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  1. Why sit on a chair when you have the comfort of a Merc CLK to sit in and observe, whilst catching some rays with the roof down ???
  2. I learnt lots of new swear words whilst watching this take place ?
  3. But the car we are delivering isn’t ours... So that means our car count is going up!!
  4. It’s a nicer colour than the little yellow peril he has been making me drive ?
  5. It is NOT too good to break... It will be reformed to carry baked beans very shortly
  6. No indication of it at all until this afternoon...had a couple of issues driving through town and was heading back so njgleeds could diagnose and 1/4mile from garage it went Right in the middle of bonkers school traffic! Hey ho I’m sure ‘Boris’ will live to see another day if njgleeds has anything to do with it, and the Saab will be on the road quicker than planned as until it is he has to get up early to take me to work
  7. I’m back...AutoShite emails had gone into Spam (how dare they!) Official key hand over already taken place, Volvo XC90 returned to Neil’s care (without fuel and with a blown headlight lamp lol...I can hear the Women drivers comments ) PT Cruiser has been washed and the inside polished..we are going to have a few fun months before Neil sets to and converts it to a van
  8. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing this car, you are very welcome to my seat in the truck Will, a bit too far for me in the bone shaker lol
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