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  1. my answer is all of the above, i store cars literally anywhere, technically i have a drive space for one car but we currently have 7 at home.
  2. its quite hard to juggle alot of cars and give them all breathing space, i just seem to constantly be attracted to buying more chod.
  3. ....but that means i need to count them, i normally say 18, because thats the number i tell myself is 'normal'. i currently have the following: 2017 - GOLF GTE - PHEV 2007 FORD MONDEO 2006 - FORD Ka 1999 - MONDEO ST 200 - Estate 1999 MONDEO LX - Estate 1983 MG METRO 1966 WOLSELEY 1100 1966 AUSTIN 1100 1968 - VANDEN 1300 1966 AUSTIN 1100 ESTATE 1962 MG 1100 1970 MG 1300 TWO DOOR X2 1970 MORRIS MINI 1000 1977 - MINI CLUBMAN MAGENTA KIT CAR X3 1971 AUSTIN 1100 TWO DOOR 1999 MGF I HAVE P
  4. First part of the painting video is due out tonight. Quite looking forward to putting this one back together i have parts to cars scattered everywhere, my plan is to have 4 cars painted and being put back together all at once. Still got a staggering amount of work to do, but we will get there!!! I need to move my channel on a bit does anyone have any advice??
  5. Nice to see Autumn arriving this morning, its the start of me not being able to do much outside, caught me out of the blue this year so literally nothing is ready! Spent a large chunk of this year in the unit neglecting the homested, i suspect over the next few weekends that will be my focus. Still i got some paint on the magenta which was nice.....paint videos coming but here is a sneaky pic. Stiull got tons of cars to paint but with the weather leaving us i can't imagine ill get them all done now Was hoping to get them painted so i can do winter builds when the weather drops
  6. This weekend should be paint weekend, its nice to finally get paint on one of my projects even if its just the anti reaction coat as i am painting a fibreglass tub that's been over painted many many times!
  7. Made a custom exhaust for my magenta kit car. Came out better than i thought. Its basically a standard Mini LCB link pipe cut into pieces and welded back together. The extra kink is to avoid the towbar.
  8. the rubber hoses are no longer available. The first rack wasnt replaced due to failure, just a replacement was cheap and i had the old on in my hand. Ive flushed the system as best i can but i couldnt see aint shiet in the oil. If it fails again ill just bloody kill it.
  9. Just finished my Welsh tour videos, if anyone is interested:
  10. AHHH FFS! When i loaded from my phone they went on upside down.
  11. I've been informed there are 16 st200 estates left so oll make it a nice round 15 shortly. Spent the day building more storage, seems as fast as I build it I fill it!!! I also moved my compressor into the unit at last.
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