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    davocano reacted to WillCarter in 2006 Mazda 2 - Scrapyard Save   
    So, here's a car that I never thought about owning, but here we are. A few weeks ago I came to the conclusion that continuing to fix my Nissan Cube was becoming unfeasible and in turn the unpleasant prospect of having to deal with the general public to both buy and sell reared its ugly head. Not something I enjoy at the best of times, let alone after 18 months of avoiding the great unwashed, but needs must. However, in an unprecedented turn of events this was quickly taken out of my hands when I was told that one friend would be scrapping his perfectly usable car imminently and another friend's missus had taken a shine to the Cube and he would be willing to take it on as a project for her. Two deals were struck and last weekend I found myself on a driveway in my native Northamptonshire looking at a very forlorn looking Mazda 2 that hadn't been washed in two or three years and that before I stepped in had been mere hours away from the scrapheap due to a knackered window regulator (no, really). 
    I transferred £250 and drove away trying not to think of the things that were growing in the centre console or what the stains on the seats were from. The next morning I took it to my Mums house and my Step Father soon had the doorcard whipped off and the old mangled mechanism pulled out. 25 minutes later, a new window mechanism was fitted and the only fault I could find in the whole car fixed, things were looking up. I then proceeded to spend the afternoon cleaning everything inside and out, there was grime upon grime and every surface was sticky and/or mouldy. I'm not a massive stickler for a spotless car, but I've no idea how anyone can live with a car like that for years at a time. However, underneath the dirt I was happy to find that everything was in pretty good condition, everything worked and it scrubbed up alright. Winner. 
    Still got plenty more cleaning up to do, the paint is covered in little scratches which look as though they'll mostly polish out, the windscreen has a couple of small cracks and the wheels definitely let it down aesthetically but all in all, I'm pleasantly surprised by the Japanese Fiesta. It's fairly spritely, seems to handle well (despite the ditchfinder tyres) and is a lot more economical than the Cube. Might end up being the best £250 I've spent in a while.

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    davocano reacted to Dave_Q in Masha - ЗАЗ Таврiя (ZAZ Tavria) caramac dreams   
    If it's any use here is a dating certificate I got recently for a scooter. The guy that does these recently (ish) changed his wording to suit DVLA requirements but I'm sure the Warty club will know the crack. 

    TBH I don't think the DVLA really care much what it says provided it comes from someone on their approved list, is stamped/signed and the original is sent not a copy.
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    davocano got a reaction from myglaren in Great number plates - got any?   
    Because it's hard to make a plate out of "gentile".

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    davocano got a reaction from myglaren in Great number plates - got any?   
    TH15 WAS
    A quite unremarkable Polo driven by a lady who probably wasn't Sally James
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    davocano reacted to Skizzer in Lancia Gamma Coupe - lie to me   
    So full disclosure, mine — a series 2 coupe — is off the road awaiting its turn for restoration. But the only faults with it are previous owner wiring bodges and parts made by Bosch, not Lancia.

    Let’s deal with the engine stuff first.  It has the usual boxer tendency to leak oil a bit from the (vertical) rocker covers, and like most engines they don’t thrive on lack of routine maintenance. The head gasket thing is mostly internet folklore — the factory fitted paper gaskets but modern gasket materials mean nowadays this is no more of an issue than any other car.  
    The 2.5 fitted to all UK cars has bags of torque in the low/mid range and decent power at the top end, a really nice combination. It’s not a particularly fast car, reaching 60mph just inside 10 seconds, but it keeps up well.  It doesn’t have the refinement of a six: it’s nice and smooth when it’s revving but the boxer beat is quite rough at idle.
    The ride is smooth and the handling is good in an understeery sort of way. You notice the long overhang at the front in tighter corners, but you get used to it.
    Tales of epic rust are just the usual pub bore crap. Mine had most of the paint rubbed off by a dust sheet then lived outdoors for a decade and it just needs a bit of attention at the bottom corners of the rear screen; around the tail lights is another hotspot though mine is fine there. They don’t rust as badly as any Ford of the same era, for example, and no worse than a ‘hewn from granite’ Merc W123.
    As @Mrs6C and @Six-cylinder said, the Gamma Consortium keeps a good supply of parts and there are plenty of Italian car places that will work on them. Some are expensive high end specialists but not all.
    I would avoid the early cars: they are more delicate and it’s true that on full lock from cold the power steering pump could make the timing belt slip, with fairly disastrous results. This was largely remedied at the facelift with an extra tensioner (or maybe an idler, I forget).
    The interior and the detail styling touches are fabulous. Things like the door handles are beautifully engineered and it’s full of delights — I recently drove a 2000HF (=Flavia) Coupe and was surprised how clearly it was the Gamma’s progenitor.
    The plain plastic dash and binnacle lets the side down though. It’s not awful but it’s not beautiful, which is noticeable because everything else is.
    The rare automatic gearbox is apparently unreliable (AP, not Lancia) and anyway they have mostly been replaced with the fine 5-speed manual, including on my own car.  It’s also fairly pointless — all that torque means you don’t have to change gear much around town. The five speed box is good and has a gorgeous gearstick.
    If you haven’t already read it, I strongly recommend Eoín Doyle’s superb essay on Driven to Write: https://driventowrite.com/2016/08/08/lancia-gamma-profile-history-development/
    All the ignorance and horseshit about them means they’re about a quarter of the price of a Fiat 130 Coupe and a third that of a Flavia. So GIFB.
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    davocano reacted to Zantimisfit in Lancia Gamma Coupe - lie to me   
    I have a Gamma sales brochure. It says they're really good if that helps
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    davocano reacted to Tadhg Tiogar in Great number plates - got any?   
    GEN 711E isn't available. SHY 637S was on a Chrysler, possibly a Horizon or Alpine,  but that hasn't troubled Uncle Doovy since 2000.
    SH11 KSA is also off the record, as is OY11 VEY. I checked. 
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    davocano got a reaction from Tadhg Tiogar in Great number plates - got any?   
    Because it's hard to make a plate out of "gentile".

