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  1. Would personally agree 100% with this, they have just enough comfort items like central locking, pas etc too make it easier to drive but still that nice narrow pillar/noise of the engine vibe. I haven't driven about in any of mine for years but the last time I took the E36 out it felt fantastic. Very different to a proper classic though granted, even driving a series 1 rs turbo back in '99/y2k felt quite tiresome. Yes it got great looks, went like fuck and handled superbly but parking it was a pain and it didn't like to start easily from cold being an old kjet, never failed just took a few churns. The 2wd cossie felt like a spaceship in comparison with it's pas,abs, electric everything, big seats and so on. I still have a 4wd one but will admit I bought it due to nostalgia from the moonstone blue 2wd I had but after an Impreza it felt very plain. Still cool as fuck though.
  2. Yeah electrical contact cleaner would have been the stuff, not quite as harsh but either way for the money it's worth replacing it. Check all the connectors to it as well, that a pin hasn't crushed or wire become brittle. They're decent cars these and you're halfway there in that it starts runs and drives by the look of things 👍🏼.
  3. I can't believe I mixed this thread after it got moved to the main section. Did you ever find the wiring diagrams for it? There's most likely a joint point you could test for continuity at for the park/neutral switch? And if so link accordingly. These fucking schoolboy rover electronics teachers who put all this daft unproven tech in it need their heads wobbled. If you find them in still more than happy to trawl through and give you some ideas. I know it's turned out to be a piece of shit but a running or at least trying to run piece of shit is worth a lot more than a non running piece of shit 🤣🤣.
  4. My old ml wouldn't either, I think it's pretty standard on most moderns 👍🏼
  5. Yeah used to be a thing in the 90's/00's but not so much now for some reason, all this unlock with your phone bollox.
  6. My oh my, still hot now.
  7. Who is that? What an outfit 🥵🥵🥵🥵
  8. I have these on my Merc, but povvo spec ones get them on the seats themselves. I think it's an infinitely better idea than putting them on the seat when you inevitably have to move to the most awkward place to even find them, then adjust your seat to suit you in an awkward position as well. On the door another good thing is that if another driver is 2'1" and you're 6'7" you can move the seat while the door is open so on the right place when you get in. My son sits in a such a way in the car that I feel physically sick when I get in, like I'm being choked, seat back a bit as he's tall but the backrest feels like it's leaning forward, it's hideous. I drive gangsta style with the seat chilled out so having that feature is really useful. Only bugbear is that I feel they could have put it on the remote so it detects who's keys they are and sets it up ready. Had a similar feature on my old Grand Cherokee and thought it was pretty cool. Citroen looks lush by the way, well bought.
  9. This arrived on time and I tested it yesterday, wow what a piece of kit, covers 30 systems 😱😱😱😱. Car has more historic faults than a 13yr olds homework but nothing that truly scares me. Highly recommended for this class of car. Cost £150 with the adapter but I did but an adapter for £8 I'm yet to try them the unit is only £99+8 so £107. I'll report back when done. Mightily impressed.
  10. Got all excited when I saw the postie about to deliver my icarSoft dongle as it said by 1:06pm and this was 1:05pm but alas it was only some wallpaper samples. A bit concerned I checked my emails only to find out it's by 1:06pm Saturday 😬😬😬
  11. Things are slowly improving with this car after a bad couple of weeks. Drove into work one morning at about 4am and hit a huge puddle on the motorway, car did well, no aquaplaning or the like but it did some damage to the bumper ripping it off its side mount, rusted away bolts but typical of this era Merc, easily fixed.... Probably why I still haven't done it 😬😬😬. But worse was to come, got into the work carpark and heard a knocking sound, steering felt dreadful. Checked later on and the wheel had about 10mm movement top to bottom 😬😬😬. Thought the bearing hub but may have worked loose as I'd checked and greased these a week previous but actually it was the exact opposite, almost welded on 😱😱. Ummed and ahhhed but couldn't get a bearing kit for it anyway so took the decision to drive it home slowly and stop regularly to check. No issues to be fair but it needed some attention as you could see/hear the wheel. Next day I needed to take doggy out for his morning walk and thought I may as well use the Merc and I'll get the parts for the car afterwards. This highlighted (yet) another issue, everytime I took a sharp left-hander, it cut out and took a while to restart. FFS. I had noticed the fuel guage was down at just under 1/4, as I'd come home on cruise at 60/65mph it hadn't really moved so I didn't stop to fill. This was then getting worse and as nobody seems to understand hazard lights on mean you're stopped/broken down, I just kept getting beeped and