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    Yoss reacted to J W Pepper in Cars in film/TV that still exist   
    The TR7 and Dolly Sprint survive, and Cowley's Red Granada seems to survive but isn't taxed

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    Yoss reacted to Mr Pastry in Bus Shite   
    I might actually have travelled on that one in my youth, as my school used to hire coaches from the infamous Continental Pioneer of Richmond.   Most of the fleet was RTs but they had a few of those ex BEA in exactly that colour scheme.
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    Yoss reacted to Six-cylinder in Bus Shite   
    This was a surprise, yesterday Mrs6C navigated us the backway to Llandeilo on the single track roads and this was just parked next to the road.

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    Yoss reacted to Dyslexic Viking in Lazy spotters thread   
    Have posted pictures of this one before. This is one of the few cars from the 1970s that are still daily drivers all year round in the area here.  Good to see it is still going.

    And yes I managed to get a finger on the picture sorry.
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    Yoss got a reaction from Dyslexic Viking in Lazy spotters thread   
    Outside work today. 

    Note the curtains, which were also fitted to the front doors, which doesn't seem very practical unless you are actually going to sleep in it. Then I saw another one five minutes later which is a bit odd as there can't be too many about. 
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    Yoss reacted to 500tops in Lazy spotters thread   
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    Yoss got a reaction from Essex V6 in BMC/BMH/BL Readers wives   
    With Felicia being broken the Triumph is now on daily duty. It's even going out in the dark. 

    It hadn't been out since November, though I've started it in the garage a few times. Everything worked, which was nice. 
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    Yoss reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    I received the remapped ECU back from Noobtune today, great considering I only sent it on Monday. So that's a hike from 150 to 220bhp. A no brainer for £100.
    I went straight out for a drive as soon as I had refitted it and the car behaves in much the same way as the manual. Mash the pedal and while it does go quickly, the box just kicks down and the car overall simply makes more noise. But stir the pedal at 1/3 throttle at optimum boost which appears to be between 2.5 and 3.5k and it delivers a real kick in the back. It only changes down 1 gear at this point, making use of torque and boost. The auto seems to really thrive on the extra torque. 
    I had to go home when my petrol started running out!
    Very pleased indeed.

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    Yoss reacted to vulgalour in The new news 24 thread   
    Back in the paint stripper with this one.  Third coat didn't level out properly and reacted all over.  Didn't do this coat any differently to the second coat, same flatting back, same paint, etc. so I can only assume there's something on this panel that the paint doesn't like.  Bit of a bugger.  I've never had this much trouble with brush-on paint before.  Can't afford to replace it all with the premium stuff and I've got so much of this stuff that I'm just going to persist until it behaves.

    I'm going to do a sample on the car to see if I get a different result.  The pink I've already done didn't react, even when thinned with the same thinner.  The one known difference is that I primed this fuel flap with different paint to what's on the car and I suspect it's that which is causing the reactions.  Sometimes with paint you just have to start again.
    I know, I should just spray the car.  Thing is, the neighbours are too close, I have no clean and covered space I can use to paint in, and I haven't got anywhere to keep even a small compressor.  So brush painting it is.  I've never had this much trouble with it before, the only reason I'm persisting is I know I'm capable of getting really good results with a brush and some time.
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    Yoss reacted to puddlethumper in The new news 24 thread   
    Yay! New mot.  A couple of piddly advisories. Another year on the road for the old heap. 
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    Yoss reacted to martc in One (shite) picture per post.   
    Tinsley Viaduct.
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    Yoss reacted to martc in One (shite) picture per post.   
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    Yoss reacted to GR8 PL8 M8 in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    Also sold in Europe as the Opel Speedster:

    Also planned was a Daewoo:

    And a Holden:

    ...but neither made it to production.
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    Yoss got a reaction from Remspoor in eBay tat volume 3.   
    It is, but I think you might struggle to find a right hand drive one. The price is a bit stupid though, €33000, but then I started looking at others and there are a few normal saloons at €15-20k. As nice as they are, the world has still gone mad. I shall have to stick with my 1:87 scale one. 
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    Yoss reacted to PhilA in The grumpy thread   
    Found a $2 can of turtle wax bug remover in the back of the cupboard

    Looks like snow, smells like aniseed

    Removes bugs, wax, top layer of paint
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    Yoss reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Cpt.70s in ANOTHER BREAKDOWN - 18/05/22   
    The Dolly was back but really stripped to bare basics and stuffed full of unsorted parts, consumables and tools as well as 3 years of dirt and grinding/sanding dust.
    I emptied it, sorted all the shit into boxes (Big car parts, small car parts, consumables, tools, nuts and bolts).
    Then ran the thing down to the car vac at Morrisons and hoovered the interior until I broke the hoover...

    @jaypee also swung by to lend a hand and we managed to fit a door handle and hang the driver's door so it'd actually open/close without having to lift it half an inch.
    I also replaced the distributor which was fucked. @Jikovron spotted one on FB Marketplace from a 15,000 mile Reliant Robin and posted it up to me.

    The old dizzy can be identified by the missing vac advance unit.

    It also had various stripped fittings and the mechanism inside was held in place by a self tapping screw...
    With the new one installed I set the timing by ear, although it could do with a bit of tweaking. The book figures are irrelevant with modern fuels. 
    I then set about cleaning and polishing the stainless...

    I also fitted new Tex stainless wiper arms and blades...

