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  1. Hey that's fine buddy, you and your dad treated me fantastically and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I didn't want to text you my findings a day after buying it as I would hate for you to think I was moaning. Yes I'm afraid a lot of the work was very substandard and I'll gladly take some pictures for you next time I'm under it to show to the garage if you like. And yes some of the receipts were pretty high but I put that down to (Greater) Lannnnddaaaann tannnnn direction weighting. My son has got the knack of driving the car just fine now and loves it so win win for us.
  2. It's shit when you get caught out on a car, particularly on a car forum like this where almost all members are pretty honest abiyt what they're selling. I bought sims00 dad's Avensis and while it was advertised correctly/fairly and sims was stand up guy in everyway, I think in the past his dad may have been ripped off on a few jobs as I've seen the supplied receipts yet someone tiewrapping a clutch slave cylinder onto a gearbox and also managing to lose all the fixings for the undertrays so replace with tiewraps doesn't inspire confidence. The clutch is heavy and very juddery on pull off but I suspect this is fitment rather than wear as a receipt for new was supplied at a price more than I paid for the car however the car functions otherwise perfectly and it's not impossible to drive in anyway, Sims 00 hid nothing. I found a bolt loose on the aux belt tensioner (also replaced by the same garage), so loose it was cutting through the belt so it convinces me the garage have taken advantage, such a shame people still do that in this day and age. However, I'm chuffed with the car and my son really likes it too, it was immaculate inside when picked up and the bodywork was in much better condition than described and after a major cut and polish session it came up fantastically. I've had no issues with buying on this forum but the previous vendor of this car has had you over IMO, regardless of personal issues it takes a minute to say "hey, really sorry about the car and it's issues, I was going through a hard time and should have been more honest. When I'm back, I'll get in touch and we'll sort it out". I worked on a boat in the middle of the Congo and could get contact home everyday so it's a poor excuse save for military service or the like where yes it won't be too of your priorities ( which happened on another forum years ago!!! Got settled after the lad came back from the middle East). As for taking a car back to the person for a refund/re-exchange as suggested above best of luck. I had someone threaten me with this for the sale of a great little Corsa years ago which developed an apparent wheel bearing noise plus the seller was annoyed he hadn't received the FSH a day after I sold him the car. Being a decent sort and disappointed said wheel bearing had not been picked up on the MOT a fortnight earlier I offered to send a new bearing through the post along with a discount of £45 for an hour's labour to fit (probably a 20 minute job in reality) and that I'd already sent the FSH off to him the previous day. Once FSH arrived a message was received that the car was suddenly fine now and he was happy, bearing not required, clearly selling it straight on at a profit with the promise of FSH to the new keeper. People are quick to quote the law but in reality they know little about it. From a forecourt, you're protected to a point but a P/X deal of a previously damaged car Vs an old BMW via a private sale would be laughed at in court and threatening the person to give you your old car back/a refund would land you right in the soup. Hopefully this will be resolved amicably but I think even the op is doubtful of that. The po of the BMW will struggle to shift anything else on here for a while if ever which is some comfort I suppose.
  3. They must be cheap shit, Honda use them in all our internal equipment but I don't think they use them in their cars because Honda don't give a fuck about the machines that make the cars but they do care about the cars themselves!!!
  4. Hi mate, any news on the laptop? Cash waiting and so on !!! Cheers, Vaughan.

  5. I had a wiper motor fail (first and only time) in torrential rain on the A5 in my Astra gsi back in 2005, spooky?
  6. Those Lidl pumps are excellent, drained out my Leon of a full tank of Derv with no users l issues, looking forward to trying it out on an oil change next. Must admit I've always liked these. Watched one go through Leominster car auctions about 10 years ago and wondered why nobody was bidding on it, looked clean enough, nice spec etc. It was struggling to make £800 which was at least half it's value back then. Took a quick look inside and it was on exactly 300k!!!!! Still looked solid, no real wear etc.
