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  1. Brilliant pics. Can you tell me what equipment you used for scanning?
  2. I was a Slater and Plasterer. No bastard ever phoned and told me to work from home today?
  3. It is usually ash frames a la old gypsy caravans Morris minor many aircraft etc. Lorry beds are Keruing which is straight grain, strong and very hard wearing. Some interesting work there!
  4. When did Volvo bring their own diesel in, and is it better than the VAG unit?
  5. You can get EP 90 that is friendly to bronze and brass. It may be GL4? I used it in old Landy's. It is later spec that does the damage to yellow metal. You do need EP in diffs. Tight wad here. Rusty metal. You wont "rust proof" it. You only hold it back. I get a gallon of Phosphoric Acid from a chemical supplier for £25. Clean metal with wire brush, apply acid with paint brush,cover eyes and skin. Don't let it drop on mono block or good concrete. Leave 48 hrs. Rub metal quickly with scotch pad. Prime and paint or use your Dinatrol over top.
  6. Phone question guys. I have an almost new iPhone 4s Global. It was a Nephews in NZ and locked to EE. It got lost and reported missing, probably to get a new phone. I want to go Vodaphone with Sim only. Can't go back for a code to EE, so can it be unlocked by a shop or whizz kid? Not worth while? Can a mod shift this if in wrong place? Cheers
  7. That's proper British rust on that shovel. Get that ground down and you can make jewellers rouge...............for polishing your windscreen. Down at a place scrounging some gel coat today, and the young kid there is doing up an XR3. Looking closely over it after not seeing one for a bit............they are tiny. Just that even small cars are big now I suppose.
  8. Nice Motor Home and project Zel. You'll be the fastest Silicone gunner in the West, time it's finished!
  9. lexi

    Chicken Madras

    Bacons Dozen has some NOS stuff.
  10. There were plenty around when I passed my test. Those small clock binacles were the biz.They were more than what I could afford, so my first car was a somewhat related dumpy shaped, Hillman Minx with the 5 bearing engine and starting handle. Never liked the box shaped Hunter or Sceptre. An older friend had the Super Snipe..........super envy more like, when I put my Minx next to it!
  11. As a Glaswegian..............I couldn't give a monkeys. I only go into Bills Tool store and I can take wife's roller skate Jazz. They are quite right as my old C5 is a filthy thing, but those fuckin' buses man.....
  12. lexi

    New spares

    Nice box of brand new bits for Vel Satis or Espace V6 petrol. Gates fancy thermostat BNIB. Lemforder Bottom ball joint. FAI power steering belt. Allied Nippon brake pads (1 set). Mahle oil filter. 25 quid plus post the lot. Some of the bits are spendy, like £40 for Thermostat. All boxed and new. I will put up pics if anyone interested. I am in Paisley.
  13. Have you no place to keep a welder and plug in? £250 would get a very good s/h Clarke 160 or the like. There is gas on top. You would pick it up in no time with the tutorials and info on the web.
  14. I am all for the funny patter on the ads of course. Gumtree up here in Sconny Botland isn't too bad. Buy and sell often on it and met some cracking people and even some meatheads who were good enough to pay me for stuff. Fuck knows what they thought of me!
  15. So who didn't clean that carb out proper? Compressed air, Toluene and teeny weeny drills or very soft wire are the way to go. Get a set of micro drills from China. Will do the other stuff. Find out the size of jet and pick a drill just under it. Honda supply a set of wires to dealers for small engine carb cleaning.
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