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  1. He's a cnut but January is actual a good month for used sales.
  2. Seen outside Ellastone Old Hall, Peak District
  3. Two (the number 2 not two tix) please.
  4. Words to the above (sorry but thought they were appropriate): When my grandparents, and my Aunt Florence moved to Pelsall, I was offered the Austin provided I would take my grandmother out for a drive on occasions. How could I refuse?. No heaters or de misters, in cars of that era, so travel rugs and extra strong mints, made winter motoring more enjoyable. A small paraffin sump heater kept the windows frost-free while we were in the pub. Petrol was available in a selection of octane ratings, and one could purchase 4 gallon(18 litres) of 4 star and get change for £1.00. MOT testing or the 10 year test as it was then called, only covered Brakes, Lights & Steering, for vehicles over 10 years old. Two large headlamps gave adequate vision, with the offside light switching off in the dipped position, whilst the near side light was mechanically dipped by means of a solenoid, which pivoted the reflector inside the lamp casing. In the event of a following vehicle dazzling the driver, a roller blind could be deployed to cover the rear window, by means of a cord manually actuated by the driver’s door. I fitted a set of flashing indicators as an improvement to the standard semaphore system. In 1963, the Austin 10 developed major engine problems and was sold for spares.
  5. I could only dream of anything over 35 to the gallon in my 220 CDI.
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