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  1. Right! Gonna make this one, I promise!
  2. Obviously before A2 motors was subject to a hostile takeover by Phil Mitchell. Shareholders were won over by the Mitchell brothers superior signwriting skills.
  3. Not far from me. I just never know what to do or talk about at car shows! Still, might turn up incase there arent enough miserable old anti social gits to represent Scottish society!
  4. Not a fan of the boat anchor engine! Would love one with a different engine but too old/lazy/dont have the space to do anything with it.
  5. Cars I would love to own but cant afford... Any Mitsy EVO Mitsy Legnum VR4 Anything with the word 'Skyline' in the name Impreza P1 Toyota AE86 and similar Jensen Interceptor Cars I would love to own but my knowledge as a mechanic stops me buying... Any rotary Mazda Just about any Alfa Romeo Honda NSX (kinda fits into both categories!) Reliant Scimitar Any Marcos Any TVR Any Lotus
  6. Is this guys skip full? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284082070594?fits=Car+Make%3ASubaru&hash=item42249c6442:g:oYkAAOSwLYBfsXh8 Wholly shittin fuck!
  7. A customer today asked us to turn off his lane assist on his 2021 Isuzu Dmax. You can hold the button in to switch it off but you have to do it every time you start it. We used to plug the computer in and turn it off permanantly if the customer wanted. Found out today we can no longer do that! To turn it off now we have to email the VIN and serial number off our Isuzu computer to Isuzu who (within 3 hours) email us a file to upload to the ECU, then perform an update (another 20 mins). What a fuck about! Customer had completed sudoku in the paper and eaten all the good biscuits before we were done! Next time we will tell them to turn it off with the button each time and chuck them some free air fresheners. Mitsy L200, take out the fuse! LOL!
  8. I cannot believe no one has mentioned electric handbrakes yet! Y'know how most people used to be content with a steel rope connected to a big visible lever between the seats? You could even look in a strangers car and see whether the handbrake was on! But now, for our convenience you have a button! A button (which can go wrong/fill up with coffee etc.) connected by flimsy wires to a control unit (which can collect moisture/be blown up by dodgy mechanics) connected (by more wires) to some crappy motors (in plastic, moisture collecting casings) bolted to the calipers the steel wire used to go to. Some cars have ones that release automatically, some dont. Some work independantly of the ignition, some dont. Some have push buttons, some have pull switches. Compared to a handbrake, that works the same on most cars! Hell mend you if you dont use the correct procedure when changing the brake pads! ARGH! My impreza is a bit more analogue with a handbrake and some steel cables. It does, however have this annoying button.... next to the clock, marked 'BRIGHT'. All it does is dim the clock! Thats it! Why?!
  9. By the look of this picture, rarity seems to be this guys speciality. You know that saying about rocking horse shit? Looks like he can help with that too! LOL!
  10. One for east of Scotland shiters here, I recently visited SCB salvage in Newbridge outside Edinburgh. I have been a visitor off an on since it was called sports car breakers! It was never the cheapest or friendliest but its size and choice were always enough to waste a bit of time. Anyway, now its changed into some sort of Argos type affair! 'Im after a few bits off the old impreza on your website' I stated to the oaf at the counter. 'What do you need?' He asked. I didnt 'need' anything, I wanted a few trim parts, anything that looked shinier than on my car, a handfull of free relays and fuses, perhaps some toolbox trophies and something to pass the time. 'Its all digital now mate, no civilians in the yard. If its on the website you are better to order thru it so it gets delivered' he added! Are my local scrapyards dead? Only other ones I know of are upullit who seem to think up new rules as I walk up the car park or the peugeot breakers up the road which is full of peugeots!
  11. "please contact seller if you are interested in making an offer for both"!
  12. In need of love? Does the average petrolhead produce that much love in a lifetime? I heard you get the equivalent of a bucketful. I dont think emptying that over it is going to fix anything!
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