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  1. Oh and today I've just done 200 miles up and down the M1 to that there London and I can confirm that UK motorways are still crap. Plenty of people undertaking all the doofers in Lane 3 that won't move over at 65/70mph. Don't get me started on smart motorways and those bloody gantry speed signs that change from 50 to 60 to 40 to 70 to 50 to 40 to 60 to 40 to 70...............................every 100m.
  2. Orlando and then down around around Tampa to Sarasota. Roads were always pretty busy and normally 3/4/5 lanes wide. Even the shitty lesser city roads have two lanes as a minimum. About 900 miles covered in a big, cluck off Chevy Tahoe Nice V8 grumble
  3. I've just come back from a holiday in the USA. Two weeks of driving on their roads and I can say that we really need to be able to pass/overtake on any lane like they do. Also turning right (or left in our case) on red traffic lights when it is clear would also help things along. They also pull over onto the edge of the road when an emergency vehicle is coming (in either direction). Everything was much more relaxed and no one needs to drive up people's arses. You get the odd lane weaver, but nothing as bad as over here (that I saw). Never had to pay for car parking either.
  4. Went over yesterday and - at the moment - she's ok with it. My brother in law and sister went over on Sunday and basically repeated my story that it was not illegal, it's not causing her any problem and other than buying a shiter ourselves and sticking it there, there's not much she can do. That seems to have sunk in and she's ignoring it now. I've now doubt that in a couple of months, we'll be back at the start again........
  5. Thanks for the thoughts. Garage has a family members trailer tent it in. Drive is used by the family as needed. All of the houses on the street have drives and to be fair most of the street is fairly empty. It's nothing pretty to look at and my mum doesn't have a fantastic view. She just doesn't like this fella parking outside her house. She hasn't got a lot to think about, so this really becomes a major obsession. It got so bad last time, she wanted to move house. For her peace of mind, I'd rather just buy a shit box and drop it outside. I could go and chew this guys ear off, but if its not his van, it going to be someone else's car there. I had as good screw around money supermarket last night and chucked a load of cars in. Citroen C1 was coming up the cheapest, followed by a nissan pixo.
  6. Coventry. Not a bad area, postcode CV4. I hate insurance companies, why does TPFT, cost more than comprehensive and why is third party only, the most fucking expensive? Tossers. 1.2 corsa coming in at £240 insurance.
  7. Seeking advice from the experts on here. I have an issue that requires help: My mum (getting on for 85) lives alone in a 3 bed semi and has lived there for the last 40-50 years. Doesn't want to move and to be fair doesn't really need to at the moment. Her house has a garage and drive. However, some twat in the street keeps parking a van outside her house. She doesn't have a car and cannot drive. The family haven't got an issue with the van guy, but you know what old un's are like, she sits in the armchair all day and stares at this van (when its there). It gets her upset and wound up and generally depresses her. She's already given the fella a bollocking and that worked for a few months, but now he's back. Obviously I could repeat the bollocking along the lines of you cannot park that legal, roadworthy van in a legal parking space outside my mums house......and make myself look a twat as well. Anyway, I guess if its not his van there, it will be someone else's car. Hence, I've said fuck it, I'll buy a banger, tax and insure it and drop it outside my mums house so that she does not have to worry about it. Seems a bit extreme I know, but if it keeps my mum happy, then its worth it for less hassle. So, what's the cheapest car to buy with 12months MOT and £30 or less tax. Will have to go with zero no claims, as my other no claims are already on my other cars. Car will sit there full time and not move, other than to the MOT station and back. Just looked at a £600 alto. Insurance on that was £250
  8. I'm an old school fart, and not of the lowered pineapple class . I wants to keep it, but practical head says it needs to go. I'll fix it first and then drive it and then fall back in love with it and keep it.
  9. Not sure if the spots have to be working and on the road, but found this in someones back garden the other day. Early Vauxhall Frontera. Been there for over ten years and now part of the garden. Fella is refurbing the house, so no doubt it will be down the scrappers shortly. The bits that were visible looked a bit past it to say the least. Could still have some useful parts on it if anyone is desperate. Located in Coventry
  10. And you might as well have the rest of the family: 1303 bought as a bare shell. Now got most bits to put it back together again. Bug getting towed from old house to new one.
  11. Still deciding what to do with it. I restored it in 2006 and ran it for 30k. I then seized the engine and it sat in my garage for nine years whilst I peed around sorting houses out and moving house. Recently got it going again as I had to sell the house it was stored at. Promptly rewarded me by shitting out its gearbox and losing reverse gear. It has sat on my front drive for six months or so learning who's the boss. Got to decide whether to flog it (with the gearbox fixed), or keep it. Trouble is I have three other knackered dubs to sort out as well (and little spare time to do it).
  12. Just Practical Classics to read at dinner time. Used to do a few classic VW mags, but they ended up very samey with cheque book restos in them. You could also read the content in about 30 minutes. Much prefer surfing forums to be honest, although most of them have gone downhill (not this fine establishment I hasten to add )
  13. Caught this one on you tube the other day, brought back some childhood memories:
  14. Long time lurker here. I've been reading the forum for quite a while and it's now one of my top places to visit when bored at work (which is a fair bit!). I love the mix of threads on here. For myself, I'm a bit of a VW pineapple head. I've been busy with my business and DIY house crap for the last few years, but looking forward to getting back on my cars this year. Currently have to sort out: A vw LT28 westfalia camper van, a VW variant and two beetles. Not sure how much love you lot have for the beetles on this site, but I've got to do the camper van first and I know you like them. Will start up a thread at some point on it.
  15. Had numerous long serving clarke trolley jacks. You used to be able to get repair kits for them as well, so that if they do start leaking, you can replace the 'O' rings or similar, instead of replacing the whole thing. Any chance you could repair the old one?
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