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  1. Well goodness me, had a notion that I had looked at these photos fairly recently, opened the first pack of photos to hand (I have thousands going way back) and the first four photos were of my Galaxie, think it was HKT84D, imported new by Lincoln Cars, Ford's import centre for US/Canadian, German and Aussie Fords. Still had their nice metal plaque on the dash. Incidentally the RHD Galaxies had a different dash, think it was from a circa 61/62 Lincoln Continental. I was wrong about the hubcaps, had the two correct ones on the right and different ones on the left. Dual exhaust pipes for four barrel woofling. It didn't have a lot of rust, the bottom of the rear quarters had some grot, think there was some in the front arches but overall it was a solid old thing.
  2. There are pics somewhere in my house but where could they be? Being back in the olden times they will be actual real photos so it would be a case of if I stumble across any by chance. Actually my Galaxie did have four hubcaps but only three were correct. It was quite nice to drive, smooth and quiet. I used to live in a dead end road directly opposite the entrance to a primary school, there were only seven houses and mine was the only one with a garage and drive. On said drive lurked the Galaxie so not difficult to spot but one afternoon a woman parked right across my drive in something like a Fiat Uno. Obviously it was of no importance to her that I may have wished to go out and she gave the Galaxie a sneery sort of look. So I backed it up to about three inches from her door, sat back and waited. Back she came with small child only to discover that she couldn't of course enter her vehicle via the driver's door. It was amusing to watch her have to scrabble across from the passenger side. Had she asked me to move the Galaxie I would have refused as a matter of principle and of course the Galaxie could easily have pushed her Fiat across the road without breaking into a sweat. I really hate people that park across driveways especially when there is a car parked on it.
  3. I am late to this excellent topic which is me all over. Aaaaand I used to own a '66 Galaxie some years ago, in this very colour. Mine was a RHD 4-door sedan, same 390 but 4-barrel so rated at 310hp in Murrican. Also had a hubcap missing, bit of a coincidence! Used to use loads of oil until my mate (who sold it to me) sorted it out. Rear main seal was knackered. After that it was fine, would cruise very nicely at 70-ish. The last time I saw it the engine and trans had been removed to be put into a RHD '63 Galaxie convertible but the rest was complete. It was in a friend's private yard at his home and may still be there.
  4. The DeSoto is nice, think I have two in my stash. Green/white and salmon/black if I recall correctly, I'm too lazy to go upstairs to my model room and check. ?
  5. It's a French Dinky Chrysler Saratoga. The Alfa 2600s (two lurking there) are indeed Politoys, they did some lovely stuff. The Miura is damaged, I bought it as it was cheap.
  6. Some more stuff that I have acquired in past weeks etc. Includes stuff made by those foreign chappies with warped Estafette for comic value. The garage is another addition, I really like old examples like this one.
  7. I have recently been suffering with 'can't be arseditis' and thus have not visited for a while. Nor have I foisted any of my recent-ish purchases upon you. Until now. So out with my old racetrack base from the Corgi Silverstone Gift Set and here are some of them. Corgi Ecurie Ecosse transporter was a wreck apparently so the guy restored it and for fun made the three Jaaaags into team cars. He also did the Commer race support vehicle. Nice guy too, does nice restorations especially of Spot-On stuff and doesn't charge a fortune for them.
  8. I have most of it dotted about bar sadly the outer box that it all came in. It was a Xmas present circa 1965. The vehicles are still in good shape with tatty boxes, buildings are unmade in their boxes and the figures are in a tin I think. I have read that a mint Silverstone Gift Set goes for around 4k now but how was I to know? I was helping a friend on his table at Sandown toyfair a few years ago and another trader said that he just needed the base to make a complete set. I did tell him that I had it but didn't really want to sell it.
  9. For some reason miniature vehicles keep making their way into my home. I believe that they want to live with me, well that's what I tell myself. Thus behold some of my latest acquisitions although not all of them as I like them posh handbuilt ones but I'm not sure of there is a liking for them here? Plus can anyone guess what the veehickles are sitting on? I should probably ban mercrocker and JM from answering that . And don't say a bed and/or shelf! A mix of Corgi, Dinky, Spot-On and a CA camper from a partwork series in that there France. This is of course the famous Corgi Ecurie Ecosse transporter, guy said it was a wreck so he restored it as a Code 3 Vanwall transporter and did three cars to match it. Same guy did these BRMs, he also restores a fair few Spot-Ons and doesn't charge the earth for them. Nice chap too. Some Bedford-ness just for Eddie, I've had these a while. Oh and a Standard lurking on the end. Good morning campers! Campers and some other stuff.
  10. JM is correct, it's a Quiralu. French Dinky did make one as well but it's much smaller, i have one that I repainted many years ago.
  11. I have been meaning to post some pics of my recent-ish acquisitions for a while but lethargy set in and I couldn't be arsed But feeling good today so here they are.
  12. More work has gone into repairing and preparing that Matchbox Fiat 1500 than the one that I banger raced back in the hot summer of 1976. And I still have my Matchbox Fiat, one owner from new and one of my favourite cars to play with way back then. I also picked up a mint one for two quid a couple of years ago.
  13. I do like a Cresta, did have a nice PB back in about 1986, no photos to hand though. So here's a couple of my PC with a slight rake and excellent flame job, sorry for appalling old photo quality. And no I didn't do the customisation, only bought it because it was cheap. Like a tenner cheap. Other 70s customs there for comedy value.
  14. Good. I say that as the shop that you refer to is a pale imitation of the real St Martins Models that was in St Martins Lane where I was a regular customer and then glamourous sales assistant on Saturday for about three years. When my friends closed that shop due mainly to stupid rent and business rates increases the imitation opened up around the corner. I say imitation as the owner copied the name, colour scheme and logo so people thought it was the same business. It was pointed out to him that in fact the older business was still trading as mail order only to which he responded with some vehemence and threats. Hopefully he's lost a packet as he's a complete bellend.
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