shouted at, karma I suppose as I'm a bit of an angry driver most of the time with bellends. Nursed it home and parked it, pissed off, in the street facing downhill. Got wheelbearing etc in my other car, they were something silly like £18 a side so I got two. Went to get the nut off, no fucking chance, I'd have to cut the hub. Ah ok, let's get a new hub as well.... hang on, the spindle bit is part of the knuckle and that's the bit I'll need to cut ideally? MEGA FFS!!! At this point I try to start the car to turn the wheel and it won't go. Considering car take back options and realising the chances of getting a new knuckle are non existent, I can it a rainy day fucked off and put it back as was. Turns out this era of Merc all pretty much use the same knuckle and I found a 37k mile spare on eBay for £65 delivered, fantastic service and it even had an as new Merc brake backing plate on it. Winner. Easy to fit really, even the bolts weren't awfully tight, had to replace one as it was spinning. Car now drove nice and after lowering it to the ground, it started ok? Hmmm. Lift pump maybe? Well, these have mechanical lift pumps in the engine bay but nothing in the tank HOWEVER Google fu found the estate tank to be different and a known design error meaning below 1/4 it starves the engine on left handers 😱😱. So that fix is to keep it above half. With the new knuckle it drove great. Only other issue was the under cover detached on the Severn bridge 😬😬😬. I managed to salvage it at a safe place and I'll fix it back together in work when I can. Got an icarSoft dongle thing coming today that's apparently the dogs for this model, should let me know why it has an airbag light and abs light on the latter only occurring after the hub fault so should be easy to fix. The undertray has hidden a few horrors but nothing terminal.......yet.
  12. I know what you mean but at an industrial level. We interrogated some Siemens plc stuff the other day despite my direct boss saying I couldn't do it " just incase". Well right now there's no wiring diagram and no support in anyway so what realistically are my choices? Factory can't run without it so let's go. Waited for him to fuck off and job jobbed, found the fault in minutes and fobbed him off. Reason being is we keep telling them they need it but they keep coming up with excuses why they don't then it goes down MEGABAD and it's all hands to the deck.
  13. I'm looking at an icarSoft hand held jobbie for the 202 series as it has the 38pin socket. I've got the Delphi knock off stuff but haven't had a chance to fully install it on my laptop yet, however with the expert help of @StankyI have a chance 🤣🤣. I just quite like the hand held one as mine seems to like to fail on the fly 🙄🙄🙄. Apparently the icarSoft for that age is really good, accesses all modules and works really well. There's a fair bit of YouTube reviews on it and all give great feedback, one even goes out and actually plugs it into his car of that gen to prove it unlike a lot of them who shove the reader straight into a brand new model. I had a 1999/2000 ml that oddly had the proper 16 pin obd 2 port whereas this is the older style, my guess is due to the model starting in 1993 as opposed to 1998 and the handheld icarSoft a mate lent me was fantastic, reset and accessed all systems.
  14. A guy in my old unit share, who was also a fucking bellend, had one with the 3.0. Utter crap, roof fucked, brakes fucked, sounded shit, paint was awful, always needed consumables. He thought he was the fastest car in the world as well when in reality it was very average. Not a patch on the previous E36/39 gen cars. I know you bought yours for the right price so you can tolerate it but they're nowhere near as good as the rep they gained in the 80's/90's. My aunt bought one and I test drove it, the 3.0 back in 2011. It went really well and felt solid back then but wasn't long before bits started breaking on it and it just never had the appeal of the earlier models for me, felt a bit too corporate. I still like BMW though, I think my only really irrational hatred is for VW transporters as to me they do absolutely nothing better than a whole host of other vans in the same category for at least double the price yet the owners think they're in some kind of super club where EVERY other VW van owner loves each other and it's all the summer of '67 again. The reality is that the engines are shit, they have a host of stupid faults that never seem to get resolved like abs sensors, EML crap, rattly horrible engines, underpowered and also for me I find them terribly uncomfortable. Living in the countryside as well and near a surfers beach it's even worse in the summer when they turn up mob handed doing 30 in a 60. Watching 4 of them get out of the van after a night does always amuse me though, they look like they've had about 20 minutes sleep 😂😂😂😂😂, although no doubt telling their friends in work how wonderful it is to get away and "experience" the outdoor lifestyle whilst traveling somewhere pointless 30 miles from home each weekend to justify owning one. Then to drive back down the M4 at 50 behind a lorry to try and save fuel or because it's gone into limp mode again. Wank.
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