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  1. I liked them really. ZX ,Xantia V6, Xud versions , C5s and Vel Satis. Got my moneys worth and more from them all. That last C5 with the dreaded 1.6hdi in estate version was super. I was happy with that with tons of room , towcar and 54mpg. Wife bought me a Volvo that needs kept clean and cared for..........feckin' nuisance.
  2. Reason we don't enjoy cars the same. You cannot beat the days of discovery.
  3. Excellent.........great to see these vehicles getting correction to keep on the road.
  4. Gas mains pipe or similar. I had a 10ft bit of street lamp post in the past for it. Problem with steaming is that you always need a piece of timber that is way oversize. It is near impossible to bend the end of the timber when it is short or cut to size .
  5. The wood you are buying is probably kiln dried. If you leave the wood soaking in a vessel or canal for a few days, before steaming, it can help. Steaming in situ with long polythene tube/bags can also be useful, pieces are not too stout. It saves wood cooling down too much before clamping. Two or three wallpaper steamers can be inserted into the bag ends.
  6. I had four of them . Xud turbo, hdi110, and 2 V6 autos. If you want something better to drive, and not a dd, then v6 is the one to get. They are a bit tight inside and not so easy to work on, under bonnet as a C5. I still prefer the C5's as comfy load luggers. My C5's rode better than this XC60 I have now.
  7. I like it it and in many ways there is nothing quite like those Disco's
  8. iirc these wedges were one of the best towcars at the time.........along with the big Citroens.
  9. See, these are proper estate cars. Those things hold more kit that any of the dumpy SUV things around...........even the big ones. Decrepit fact; I can't get down into them anymore. It's either stiffness or my head has grown three sizes. They are classic if you can beat the rust.
  10. So is this when you find out if you have a good ins co, or are they all much the same?
  11. C5 mk 1 spares inventory. Maybe of interest to you or not. Rear suspension bearing kits. Two of the full kits for swinging arm bearings. Everything you need for full replacement. 3 Purflux oil filters. One Lemforder droplink in sealed bag. Lemforder bottom ball joint. Also the joint on the swinging arm. 2 gaitors and clip springs for rear suspension units. There are other sundries like o rings etc. It would be £45 plus post for the lot. Thought I would offer you first as you have just got your car.
  12. Should you not put it in and give the gearbox a blood transfusion? We have Mackie Transmissions up here that does it in Glasgow.
  13. Pondering over an old C5............get it telt and get it selt! 😄
  14. Was the Maveric fourby not a Patrol in the and then a Terrano I am sure I had a Workshop Manual that was Patrol/Maveric.
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