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  1. These are all worth £6,000,000 now because one definitely wasn't bought to game the system at the FoTU.
  2. I know the market is in a mess, but the absolute shit people expect to get a grand for now is offensive.
  3. why is it making the belm face at me
  4. The title of this tome still reads like TOTP for worthy French shite, 11/10, long may it continue
  5. Cheers FOTU, yeah, price gouge the last category of cars hard-up people stood a remote chance of affording.
  7. FWIW electronic doors in shops and lifts often close in front of me, but that's probably because I'm a loud belming fat cunt and the fuckers close up out of sheer disdain.
  8. Gotta admit, this reads like the first draft of that Billy Joel song. Also, they're the cunts and I'm sorry, that's well shit. I don't suppose there's a way of verifying it via the customer service phone line or by email to take manual submissions? There must be a way of doing it in case the verification process fails? TL;DR Otherwise you're slenderman AICMFP (then get stabbed).
  9. I like how the interior shot has been artfully cropped to hide the 20p coin not wedged in the handbrake.
  11. KGF Ah ha a Ah ha a ah ha a [beem boom, boom beem] KGF's gonna cost ya [ancients of sale room] [ancients of sale room]
  12. Yeah, I can get it. If I can't get it to Shitefest then Stafford is doable when I go back up north, provided you're not desperate for it as I don't know when exactly I'll be up north.
  13. yoeth, Are we still doing the fucking calendars? Here's a shot for it.
  14. 2014 Seat Leon TDI 105 It is car. Summary: see above
  15. got fuck all interesting on the road your mum, life, your mum
  16. If you want that maft canned, get some XCP rust blocker in aerosol. Why the fuck it reeks of 90s Rovers I know not, but it's good.
  17. With a gearbox that manages to be precise and vague at the same time. It slots into the gate precisely but the throws are longer than the time between Preston Guilds.
  18. 1969 the horse you rode in on Summary: your mum
  19. 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Drove like a P4 with 300 bhp too much. A DB4 is prettier and a DB6 is actually usable. What's this got other than sparklers on fucking track days? Summary: fuck James Bond.
  20. 2011? Mercedes A-Class An utter piece of shit. Rental car; I was 'upgraded'. Staff acted like the MD of the firm was lending me his 21 year old daughter for the day. Summary: hatchback for wankers.
  21. 199? Saab 9000 Turbo effort Engine strong, shell jelly. Fixtures shit. Terrible off motorways. Summary: incel supercar.
  22. *looks for J reg Proton on E39 wheels* *finds 20p in handbrake* *realises BMW wheels have been hammered over smaller Proton wheels* *has whipround for new tyres after car park straightener*
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