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  1. Top spannering and perseverance. Lovely brace of cars you have now!
  2. Makes me smile every time I look in that engine bay...............room to work? You could have a dance in there!
  3. Are you using the oil cooled welder and stainless rods for the welding?...........or Tig?
  4. Your dog stole the whole show............................what a cracker!
  5. Use the heat gun or warm hairdryer on the plastic casing to make it more pliable. .....be careful. You may have to tighten it up a lot to get it to stop leaking after changing filter. This is if you have a Siemens type housing. My C5 has Bosch injection but Siemens type housing with the Mahle filter. 2.0 hdi 110
  6. Jesus............that dash looks like something from a plastic rain forest! 😃
  7. I liked my Vel Sat for 4yrs. If they had put comfy suspension on it , the thing would have been a total winner. Well built underneath, great V6 engine Crashy ride on rough roads was I suspect due to them trying to get a large car to handle through bends.
  8. Towbars are great. A guy in a new 405 ran into my Santana 5 pot. He wrote his off and I got about 700quid to fix mine which I spent on an many toys and drove my heap another 2yrs.
  9. Excellent blog of spannering and welding Andrew.
  10. That was bad luck really. Once you do the house move and have your fill of that, I think you will be keen to get back on it.
  11. That the way to do it................. research it, get in and punish yourself, then feel good with a fantastic result!
  12. Gutsy on fuel around town maybe. There you go.............you are all better now
  13. Did they make any Xsara Picasso in 110 bhp? Or was is just the C4 Piccaso that got it? I like the cars in a no nonsense way and they are cheap and practical.
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