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  1. I guess its got to have some kind of benefit....i'm struggling to see many lol!
  2. I had to pull the update last night so here goes again! Took alot of time this week with work and family so time was limited, I did however make great progress. Managed to refit manifold with new studs, exhaust and alternator. I had a quick fiddle with the wiring which of course highlighted more issues....another parts order goes in but it really does feel like we might make it!
  3. I have litterally just sent that to @Tommyboy12
  4. I've noticed this on both 1100 I've owned and many others, but why is the offside right headlight slightly lower on the wing than the left? The offside has a small lip at the top while the nearside is flush against the top. Was the initial pressings buggered up? shit pattern parts the top wing profile is wrong
  5. @SiC within the last few years, sold it for 3k. regretted it ever since....hence chasing a replacement. Its a none standard colour the interior gad been redone by Brownstrimming and it was stunning! Apparently the owner didnt like it for some reason so started breaking it.
  6. Ive bought pretty much all of my cars blind. I bought a Morris 1100 estate from the south coast without seeing any pictures for £750 delivered and this turned up! The right way round of course! It arrived without an engine as the owner had started to break it.
  7. Looking Good Tom!!!! Mines had a clean..... Think mines looking less like its been in a river....
  8. I took the rad off today, wasn't too hard in the end i just ground the nuts off under the front wheel and removed it complete with the frame! I think this needs replacing!!
  9. Some exciting Robin news....i have undone the last bolt, there is nothing left broken fitted to the car. Now its just a case of rewinding the clock and putting everything back onn!
  10. obviously its plastic so zero welding required 🙄🙄🙄🙄 ok maybe just a tickle on the front chassis.... i think ive about finished removing bits so its time to start putting them back on again.....
  11. Only slightly at least I've not got to do a head gasket! We gave it a run over with the wire wheel and it does look pretty good underneath
  12. Final unit update and a walk around as many cars as i can. Finally get to introduce my MG Metro.
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