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  1. So the ford revolution is strong here....a new (old) Puma joins the Ford stable...
  2. Over the weekend Tom and I managed to do the long awaited road trip around the dales. I will pull together a brief video explaining the story and a few short clips i took from the trip. Sadly last night both cars have gone off to new homes so its onto the next chapter!!
  3. id have given it a wipe and popped it back lol
  4. @Tommyboy12 - looking good and great work!! Massive thank you, cant wait to finally drive a Robin
  5. Thats just sad! Hopefully it's off to a good home. Good luck finding a mini at a sane price. I own one and that feels expensive!
  6. Massive thanks to @Tommyboy12 for this! its nice to keep them together even if its only for a few weeks. Looking forward to a Robin adventure!!!
  7. No updates in a while as if I'm honest its been a pretty stressful time. Topped off we have been served notice on my unit. It took years to find a dream unit so I'm forced to put a number of cars and alot of parts up for sale. I guess its end of an era!! Took engine out the red f ready to go onto the green 1.
  8. Sadly this week the unthinkable happened. We have been served notice on our units. Having to clear out a fair few cars and parts...including this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1993-Reliant-Robin-/324520155297?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  9. should have just rolled it on its side.
  10. I guess its got to have some kind of benefit....i'm struggling to see many lol!
  11. I had to pull the update last night so here goes again! Took alot of time this week with work and family so time was limited, I did however make great progress. Managed to refit manifold with new studs, exhaust and alternator. I had a quick fiddle with the wiring which of course highlighted more issues....another parts order goes in but it really does feel like we might make it!
  12. I have litterally just sent that to @Tommyboy12
  13. I've noticed this on both 1100 I've owned and many others, but why is the offside right headlight slightly lower on the wing than the left? The offside has a small lip at the top while the nearside is flush against the top. Was the initial pressings buggered up? shit pattern parts the top wing profile is wrong
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