  7. In 1999 I drove a series one RS Turbo and had a XR2i/XR3i cab as a daily as tbh they were cheap fodder then ( not the series 1, but still only a £2-3k car). The cars of choice back then were gsi/gte Vauxhall's, xr/rs Ford's, maybe a few R5 GT Turbos as most were broken back then, quite a few Frenchies, pug 106/205/306 still really popular, not so much Jap stuff, that exploded after the import cars went crazy a few years later IMO,a few nice Corolla 16v's about from memory. Later that year/year 2000 I bought a 2wd saff Cossie and remember going to a cruise in Cardiff drifting it around for hours ( well probably 20 mins) skimming past the unregulated crowd just about keeping it from smashing into the kerb. It was going on back then and will still go on now, I think the only difference is now,is that the crowd back then had no distractions and weren't putting up videos on YouTube, they were trying to enjoy a car "show" and had an element of self preservation. There were issues back then, but not many accidents, not sure what's actually changed?
  8. Vauxhall's have had a bad name in the past, particularly that generation but I think it's unjust. I think they're really as well put together as a Ford of that generation but rust a lot less. Saying that the two I've bought in recent years both had engine issues ( one known one not) but even replacing those cost buttons and then no other issues afterwards, one I used as my sole car back and forth to Scotland (1998 1.2 16v Corsa b) for 2 years with never so much as a sniff of a problem. Electrics always seem good, interiors wear well, they always seem way more economical than they should be and love the motorway.
  9. Stay well away, everyone I know who's had one has had nothing but major issues with them and a host of minor ones. I personally have never been stupid enough to own one but I've had the misfortune to drive a few and they are truly terrible. Plus people who own them seem to think they're driving a new RR or the like. Get a rav-4, much nicer car and because Toyota they don't really break. Also only ever heard good things regarding the CR-V. A bloke I knew owned one in Greece and told me he'd done nothing major in 5 years on it which he also told me is something of a minor miracle considering the terrain in Greece in the part he lives. Someone I worked with had one for free yet it still cost him more than the Japanese equivalent and he hated every minute of it, something about using tyres alarmingly quickly as well. Even Kia/Hyundai make far better 4x4's.
  10. AX Forte, the stuff of dreams for me as a 17/18yr old lad in 1993/4 when I think they first came out. Mate of mine had one and I can remember him harping on about buying a new car that did 0-60 in 10 seconds but was only a 1.1 😂. It was actually his dad who bought it but he drove it all the time. It was way quicker than a 1.1 had any right to be plus the wider steels made it handle really well. Started my apprenticeship at 19 and a lad had an AX GT which was a very capable car but no match for my FIAT Uno Turbo in a straight line (understandably) but far superior in the bends. He sold the AX and bought a really nice Uno Turbo instead but in typical Uno fashion you never had clean finger nails as they were laughably unreliable although incredible fun when they worked which was about 75% of the time. Never went in a standard one as they were so easy to modify, 1 bar boost was available by bending the wastegate arm! Years later another lad I knew put a turbocharged Saxo engine in an AX which he claims was the fastest car he'd ever been in, something I wouldn't argue with. Overall for me a very underrated car from that era but also a car that was in a really tough market for completion.
  11. Yes been closed a while now sadly. RBS has even closed in town but you can use NatWest, sad times. Hi from a fellow Swansea (west) person!!!
  12. Don't they claim the one of the IKEA brothers who owns it drives a 20yr old Volvo? I often think that these are the sensible people in life as often the cars they drive were good cars back in the 80's/90's and not cheap but still from am era where you can actually fix them and not fret too much of you get a dent or scratch on one. Plus I bet the average burglar thinks the people are worth fuck all who own them and move onto the new Audi Q798351/BMW M2.34579 on the drives house only to find a dripped up 99" TV rather than 1989 Volvo boy who has a priceless price of artwork in his hallway!!!
  13. Great looking cars these and for that money you really can't go wrong. The 1.8t is a great unit, also ok on fuel, no major nasties apart from am oil pick up pipe/gauze block I think. Quite common from memory.
  14. Mercedes 200d (current car C220CDi AMG Line). Also have an Avensis Estate so something like a Toyota Crown Estate, Seat Ibiza cupra, equivalent golf GTi Mk1, sapphire cosworth, no real equivalent, suspect a Lotus Cortina as mentioned previously.
  15. I've got one of his advent calendars !!!!
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