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  1. Haha
    Mr Laurence reacted to Datsuncog in Selling a really cheap car   
    They're probably going into meltdown as their website and sales team is overrun with queries on rumbling Mondeos and scabby Mazdas with four days' MOT left...

    Tomorrow's news headlines:
    Arnold Clark shock bankruptcy as Autoshite members take them to the fucking cleaners in less than eight hours

    ^^ A typical Arnold Clark dealership, tomorrow.
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    Mr Laurence reacted to MKT in MKT's Shower of Shite - Fleet, spots, rallying and more - Civic off to the welders.   
    So a brief fleet update:
    The ZR spent about a month in decent mechanical fettle before the alternator decided to stop playing ball. It'll be getting fixed once the Civic is done as there's no events for me to do this year. Got the full set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2s on there now too which makes it look a bit smarter.

    Friend had the film photos he took down at Portsmouth developed, proves you can polish a turd.

    The Civic has now been fully stripped and gone off to be welded, no idea how long it'll be there for but probably a while!

    Only other thing is that the exhaust fell off the CRV and has since been replaced.

    I'd post some decent spots I'd seen recently but my PC kindly decided to die so I don't have access to the spots folder at the moment.
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    Mr Laurence got a reaction from Insideimsmiling in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Just a routine reminder of my borderline obsession with Fantasia Green Lupos. Not only does this one have the correct typeface number plates and a full Webasto roof, it’s also (relatively) local to me. I really am running out of excuses...

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    Mr Laurence reacted to RustyRuss in '93 Mondy thread - rear washer seal replacement   
    Hi There Egg, hope you are well? Absolutely LOVING your thread. It's me that bought this one and got delivered today (central Scotland). I've always wanted a K plater to tuck away and bring out on nice days and go to a few shows in so glad to have saved this one. I'm in the process of trying to source the correct rubbing strip section from the drivers door and 4x proper LX Wheeltrims. It was moments away from being turned into a Touring Car replica before I saved it. It will remain totally standard and original. Couple of pictures attached.  Kind Regards Russell 

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    Mr Laurence reacted to Austat in Mk1 Ford Escorts - share the love   
    Very expensive, but how ace is this MK1 van?
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    Mr Laurence reacted to MisterH in Ben's Adventures In Tat   
    Good Evening Shiters 
    My name is Ben and for most of my conscious life I have been a fan of the unusual and quirky in the automotive world. 
    I am a young classic enthusiast, I passed my test last October having learnt in my Volvo 480ES
    My passion for cars was started by my late grandfather's Audi WR quattro that he bought new in 1986, I wrote an article for PetrolBlog on it. As a result of this I have a taste for the quirky, left field vehicles that are often nearly extinct. 
    My eBay saved search list is extremely long, but includes a raft of odd 1970s,80s and 90s cars, most of them performance intended* 
    Currently the cars that I drive are the aforementioned 1988 480ES and a 1994 Rover 220GSi 3dr, the latter of which I am considering selling to make space for an Isuzu Piazza, of which I harbour much desire. 
    The Piazza is my goal for the year, though a Mk2 Cavalier SRi hatch would be nice and an Audi 80/90 quattro still beckons me in my dreams. 
    Anyway, I greatly look forward to contributing to this community, and continuing my Tat filled automotive adventure!

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    Mr Laurence reacted to BorniteIdentity in Group Buy: 1982 Ford Escort bASe. Purchased.   
    A slightly blurry photo of the old crate has turned up on FLICKR which is lovely.
    This was it having a little tickle ready for the MOT in 2014 by all accounts.

    @Skizzerspotted the lack of passenger door mirror too (which I'd missed completely) so it looks like that will have to be sorted.
    Front nearside tyre looks new here, so I can only assume it's a different one to what it's currently wearing (a twenty year old INDIA)!
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    Mr Laurence reacted to BorniteIdentity in Group Buy: 1982 Ford Escort bASe. Purchased.   
    Popular radio presenter (and friend of mine) Carlos writes, reminiscing of his time on Chiltern Radio in the late 80s.
    How funny I thought of you when sorting some shots from my time on breakfast at Chiltern in the late 80s. The privilege of getting the car park space right outside the front door. Bet you’d love my Ghia with grey velour & wooden door inserts on your drive 😂

