought he was a pup and used to carry him about and clean him. They were really close and my cat thought he was a dog. Really lovely, cat. Easy going and very affectionate. I knew he used to visit an old dear in the next street with a coal fire, she loved his company for a few hours but never fed him. Roll up the mental case one street down who took a liking to him. She basically stole him...although legall
  4. Of interest to anyone https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/920825818369787/
  5. Sorry folks , no pics available on my laptop. My biggest regret is my Pug 205 Gti, 1.6. No choice in that one, it got written off after being T boned by some fuck wit. Those that I sold that I regret, my E plate Nissan Sylvia Turbo...loved that car. And for sheer cheap fun my Citroen AX Gt greenline. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  6. It's less than 5 mins in,,,,but just re watching A fish Called Wanda......the ultimate AS wagon has already featured, a beige bASe spec Metro, lol. Nice stack headlight Merc in the background too. Right chaps/chapesses, I'm heading back to the movie...over and out!? Edited to add. Sorry for getting exited at watching 80's chod and sharing the opportunity with others. I forgot my place on this forum and must go back to being a non car troll as instructed by one serial poster on here.
  7. Majorly grumpy today. Slipped in the shower this morning and went down with a bloody awful clatter. No major injuries (was lucky not to break an arm ) but bruised and aching. Worst part is that I took out two of the 600 x 400 tiles that are no longer available and new bathroom not even 5 years old. Och, yet another expense to deal with when/if I ever get back to work. Lovely day here so enjoyed my daily allotted walk with the dogs that cheered me up. However, that bubble was burst as I went to Lidl to do my shop on the way home. Was standing on the 2m line
  8. What a lovely car Six Cylinder!! Ach, why not,! Number 47 please. Was going for 7 but someone beat me too it! Thanks for introducing a lovely but of fun in trying times!
  9. Good luck with that sale!! It's an only slightly modded Saab 9-3 estate. Take 4k off that price and you might be getting there.
  10. Never met the man, however my heart felt sympathies to Reb on the loss of his father in tragic circumstances. I lost my old man couple of months ago...it's never easy. Stay strong Reb!
  11. Had a C70 T5 in Kingfisher Blue back in the day! Loved it, Great to drive, never gave me much bother- comfiest seats ever and finished in cream half leather/half alcantara! Sadly it got nicked by a bunch of dodgy Polish guys....but that's 12 years ago now.
  12. I currently drive an 07 one.....they're still not smoll, trust me! I'm actually going to watch this one, older than mine but lower miles and manual. My geartronic box is 'flairing' worst outcome a new valve body, but I suspect it needs complete replacement of engine mounts and some more turbo hoses. I've chucked £1500 at mine in the last two months and I'm getting sick of it's neediness! Other than that I 'kind' of like mine - of that make's any sense? When behaving it's a comfy, secure place to be!
  13. £900 for a clutch on the manual.
  14. A mate had a Granada estate in the same colour. Never seen this colour since!
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