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  1. Just get a suitable lead from eBay and then download Bmw INPA or DIS, Inpa is much easier to install and use though. Steve
  2. Also forgot to mention the items are near bolton. Steve
  3. Hi All, Trying to get back our back yard back to being well a back yard. I have a few Mk3 Mondeo bits that you may or may not be interested in. I am not entirely sure what some of them are worth but any donations to our holiday fund would be grateful! 1.) Parcel shelf, this is for the hatchback model and still has the string on both sides. 2.) Engine cover for the 2.0 tdci engine, couple of lugs missing but still actually secures to the top of the engine, i beleive later mk3 tdcis didnt leave the factory with these on. 3.) "Foam kit" This allows you to raise the boot height so that if you carry a full sized spare that the carpet doesnt sag over the top of it, quite a rare item to try and source. 4.) Battery cover - the plastic lid that goes over the battery and makes it look nicer. 5.) 5 x 17 inch alloys - ghia x style, 4 with nearly new landsails on and what was the spare has a continental sport contact 3 on, the continental has around 6.5mm left on it. The landsails were easily as good as the hancooks which preceded them, suffice to say most of them require a refurb, but all are presentable from the 6 foot mark. I am going to list the 4 x wheels on ebay for around the 140 mark and see where i go, but please get in touch to discuss if there is any interest around this stuff. I will sell the 5th wheel separately if it comes to it Steve
  4. Stebob

    1995 BMW 320i

    In fairness mine doesn’t get used much these days, I tend to just disconnect mine in the boot then hook it back up when it’s time to come out, seems to keep the battery in good health, think it helps that the battery’s are in the boot! Steve
  5. Stebob

    1995 BMW 320i

    If it’s any consolation I changed the bulb in my headlight switch years ago and just like yours once the ignition is on so is the switch illumination so I would surmise that it’s probably normal, I’d imagine it’d be a German chain of thought where if you were going in to a tunnel say that it would allow you to see the position and location of the switch to put the lights on! Steve
  6. All, This was happening in nov of last year but follow the link below, there’s some very tasty stuff that was up for sale, the pictures should speak for themselves! Steve https://uk.motor1.com/news/222583/citroen-heritage-collection-sale/2746241/
  7. Also to wade in on this from personal experience.. Our 1st Mondeo got took out by a brand new punto at the time that decided it wanted to fly and land on our car, we were in the house at the point we saw this unfold. Long story short got a reasonable payout after arguing the toss a couple of times (never take the 1st valuation they give you!) but did get a hire car as didn’t want to put miles on the bm. But be prepared to get shafted on you’re next renewal even if it is a no fault claim. Mine went up by around 30%, I was unfortunate to get the old and new renewals within days of each other. When i asked why i was getting bummed they said that insurance companies statistically say that you are at a higher risk of going on to have an accident of your own when being involved in a no fault claim, absolute load of bollards if you ask me. So take the fuckers for everything you can get before they subsequently have you’re pants down! Steve
  8. Don’t be fooled in to the old dealer only excuse when you have just one key. Sure enough if you have 2 then that means you can’t get the car into “programming mode” to add new keys which is a piece of piss to do. However if you do have 1 key timpsons isn’t a bad shout as if they can do it they will clone your existing fob!if they can do this the only downside is you still can’t program new keys as you still effectively (as far as the cars concerned anyway) have one fob. Other than that with my 1st mondeo that had one key I took it to an auto locksmiths who had the kit to add and remove keys and they then just added the fob and blade I’d bought off eBay then job done. Don’t go to a dealer they will bum you royally for a job like that! I paid about 40 quidditch for a new fob and tibbe blade then 20 quid to the locksmith!you can spend less if you buy a second hand fob. Steve
  9. Also is the daddy wagon a ford galaxy I.e. vw clocks in Ford colours, looks very similar to what my mk4 golfs clocks were like..... Steve
  10. Look like celica clocks to me.... Steve
  11. Stebob

    Avon zv7 tyres

    I run Hancook ventus prime 2’s and 3’s on the Mondeo, miles better that the continental crap that it wore before. Easily the best mix of decent grip combines with decent longevity. We also have land sails on the 307 and in fairness to them they are bloody brilliant too! Think it can be a lottery with brands you don’t know, and sometimes the same tyres can give varying results across different cars. I was also advised to avoid the Dunlop’s and good years as they were too soft and didn’t last very long. As for the Avon’s I ran a set of zv3’s on my t5 v70 and they were way too soft,didn’t even last 5000 on the front. Steve
  12. I agree with what people are saying here, just find it a little weird that this thread is going despite it turning in to another grumpy old man thread, especially after my thread was locked and banished on the basis of it being simililar? Steve
  13. Isn’t this another thread that could be classified as grumpy old man thread? Steve
  14. In short they are like any car, look on any forum and you’ll find listed many inherent faults on the associated vectras / avensis’s / Saab’s, whatever basically. The tdci mondeo has got the same reputation for injectors as rovers did with the k series head gaskets, in reality has everyone on here who had / has a rover suffered hgf? Like anything you can have lemons, but mine was a 1 owner car and I’ve covered over 130k in mine, I’m struggling to think what is better suited to what I need. Steve
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