    And he’s not wrong. Just look at this gorgeous old thing. 
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    Mr Laurence reacted to SRi05 in Should I put a letter through the door.   
    E36's have aged fantastically well IMO, I'd definitely have a nice unmolested one, which of course is practically impossible nowadays thanks to the driftyo wankaz. Yours looks great.
  11. Haha
    Mr Laurence reacted to Low Horatio gearbox in Should I put a letter through the door.   
    I'm awaiting the outcome of this.
    If you get no joy try Agila's note
     Wrapped around a brick maybe, just so you know they have "got the message" 🤞😁
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    Mr Laurence reacted to gm in gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - holy sh!t, batman, an EXO update ! only been a fortnight   
    new rear discs and pads on the mx5 today - the mot is due and those discs do not look pretty (plenty of life in the pads though, they can sit on a shelf and get destroyed on track someday)

    obviously I had to go for a test drive, managed a good thirty miles round the backroads with the roof down, great fun  
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    Mr Laurence got a reaction from chodweaver in 'just bloody scrap it' - the eBay 'fuck me, what were they thinking' thread   
    What a total crock of festering old dogshit begging to be put out of it’s misery 
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    Mr Laurence reacted to Cavcraft in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Peugeot 205 2 door barn find gti rally’ spares or repairs | eBay
    Sad as I am, I can tell you exactly where that photo was taken, it's in Forden, near Welshpool. There is, or was, a recovery firm at the bottom of the hill in a little yard.
  15. Haha
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    Mr Laurence reacted to BorniteIdentity in Group Buy: 1982 Ford Escort bASe. Purchased.   
    Car love stories are always welcome in my world, @Unlucky Alf. This is where I think most Youtubers and Journalists go wrong; for millions of us - these cars aren’t about the move away from pushrod engines or the leap to FWD. They’re about first jobs, lost nights, lost underwear, road trips, gigs, camping, working, smooching and all sorts. 
    My folks bought me home from hospital, 2 weeks before Christmas 1982, in a MK3 Escort. My father was only 24, and I reckon he was as proud of his first born as he was his first company car. 

    That’s my Uncle’s Fiesta beyond on the day of my Christening. He kept it so long that I remember it at the age of 17.
    Thanks for all the positivity, and keep the stories coming. Gives us all something to read whilst I start collating bits for the Estate!
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    Mr Laurence reacted to junkyarddog in JYD's 1990 Mk2 Golf Gti.   
    Work has been progressing on this,the biggest elephant in the room was the roofliner. 

    Or lack thereof. 

    This is the original one,a typical example of the Mk2 Golf headliner,the material has long since parted company, and the roofliner itself has the structural integrity of a packet of cream crackers. 
    A look online suggested to repair the cracks on the roofliner with tape from the rear,and coat the other side with newspaper and PVA glue!
    So that's what I did.

    It actually made quite a difference,so I let it dry out for a few days before attempting to attach the original material back onto it,as it was still in good condition. 
    Well,that didn't really work,the impact adhesive caused the original material to pickle up and wrinkle,and just not stick on very well.
    So,in a fit of temper the whole lot got binned!
    What the fuck to do now!!
    They are not to be had anywhere,none really available second hand, and even then it will probably be a load of crap anyway.
    A chance look on the web found a company selling reproduction ones made from fiberglass, one of those will do nicely thank you. 

    A large and battered box finally arrived,(a week late)thankfully the roofliner was ok,bar one small crack that wasn't really and issue.

    Came with enough spare material to cover the sun visors, sunroof panel and console.
    I just covered the sunroof,the visors and console were in good shape,and the colour is almost identical so I left well enough alone.

    Finally in,was a bit fiddly around the sunroof and fitting the grab handles,but otherwise it was an excellent fit.
    This actually worked out much better than trying to fuck about with the original so that burst of temper probably actually improved things.
    A happy accident.
    The delivery cost as much as the liner itself,but it's done now.
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    Mr Laurence reacted to cobblers in The grumpy thread   
    All my old favourite quiet campsites that were deserted 350 days a year and run by grumpy old women who wouldn't usually even bother to answer the phone now have been taken over by knobheads with Facebook pages showing off their new "shabby chic" signage, bell tents to hire for £60 a night and online booking for "family plots" at £40 a pop.
    Why does everything nice have to be ruined by the general public? Where can I go to get away from all these wankers? FFS man, I just want to spend as much time as possible as far away from any other people as I can and I had a pretty good setup going until for some reason a fucking disease made everywhere turn totally wank.
    I'm really going to have to try and rent or buy my own field or some woodland somewhere, even if it totally bankrupts me.
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    Mr Laurence reacted to Schaefft in Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - Sheer Madness at this Point   
    No progress on the BMW, couldn't get an alignment booked in for Saturday so it'll have to wait until Thursday or so. I did however use the time to give the Mercedes a bit of tlc as it needs an MOT as well.
    First thing I noticed was that the doors on the passenger side decided to not open anymore. Great! The front passenger door could be opened from the inside, the rear passenger door wouldn't open at all, no matter what. Which meant that I had to remove the door card with the door closed, something thats possible but certainly not easy. Fortunately I found some decent photos of the inner door mechanism online and was able to pry away the door panel enough to have a peek inside, not that it helped as it didn't really make much of a difference however hard I pulled on the rods leading to the latch. In the end I just sprayed everything in there with dry lube which fortunately was the solution to end this misery. I did the same with the latch mechanism of the front door which hopefully solves the problem long term. Probably not.

