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  1. I bought five boxes anyway. Forgot to put the code in as well (or it didn't work for me). 😫
  2. I bought a box last month, they tear without any provocation, but on the box it says for food preparation, etc. I would probably pay £1.99 for them, but constantly changing them and going through 10 pairs on really light jobs gets tiring (and is a waste). Honestly, they're really crap.
  3. BTW iPhone will not read Bluetooth OBD things, only WiFi.
  4. No. It was originally called ‘Kiss From a Seat Arose’. And the kiss involved was at 35mph, to Seal’s face.
  5. Fuel flap is always on the opposite side of the exhaust pipe, for safety reasons. LHD/RHD country of manufacture cars always used to dictate side of fuel flap also (ie always on the drivers side)
  6. Looks like a modern day washing machine, or kitchen appliance. It will look even blander once it’s released with a blobbier crumple zones, US spec headlights and 5 foot high pedestrian friendly front end, and sat under grey February skies in a fifteen mile gridlocked m6 with 18 stone middle management Marcus at the wheel.
  7. Never ever had a problem with an oil filter! I bet that cardboard does an ok job at filtering, these things can only be tested in a lab. That rust isn’t good but I doubt it’ll do that much damage. It must’ve been stored incorrectly, and nothing to do with manufacturing surely? I only ever buy from the dealer, they’re about £8.
  8. It’s possible that final scene is computer generated. A purchased 3D model would be cheaper than doing it in real life, the fallen tree is 100% CG.
  9. Sausage5000


    Do you have any of the post 2000 Fiat Pandas?
  10. Yes, there's no looking past the fact that those rank wheels let the whole thing down, aestheically and probably performance/ride as well. It would immediately benefit from some standard VW van steelies. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-TRANSPORTER-T25-T3-SET-OF-4-WHEELS-WITH-TYRES-STEEL-RIMS-14-BREAKING/233335166250?hash=item3653dc152a:g:KYAAAOSw6Olc0YIE
  11. Buy this badge to go with the mug: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG-Car-Badge/303272067595?hash=item469c6c820b:g:PM8AAOSw9hdaRiMT He only wants £32 for a piece of metal from an event that nobody ever remembers or went to (barring a few sad, old, fat men with MG's), with no relevance to anything, and worth absolutely nothing to anyone.
  12. The Astra looks like it should be on a Lookers forecourt!
  13. Clios seemed to get more bloated and hideous for every facelift they got. The 5, Clio mk1 and Clio mk2 pre-facelift are nice lookers.
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