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  1. It’s possible that final scene is computer generated. A purchased 3D model would be cheaper than doing it in real life, the fallen tree is 100% CG.
  2. Do you have any of the post 2000 Fiat Pandas?
  3. Yes, there's no looking past the fact that those rank wheels let the whole thing down, aestheically and probably performance/ride as well. It would immediately benefit from some standard VW van steelies. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-TRANSPORTER-T25-T3-SET-OF-4-WHEELS-WITH-TYRES-STEEL-RIMS-14-BREAKING/233335166250?hash=item3653dc152a:g:KYAAAOSw6Olc0YIE
  4. Buy this badge to go with the mug: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG-Car-Badge/303272067595?hash=item469c6c820b:g:PM8AAOSw9hdaRiMT He only wants £32 for a piece of metal from an event that nobody ever remembers or went to (barring a few sad, old, fat men with MG's), with no relevance to anything, and worth absolutely nothing to anyone.
  5. The Astra looks like it should be on a Lookers forecourt!
  6. Clios seemed to get more bloated and hideous for every facelift they got. The 5, Clio mk1 and Clio mk2 pre-facelift are nice lookers.
  7. theshadow buying a car off cavcraft?
  8. SURELY one of the best cars made in the past 40 years or whatever! pistonheads/top gear fans all will agree with me ANY job on these is DIY, they’re so easy to work on and you can drive to work and back without oil or coolant (source my dad, cavalier 1.6GLS, 2006)
  9. Sausage5000

    Car features

    Agree with the simplicity thing, my current car is as simple as they come and it's great, but I miss things like cruise control, parking sensors, rain sensors, auto lights, satnav touch screen etc etc The radar thing and lane assistance is just un-neccessary, as is an internet browser in the dashboard, and that Sprinter steering wheel scares me.
  10. The brake switch on these is a simple two pin on off type. It’s nothing special, unless they made them more complex on later models. the battery problem came on mine and it caused loads of problems like cruise control, ABS and not changing gear. It’s not a dead battery thing, it’s just not 100% and the cars electronics don’t seem to handle it well.
  11. https://totalcarcheck.co.uk/FreeCheck?regno=L722CPD
  12. My old escort Rs Turbo had gearbox in sump when I changed to first instead of fifth at 100mph on the m62, as well as some other engine parts.
  13. That gearknob is OEM MSport, it's missing the plastic thing obviously. Car looks great, I love those weird looking 5 series.
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