    When pulling off the door panel I noticed that it was soaking wet at the bottom, in fact the cardboard was so soaked that all mounting points basically came off of it. I've ordered some two component epoxy glue that hopefully will fix this once everything is dry again, no clue how it got this wet in the first place but I'll make sure the plastic membrane thing thats supposed to keep the moisture out will be properly glued shut...
    The next thing was the parking brake, the pedal more or less goes straight to the floor which made me think that something wasn't hooked up or adjusted correctly. A look underneath the car didn't reveal much aside from the fact that the adjustment mechanism was putting as much tension on the cable as it could (which apparently wasnt much), and that this mechanism was literally centimeters away from the drive shaft and exhaust, making it nearly impossible to reach and adjust. Thanks Mercedes! I'll call a local Mercedes specialist tomorrow, they can deal with that and replace the snapped rear springs while they are at it.
    I've also had a look at the ignition distributor since I do have an odd misfire once in a while that comes as suddenly as it goes, generally after a short drive. Apparently condensation can build up inside the distributor cap which obviously messes with the rotors ability to deliver spark where it needs to go. I've properly cleaned it all up but couldn't really find much wrong with it, maybe the seals just aren't sealing properly anymore and moisture gets in?🤷‍♂️ It runs pretty smoothly when its not causing trouble.

    Last but not least I cleaned the car for the first time in a long time and finally gave it a quick cut and polish. The car was covered in scratches caused by people furiously knocking doors into the car and what looks to be a bush scratching up the entirety of the passenger side. 5 hours later and the cars looks properly transformed, despite this hardly being the most thorough job. I can't polish rust and missing paint either. Im happy though!

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    Mr Laurence reacted to Spottedlaurel in Shite in Miniature II   
    I'm on track to get my second kit completion done this month:
    Body and chassis have since been put togther for the last time, so the only jobs left to do are attach the rear bumper/lights and side trims, and carefully drill 10 holes in the roof for the rack. I did similar on the deck inside:
    Turns out a strtched '59 Cadillac is quite a bit bigger than a Honda Today:
    After it'd sat in brake fluid for a few weeks to get rid of the original brush paint by a former owner, that one seems to have ended up as a current project:
    Got some coats of Citroen Mediterranean Blue on the Celica last night:
    It's a funny colour which flips to pale green/turquoise/gold, will be interesting to see once clearcoated and in sunlight.
    Also made a bit of unphotographed progress on the '67 Impala.
    I seem to be on a run of Japanese and American (and particularly GM) subjects at present. Once the Cadillac's done I think I need to start something European, will have a rummage and see what takes my fancy......
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    Mr Laurence reacted to cort16 in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Mr Laurence reacted to MKT in MKT's Shower of Shite - Fleet, spots, rallying and more - Civic off to the welders.   
    Travelled up to Paul Townsend Honda Spares yesterday to collect some bits,  would recommend him if you've got a 5th/6th gen civic or a 3rd gen teggy.
    Came away with some panels and brackets, JDM DC2 motor and the OEM Sport body kit for the civic, properly chuffed to get the body kit since it seems next to no one optioned them for the hatchback at the time.

    Quality* photo of the kit, bottom lip is  for a different car.

    And here's how it looks on the car in the Honda Accessory (note the leather seats, a UK exclusive AFAIK) brochure at the time.

    The amount of optional extras you could get for the 5th gen civic is mind boggling, I think the German market offered something ridiculous like 10 optional types of steering wheel!
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    Mr Laurence reacted to Cavcraft in Cavcraft 2021: More Italian slow shite.   
    Couldn't quite stretch to that well tasty Yamaha TDR125 that appeared on eBay, so idly browsed social media to see what was happening. Listed a few hours before, not a million miles away and at a price that was fair (very fair, taking into consideration what he said he'd spent on it) and looked GR8. A few messages later, a word with my new local courier and job jobbed.

    A few boxes of bits (more than shown in above photographs) came with it, too. It's a (Vespa) PK50 with a Polini kit, I think he said 65cc. Should be a good (slow) laugh when it's done! 
  24. Haha
    Mr Laurence reacted to sierraman in Should I put a letter through the door.   
    Put some riggers on, turn up in a track suit and a Smiley Transit beavertail and bang on the door with pounding fists repeatedly. 
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    Mr Laurence reacted to DoctorRetro in The Doctor's travels through time - Alloy it bruv.   
    Test fit to make sure they are 4 x 95.25.. 

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