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    davocano got a reaction from puddlethumper in Great number plates - got any?   
    Because it's hard to make a plate out of "gentile".

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    davocano reacted to omegod in Does AS have a resident Citroen SM? If not, it does now!   
    He's got balls 
    They are huge
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    davocano reacted to richykitchy in Does AS have a resident Citroen SM? If not, it does now!   
    As it turns out, the C6 was a dry run. This is the real thing - a 1973 Citroen SM. Being that it's me what bought it, it's the least desirable, worst-spec SM there is (because I am a beggar, and therefore cannot be a chooser). 3-speed slush-box; stupid federal front end, and a whole heap of rust. That said, it does have the 3.0L engine with triple Webers, and it's only done 49k miles.
    And it's an SM. Way I see it, it's win-win.

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    davocano got a reaction from mk2_craig in Four* Years in the Life of a Car Spotter: April 2021   
    Another re-spot from 2017; can't tell if it's improving.

    Yet another re-spot from 2017; it's spun around 180 degrees.

    Previously spotted by someone on the Lazy Spotter's thread. I don't recall who soz.


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    davocano got a reaction from mk2_craig in Four* Years in the Life of a Car Spotter: April 2021   
    A very unusual kei van import; Subaru Dias

    Prius from a time before Uber

    An unusual plate this far dahn sahf

    A local car that AT LONG LAST has been wrassled by my camera. Spot of the Year so far.

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    davocano reacted to Dave_Q in Masha - ЗАЗ Таврiя (ZAZ Tavria) caramac dreams   
    My favourite thing about this car is that it looks like a 1988 version of the photoshopped cars they use in insurance adverts where they have made it look like quite a lot of other generic hatchbacks but at the same time not like any of them.
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    davocano reacted to RichardK in Masha - ЗАЗ Таврiя (ZAZ Tavria) caramac dreams   
    As started in the general Tavria thread 
    Here is Masha’s story and adventures.
    It all begins pre-lockdown - with Sam’s Garage Sale of Dreams. I cannot afford an Oltcit or Aleko... but for years I have wanted a Tavria because it is the most pretty, simple design.
    Of course, I knew nothing of Soviet and AutoZAZ build quality then, having only owned Rivas that are basically small Volvo 240 estates in my mind.
    However. Lockdown happens - is a four-month wait in 2021 akin to the waiting list of the Soviet buyer of a Tavria in 1988 who will have sat patiently as their entire world changed and better, used Western cars crossed the border?
    The only way Masha (name may stick, we’ll see) could be better is being Sky Blue - for one of the reasons getting a Tavria now is significant.
    Because my work and to an extent, anxiety post shitty brainwashing ex and lockdown being through the roof, meant getting down to visit Sam and his wonderful collection was unlikely, Sam’s offer to deliver this fine Soviet car right to my door was massively appreciated.
    Now the adventure begins:

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    davocano got a reaction from Shite Ron in Great number plates - got any?   
    TH15 WAS
    A quite unremarkable Polo driven by a lady who probably wasn't Sally James
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    davocano got a reaction from bunglebus in Great number plates - got any?   
    TH15 WAS
    A quite unremarkable Polo driven by a lady who probably wasn't Sally James
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    davocano got a reaction from face in Great number plates - got any?   
    N121 MR T (spaced as such on a Boxster)
    I pity the fool who can figure that one out.
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    davocano reacted to CortinaDave in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    Buyer of my old red MG ZT was the worst. Turned up in an MG jacket and t shirt combo and pored over it for (i kid you not) two full hours jacking it up and putting it on axle stands etc before picking every miniscule fault he could find, then telling me he was interested, but not at the "strong money" I wanted for it.
    It was £250.
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    davocano reacted to Heidel_Kakao in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    It says on the number plate you numpty.
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    davocano reacted to rusty998 in Lazy spotters thread   
    Somewhere in Somerset at the side of the road I found this frilly Yota

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    davocano reacted to Joey spud in Lazy spotters thread   
    Spotted at a kwik fit in Essex today.

    Pedal powered trike/hamster used as a promotional tool for KF back in the day.
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    davocano reacted to CreepingJesus in Lazy spotters thread   
    Welcome back to the - belated - 2020 Shiteys. <play canned applause> And the next category is... <rustling gigantic gold envelope>... Least Convincing Herbie Replica <play canned applause>

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    davocano reacted to Braddon81 in Lazy spotters thread   
    Spotted  this in Mumbles today. It surely has got to be the finest remaining example in the Uk. It was absolutely immaculate on top and underneath. 

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    davocano reacted to Soundwave in Lazy spotters thread   
    A nicely-patinated Chevelle spotted earlier. 

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