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  1. This is not a series of videos that'll encourage anyone to buy an E65.
  2. there was a youtuber a few years back who had BMW finance cancel his finance agreement on his M3, which he'd heavily modified (water injection etc), filmed and put on youtube!
  3. There's two types of people driving older cars The ones that are doing so because they are on the bones of their arse, would prefer something newer but can't afford it. They also generally can't really afford to look after it. These will break down a lot, due to a combination of neglect and age of components The ones that are doing so because they like it. These are usually well maintained using the hundreds a month that might otherwise go on a lease and *should* not break down any more often than something much newer
  4. They're one of the best cars for DIY how tos on the internet - the fifties kid on YouTube has practically rebuilt one on axle stands in a single garage.
  5. the M sport seats have bigger bolsters and an adjustable thigh pad. The "standard" seats are very flat by comparison. M3 seats are nicer but a used pair will cost more than you paid for this car. if you're replacing that mirror, note that coupe/convertible mirrors are different to saloon/touring ones and the electrics vary depending on what options you have looking at the switch and the seats, i *think* it'll be 9-wire which is the option for cars with electric memory seats but no power-folding mirrors.
  6. Pop the idle control valve off and wazz some carb cleaner at it. Makes a heck of a difference on these. Also mine kept cutting out around idle when a tear in one of the intake boots got big. Not expensive but the lower one is a bit faffy
  7. I've got a six foot length of scaffolding pole called Isaac.
  8. There's a bloke near me in what's easily a million pounds of house these days with at least 3-4 broken 405s on the drive and one working one on the street. I'm sure the neighbours love him.
  9. Bonus Granada in this local rag article about parking... Bristol woman describes parking nightmare as 'every single car' on street given a ticket - Bristol Live (bristolpost.co.uk)
  10. For the tape residue, get some Zep sticky stuff remover. Screwfix have it and it's magic.
  11. It's one of those things that's fun if you're not dependent on the car to get to work tomorrow.
  12. If it's anything like the E46 lock then a rebuild kit for the barrel is quite cheap.
  13. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202112130479394
  14. Volvo 440. £100. 18 months it served me and by the end it'd leak 3 litres of water on my 10 mile commute. Gave it away to someone who was 'going to fix it' but left it on the road untaxed and it got lifted.
  15. Once getting parts becomes hard work finding someone who has one, rather than hard work finding the best brand for a decent price, it's time to retire it to high days and holidays use.
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