    I have a stainless door mirror to go on as well...
    All the lighting contacts were cleaned as well. Resulting in working headlights, tails, brakes, indicators, hazards and reverse lights. One headlight is either always on high or is missing high and is really out of alignment, one sidelight is also dead.
    Anyway, that was all a week or so ago. Tonight I planned to take the car over to @320touring's unit. So headed out to the petrol station, inserted 20l of the finest unleaded and made it about a street and a half before it cut out.

    Managed to coast it onto a dead end street that was pretty quiet. Indeed I got to bask in the shadow of Scotland's tallest listed building...

    A couple of guys passing by stopped for a chat/admire and helped push the car off the double yellows. Quickly realised that it was a fuelling issue preventing it from running.
    Assumed it was likely a blocked line, as we'd had that before and the tank isn't the easiest to clean out. Pulled the pipe off the pump and gave it a suck to be rewarded with a mouth full of petrol. Not that then.
    After a bit of fucking about I deduced that the £12 unbranded electric fuel pump from eBay was making noises but not actually doing anything.
    The mechanical pump was fitted but I couldn't remember if it was a working one as we'd ran three pumps at various points with varying degrees of success. Rigged it up and still got nothing. Highly confusing. Checked the pipe wasn't blocked again by drinking petrol again.
    Then I messaged @GingerNuttz and he pointed out I had the pump plumbed in backwards.

    Reversed the connections, tried again. Fuck all.
    Checked the pipes for kinks, made sure there wasn't any obvious leakage points under the car, drank some more petrol. Gave all the clips another half turn, just in case.
    Gave it another shot and success! Fuel. Car still wouldn't fire, rapidly traced to my having knocked a wire off the coil. With that it started first turn so I went the fuck home.

    The reasoning behind running the Chinesium pump was we'd had issues with the carb overfilling and thought the mechanical pumps were over-pressurising somehow. So the emergency backup pump was rigged up for testing and was still installed when the problem was solved. It seems the actual issue was the needle/seat for the float on the "new" carb wasn't sealing, as now the old carb's float is fitted the problem has ceased and the mechanical pump seems to work fine. Either way the 'leccy unit had a lifespan of about 45 miles, so I'd suggest not relying on literally the cheapest fuel pump money can buy...
    Oh. The Volvo still fills with water and the Acclaim has either shat it's water pump or the engine is cunted. A NOS pump is enroute.
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    Yoss reacted to Austat in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Yoss reacted to Pieman in The grumpy thread   
    Get the whole road to dump a huge pile of bags of rubbish in the middle of the road, then set it on fire.

    Would solve the school traffic problem too.
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    Yoss got a reaction from J W Pepper in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    You can see the Michelotti in that rear arch. 

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    Yoss reacted to 11001010 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Yoss reacted to 11001010 in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    Yoss got a reaction from LT84 in Lazy spotters thread   
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    Yoss got a reaction from crad in BMC/BMH/BL Readers wives   
    Some pictures from my archives. My archives are totally random so it's a case of pulling some albums out and seeing what's in them, so these are in no particular order. 
    My first Landcrab. I'd walked past it many times in a council car park in Shirley. I walked past one day and it had a notice of removal from the council stuck on the windscreen so I left my own note on it expressing an interest. Got a phone call the same day. Went back and agreed a price of £80. I drove it home there and then to park it up in a different council car park. Needed lots of welding but I got a couple of years out of it before the tin worm won. This picture was outside a friends house in Hastings. He had it on loan for a while when fleet numbers were getting out of hand. 

    And this is the car park it ended up in. These were all mine. I didn't always park them like this, I generally spread them out across the estate so as not to draw too much attention to them but it was the middle of the day so most people were at work so I brought them together for a photograph, no other reason. 

    And this wasn't the entire fleet, there are no Triumph 1300s here and I haven't been without at least one 1300 since 1991. 
    Here's the Austin out and about. No idea where it is but it obviously looked photogenic. 

    The 3-Litre belonged to a friend of mine.

    And this is in a quarry somewhere on Portland. The P5 belonged to the same friend who had the Austin 3-Litre. 

    I would say he had more expensive taste than me but none of these cars were more than a few hundred pounds. I think the Austin was £800 but he had that one a quite a long time. The Rover developed gearbox problems and was moved on quite quickly but was nice while it lasted. 
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    Yoss got a reaction from Rustybullethole in Lazy spotters thread   
    So, I've posted pictures of this 900 before as it's where I park my car for work. Although that was with the blue Favorit so here's one with the green Favorit. 

    But this morning there was a second Saab! 

    That's quite special isn't it? I assume it's owned by the same person. Unless one of the neighbours liked the white one so much they decided to buy their own. 
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    Yoss reacted to captain_70s in BMC/BMH/BL Readers wives   
    I was heading out to @320touring's unit, made it as far as the petrol station and then one street along and it conked out. A couple of fellas came by and had an admire and helped me push it off the double yellows.
    The £12 unbranded fuel pump I bought on eBay had inexplicably* ended it's life after about 45 miles worth of work. Replumbed the old mechanical pump which worked fine, but not before drinking a lot of fuel because I thought the line has blocked so gave it a good suck (oooh errr missus etc)
    A Chinese woman who was passing wanted to know everything about the car. Specifically the engine and how it all worked. By the time she went away I'd taught her pretty much everything I knew about the basic operation of an internal combustion engine running a carburettor. 😂
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