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  1. I thought he referred to all of it....ie attempting to go from lands end! I will certainly do John'o
  2. How rude to imply the Montego is anything but brilliant and the mere suggestion its scrap hurts deep. Plus its got unfinished business...
  3. Ax continues to run well, the cv joints are not happy. It's just clocked 100k on the trip and miles wish we will be around 2350 by the time I get home. Ready for a long earned brake and actually see my long neglected wife. Massive thanks to Tom on joining me on this insane journey. Great way to see in my 35th birthday on Sun with drinks in Edinburgh. Stay peeled for part 2 and its also time to give the ax some love. It's no broken but certainly groaning with aging pains. The main take away is clearly, by French its more reliable....
  4. Love it! Should have joined it.
  5. All isn't well in the AX world, due to the extra weight we are now massively down on power, we already know the cooling isn't the best and it tends to throw steam clouds about. I've also been hiding a seriously noisy CV joint since before i left because i didn't want to worry people. So who knows how this story will end..... we are currently staying an hour and a half from John'o. If the AX does make it, it will roll over 100k on the way home.
  6. I'm not support car in fact Tom will conform top gear rules apply .
  7. I'm Nottingham and heading south next week.
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