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    Most things with engines, not many without. The more obscure, the better. Dabbling with Marine fish tanks n'stuff.

    Used to make a living fixing cars, now fix trains, I like bikes and am a closet Bus/Coach nut.


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  1. Had a lot to do yesterday (mother in laws birthday). So had a little look at the old girl today, going over a few (read a lot) bits that I noticed on my odyssey of a collekshun and making a list of snags to repair. Stripped, cleaned, inspected from brakes. Pads were sticking in caliper carriers through lack of use, making the front brakes.... interesting. Noted steering head bearings need a strip and grease/replacement, knocking noise when going over bumps will be hopefully sorted Lubed speedo and Tacho cables, might need to have a look at the clocks yet, tacho likes to bounce around a bit. Rear brake light switch cleaned and adjusted, as found didn't like being a brake light switch 99 times out of 100. Found the exhaust leak under load, RHS downpipe leaking at head, corroded stud and nut missing... Mucho fun ahead. Got the horn working, Electrosol sprayed into the switchgear and some judicious pressage of button. Popped the plugs out, looked well. Adjusted camchain, valve clearances and balancer chain (that need more work later, as past adjustment). Gave it a look over generally, thinking now going towards total strip of chassis and treating/coating rusty old frame and swingarm, possibly a rewire and take it from there. Could get a bit silly! I'll be honest, she is a bit of a dog, but a very endearing old thing.
  2. Please excuse the photos. The were rushed and pretty useless, even for me! Yes, a Wetdream. It really is a bit of a hound, though I quite like it like that after having newer bikes for a few years. I had the 250 years ago, now they couldn't pull the skin off a rice pud. 400 keeps with the traffic nicely though. They are getting a following and prices are getting a little silly in some cases. This one being a pile woz cheap. Plan is to do a sort of mechanical overhaul, but leave it looking like the rotter it is and go for old man rides out with my mate, who also has one. Slowly. Sent from my moto g( using Tapatalk
  3. On my way back.... Christ these things are slower than I remember! Just taken fuzzy pez shot on way home. Still another 85 miles out of 250, hence not stopped to update much. The old girl is a very scruffy 1979 CB400. Lots on chuggy goodness. Sent from my moto g( using Tapatalk
  4. Well on my way now. As you can see, seemless travel from deep, dark Essex to Liverpool Street on Greater Anglias finest 321 class (opening windows are a nice thing in super-crush-load pandemic times). The next leg on the Circles 'S' stock to meet a small Bear. Now on some finest, anglo Japanese 802 stock GWRness (hopefully no cracks). Cold, sold has hot sausage bap munched on. Poo count at a unsure, till the Coffee finished, Zero. Sent from my moto g( using Tapatalk
  5. A very fine morning to you all. Finally a Fred, named also collekshun from me. I've set out from deepest Essex this morning, on a train to 'London' and then onwards from that magnificent transport hub, south west to my new (actually, pile of pitted chrome and rust) steed. First day out of isolation with actual Covid. Nasty stuff, even with life saving jabbyness. I'll try to catalogue my exploits here. This will be my first, so please bear with my idiotic ramblings...... Sent from my moto g( using Tapatalk
  6. £900 Gumtree Vel Satis with cloth shocker
  7. Love an e28. Those 2.0 six pots are soooo smooth, gorgeous looking cars.
  8. OMG Sno Kaos in deepest Essex and snowy Vulva in badly taken, can't be arsed to go outside to take pic, pic. Sent from my moto g( using Tapatalk
  9. It's funny you say that, wasn't entirely sure as had only worked on super smooth Mk1's (in Ambulances, hence the sliding door fetish) with lovely leaky cam boxes. Plus the rhyme entered my head, couldn't keep it in! Downgraded to want²
  10. Sliding door, slant straight four loveliness. Want³
  11. Just sent this to the overseer. She came back to me with "Do it, I'd much rather that than another motorbike'. What do I do? Give her a hug or divorce her?! Sent from my moto g( using Tapatalk
  12. I think you are reading it right. Just a bit of T-Cut, no? It is a runner, apparently...
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1432414550279444 Anybody???
  14. I used to live in the Harlow area. The buses around there, Ware, Hatfield and St. Albans garages used to seem to do the rounds back when. Was getting very spotty when in the school holidays, my Dad would treat me to a Golden Rover week bus ticket. The obvious challenge was to hit as diverse routes and types as possible. Including the aforementioned, plus the odd sexy Duple or Plaxton bodied Green line. Those were the days!
  15. All of this Leyland National stuff is making me feel a bit giddy. Give me a single door Mk1 with a original smokey, 510 engine, the flat tailpipe and some London Country/Green Line blue moquette coach seats... Not to forget luggage racks, being driven like it was stolen with no lift between the gears..... Might need to have a 'moment' now.
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