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  1. @DavidBfantastic work on a great looking car. I had a fettled gsi in silver back in the day, proper went like fuck but it was as rusty as that one with worse arches on a G plate in I think 2004 🤣🤣🤣. Had a cav turbo interior in leather as well, those seats were lovely. Think I gave a grand for it 🫣🫣🫣🫣..... Sold for the engine to a lad from Ireland who came over on the ferry, lovely bloke and his sister was a lovely girl as well.
  2. In my experience that's highly unlikely. Agree with everything you've said as regards the MOT system being kept as is but in almost every car I ever had come though as damaged I can't ever recall an assessor looking at anything to do with roadworthiness. Half/60% of the time if the car was over a certain age they'd just turn up to check it was what it said it was and write it off there and then, I think one guy asked me over the phone what I thought, told him, he agreed and he never even turned up!! Rarely do assessors turn up within a week, really on the ball insurance companies maybe 3-5 days. By that time the car could have theoretically almost been stripped bare of decent tyres, battery, stereo (probably not so much these days 🤣🤣), goodies and the like. Poor cover from someone like Fresh insurance? Sorry sir/madam but you failed to tick the recovery home option so your car will stay at the side of the road/layby until Monday when our own "team" will collect it, despite the windows being smashed from the crash leaving any local scumbag to strip out what they want undisturbed. It's shocking how little they care about such things, really is and I'm not condoning it. Remember you don't even need a MOT to be using the car on the road (of course under certain circumstances) and bald tyre limits are very debatable unless the assessor turns up with a depth gauge, something I'd never seen in practice. This was 10 or so years ago but I'd doubt anythings improved much, probably gone the other way with the time Vs money culture... and of course pictures being able to be sent off the damage rather than someone turn up in person.
  3. I'd agree, I reckon £12-13k max. There's a Volvo V70 on an 11 plate for £14k 😂😂😂😂😂. I think it's done about 77k as well so hardly super low miles.
  4. You've won by FAR 😱😱😱😱. £8k for a 2003 TT. WOW.
  5. Sorry they don't have an actual website but I'd say the Mondeo is still there, probably gone up during COVID 😂😂😂. I'll get some "live" prices when I'm back 😉😉
  6. £2895 for an 07 Megane anyone? Seem to think someone's sister was worrying about getting a grand or two earlier for a 14 plate Juke?
  7. This place to be fair have been trading for years, so they must do something right, but I do often drive past and have a good chuckle at their prices. https://www.facebook.com/252112938263150/photos/a.253337344807376/745289942278778/?type=3 To be fair, post COVID some seem almost plausible but £3k for an 05 Fabia? Base in doom blue? Come on 🤣🤣🤣. Even in COVID madness that's a max of £1995 on a forecourt surely? Probably £600 on here!! There was an RR Sport in there the other day but I couldn't see the price as it was frosted over but on a 56 I'd bet it was still £10k or the like. They don't seem to have an amazing website but they go as "ENSIGN GARAGES". The petrol station near me used to have some mental prices but in their defence they were only really selling the cars for the customer and taking a cut, the R reg metro /rover 100 for £4995 at 9yrs old always makes me smile, I think it was there for about 3 years. Surely they can't be the only ones? What ones do you have in your area that still think a mk6 Fiesta 1.2 is worth £5995?
  8. Christ that would take him double that now with all the restrictions 😳😳😳
  9. Well shows what I know, that seems vAlu to be fair and it looks like you've sorted a lot of the issues for the new owner.
  10. I can't believe that's only done a 100k miles 😳😳😳. Great efforts on it by the way. I was thinking of chopping in my Patner HDi on a 54 plate for something like this but I don't think I'll bother now 🤣🤣, seems like a lot of hassle for what I'd consider to be a modern car. I bet that's still way over £10k 🤔🤔🤔
  11. Fair play 👍👍👍. This was one of those online things, car take back I think when I was in Newbury.
  12. Yeah i think it is but classed as auto. Maybe on the Sri model it was a sport* feature. Will admit I did lust over one of those when they came out.
  13. Great vans them, take some serious abuse as well.
  14. Thinking about it that does make sense. Last one I scrapped paid me before they collected it oddly 🤔🤔🤔
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