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  1. Evening all so the time had come to be brave and connect a battery up this bit makes me nervous as I always think something is going to explode but the battery was connected and no magic Lucas smoke appeared so I turned the key. WE HAVE LIFE this was so exiting so I started going through and seeing what else did or didn’t work I put the headlights and fogs on and this brought the first thing that didn’t work the dip beam, side lights work but no dip beam other than that all the other lights worked even the bulb failure light works and it did indeed have two blown bulbs in t
  2. Evening all a good amount of progress has been made I finished the brake pipes in the engine bay so the only one left is the front to back line. I also fitted the info stickers on the bonnet. I cleaned up the rear seat and heal board carpet and refitted the rear seat. it was at this point a huge box turned up for me i this box contained some much need parts such as a new expansion bottle a lower front valance a set of genuine mud flaps and most important a windscreen and bonding kit. so I employed the skill of rich to bo
  3. Evening all a little while back I refurbished the heater box I had to buy a second hand one from a car that was breaking on eBay as my original heater box had all the link rods for moving the vents cut for some reason and the plastic box itself had been broken in places. so with the second hand box I pulled it completely apart re foamed all the flaps and fitted a new heater matrix and gave the box a really good clean . with that back in I went to look at the brake master cylinder I really wanted to put the car back to the correct
  4. now’s the best time to start collecting panel work if you need it some stuff is starting to get harder to find like rear quarter panels and some of the inner front panels, but quite a lot is still available and not too expensive. the wiring looks scary but isn’t too bad, what part of your loom has gone brittle mine was still nice and flexible even in the engine bay just someone attacked mine with an angle grinder.
  5. hello all with being back at work has allowed me to return to the rover ,so just before the lockdown I had taken the week off so the first job was to install some sound deadening mat onto the floors and the doors. I went for this silent coat sound mat it wasn’t too expensive but seems to do a good job of taking the ringing out of the panels when you tap on them. I’ve put a fare bit more of this on than rover ever did from the factory, I still need to make the mats that go on the floors and bulkhead. with that done I cleaned up and put the steering column in. next I
  6. I’ve heard of speedy spares I need to contact them about some parts for my 64 super minx I didn’t think they did anything for it as it seemed on their site that they mostly did 60s and 70s stuff. I’ve had the same fun with the rear door hands on mine lucky mine freed off with a bit of wd40 and now seem to work ok. my mirrors were so smashed their wasn’t really anything left of them I ended up fitting 309 mirrors which kind of fit. I’ve managed to source some parts for it I’ve got genuine outer cv boots, rear wheel cylinder’s and flexi hoses also track rods, I’ve also got spares carb on the w
  7. bloody hell that’s a rare sight good spot I think the last time I looked theirs less that 12 alpine rapiers left with only 2 on the road. its a shame it doesn’t use more Peugeot parts its silly things like inner driveshaft boots usually the shaft is around 20mm but these are about 42mm I’m not sure why with only 90hp. the closest I could find was 35mm boots which might work.
  8. Time for a thread resurrection!! with the lockdown I’ve had some more time on my hands to remember I had this, id be lying if id said I had done anything to it in just over a year about the only thing that happened was I moved it when I sold my calibra.so I decided I should probably take a look at it now my brother wanted to have a go at welding it as he has never done any welding and this would be some good practice. I wasn’t planning on this so didn’t bring home any of my equipment from work so we made do with the stuff I had in the garage which isn’t much. their was two large holes in the
  9. These were my two back in 2012 my dolomite 1500hl Which i had been my main car through my third year at collage and my daily driver to work. then i got the bluebird turbo sr Which took over daily dutes from the dolomite, i wish i had kept the bluebird but parts were just impossible to find.
  10. evening all i hope everyone is safe and well Progress has been contining over the last couple of weeks i managed to get a week off a few weeks ago to push the car along ,so first up was to loosely assemble the front subfame so it could go back in the subfame will have to come out again to fit the engine a box and change the steering rack. with the subframe back in the car next up was the rear axle, first job was to to rebuild the brakes so it need new drums as one of the old ones was very badly scored and worn and the other side looked as if the brake hadnt be
  11. Evening all i have made some more progress first up i finished fitting the new headlight and indicator to the car i also painted fitted the bonnet and boot latch. next up was to clean up and polish the front bumper but i needed to repir the number plate surround. on series 1 sd1s these sounds are usually broken as they stick out , now mine wasnt too bad only one side had cracked i fixed this a few years ago but during storage it cracked again,so i set to fixing it. so i keyed up the inisde and used a little bit of fibergalss then
  12. Im completely in love with the colour you put it in the sun and flips between sea green and a various shades of blue.your capri and it would make a good pair hopefuly they can meet one day .
  13. Hello all the paintwork has been finished it has been polished so here it is. I am absolutely over the moon with it our apprentice luke has poured his heart and soul into it and gone the extra mile on it i really cant thank him enough.so the rebulid can begin so i really wanted to put the badges back on the rear i got a new 3500 v8 badge as mine was really worn out but i saved the rover badge. i cleaned and fiited the rear lights with new seals. also all the doors and boot and bonnet have brand new seals. ive be
  14. Hello all Its been a long time since i last update this, the last few months have been pretty busy and i got another car to add to the collection. Its a left hand drive 1964 hillman super mix that used to belong to a customer he decided he wanted to sell it and i fell in love with it and decided i had to have it, the car was in amazing condition having only had some small plates on the sills and being completely original every where else,ive put 2 new sills on it and new clutch and it runs and drives very well, it needs some electrical work then i can get it an mo
  15. Hello all Right its been a long time since i last updated this as work has been mega busy here is a few pictures of the last car i worked on a cavalier turbo which needed a fair bit of work. but on with the sd1 the plan changed i was originally going to paint it myself but after talking with our painters i decided to let them do it as i know painting is not my strong suit so after a chat with my boss it was booked in for paint.first up was to get the shell keyed up and primed and then rubbed back and the filler work started. all the work on the car is be
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