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  1. Volvo 440. £100. 18 months it served me and by the end it'd leak 3 litres of water on my 10 mile commute. Gave it away to someone who was 'going to fix it' but left it on the road untaxed and it got lifted.
  2. Once getting parts becomes hard work finding someone who has one, rather than hard work finding the best brand for a decent price, it's time to retire it to high days and holidays use.
  3. Because I'm weird and obsessive I went off reading about this, found a Capri forum where someone had the engine in a Capri and he had his pump rebuilt by this lot http://www.spwaterpumps.co.uk/index.asp £170 last year.... On topic, mine is an E39 BMW M5. I can afford one but my brain is in a place where if I buy one it'll shit it's engine and I'll get made redundant just as a recession starts and I'll need that money.
  4. Does the collective know about the daily driver delorean that lives in Bristol?
  5. there's a few of these a mile or two to the north of Bristol where signs for the old Aust ferry (which crossed the Bristol channel before Severn bridges were a thing, and is famous for Bob Dylan photos) have been expertly* modified because the ferry isn't there any more, and hasn't been since 1966....
  6. If Bristol is really using the same rules as Birmingham, that's me happy. My 2002 330i comes up as no charge for Birmingham.....
  7. suspect the days of a not-shagged 4 figure M car are over. I'm jonesing for an E39 M5 at the mo but i missed the boat on those 3 years ago while buying a house
  8. E30 M3 values have been stratospheric for a few years now, collectors only really. now's probably the time to tuck up a nice 6 pot E36 if you have the space, and i think 3.0 E46s have bottomed and are climbing a tiny bit too. i've had a 3.0 E46 for 10 years, they're great cars, quick, comfortable, and reliable (if maintained!). Probably one of the best-documented cars on the internet for DIY too
  9. Once abandoned an untaxed, uninsured mot-less focus I was helping a mate get home right outside the local VOSA offices when all the electricity fell out.
  10. Bridgwater by birth, thankfully left 2 decades ago. Wembdon is full of the people who think they're too good for Bridgwater. But without the motivation to leave entirely. Funny old town Bridgwater. Everyone's goal is seemingly to live in a better bit of Bridgwater than they were born in, and have a shiny golf to get stuck in traffic as they drive 1.2 miles to work every day.
  11. Get him to enter some junior races. The only way you get paid is if you're racing and winning.a couple of good arse-kickings off some of the hard-training juniors out there should help straighten that one out.
  12. I saw a Fiat doblo based pickup this morning. Probably about as close as you'll get now
  13. in the E46 3 Series, the three 6-pot petrols (320i, 325i, 330i) all have basically the same fuel economy figures. So why would you buy either of the two smaller ones?
  14. had one for 8 years. Goes like the clappers and makes a great noise. What's not to like at £16?
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