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  1. AX Forte, the stuff of dreams for me as a 17/18yr old lad in 1993/4 when I think they first came out. Mate of mine had one and I can remember him harping on about buying a new car that did 0-60 in 10 seconds but was only a 1.1 😂. It was actually his dad who bought it but he drove it all the time. It was way quicker than a 1.1 had any right to be plus the wider steels made it handle really well. Started my apprenticeship at 19 and a lad had an AX GT which was a very capable car but no match for my FIAT Uno Turbo in a straight line (understandably) but far superior in the bends. He sold the AX and bought a really nice Uno Turbo instead but in typical Uno fashion you never had clean finger nails as they were laughably unreliable although incredible fun when they worked which was about 75% of the time. Never went in a standard one as they were so easy to modify, 1 bar boost was available by bending the wastegate arm! Years later another lad I knew put a turbocharged Saxo engine in an AX which he claims was the fastest car he'd ever been in, something I wouldn't argue with. Overall for me a very underrated car from that era but also a car that was in a really tough market for completion.
  2. Yes been closed a while now sadly. RBS has even closed in town but you can use NatWest, sad times. Hi from a fellow Swansea (west) person!!!
  3. Don't they claim the one of the IKEA brothers who owns it drives a 20yr old Volvo? I often think that these are the sensible people in life as often the cars they drive were good cars back in the 80's/90's and not cheap but still from am era where you can actually fix them and not fret too much of you get a dent or scratch on one. Plus I bet the average burglar thinks the people are worth fuck all who own them and move onto the new Audi Q798351/BMW M2.34579 on the drives house only to find a dripped up 99" TV rather than 1989 Volvo boy who has a priceless price of artwork in his hallway!!!
  4. Great looking cars these and for that money you really can't go wrong. The 1.8t is a great unit, also ok on fuel, no major nasties apart from am oil pick up pipe/gauze block I think. Quite common from memory.
  5. Mercedes 200d (current car C220CDi AMG Line). Also have an Avensis Estate so something like a Toyota Crown Estate, Seat Ibiza cupra, equivalent golf GTi Mk1, sapphire cosworth, no real equivalent, suspect a Lotus Cortina as mentioned previously.
  6. I've got one of his advent calendars !!!!
  7. TOTALLY different car but exact same fault years ago with an Audi 90 coupé, twas a failed coil, died whilst out, no start. Would sometimes start from cold, then not. Thought it was the k-jet thing at first, tried all sorts of things but nae joy. Tried an old coil from an Orion and she fired up straight away, no further issues. Maybe worth a try???
  8. Not the A model thankfully!!! There's a guy I work in the same department with and he's got a newish Q5 with 4 baldies on it Plus he's on good money so no excuse Trouble is he's not the type to take it in context if I mentioned it to him, he'd just get all shitty. Might just leave a note on his windscreen as they are proper slicks!!
  9. To be fair they aren't TOO hard to work on as the front bonnet comes off pretty easily to give loads of access (not necessary really on just a box) then it's nuts and bolts stuff. Certainly doable on the drive, deffo in the garage and with a lift it's pretty pips. I changed a seized* engine in one with my mate and it was out on the floor within a couple of hours or so (admittedly using a 2 post lift)...... Unfortunately when he swapped over the engine the next day he decided to see what was causing the seizure on the old one, yes jammed solid as diagnosed by the garage, however after removing the gearbox and starter it miraculously started turning over by hand. Starter tested, seized solid..... Ooops. Still it ran nice afterwards and the other engine was sold on eBay.
  10. Yep same with me also on a Vito. Took all of 3 attempts to get used to it. However, I've somehow broken the plastic pull handle on it which makes a lot "trickier". I barely use it though, many years of cars with crap handbrakes made me use the "fast foot" method. Again no real issues. Must say though agree with all of the above, Mercs should come with an auto box as standard, the change on my c220 CDI is instant, press a button on the stalk in traffic and your in park or tap it upwards to get neutral, easy. If you hold the foot brake on for a few seconds it holds by itself as well. I was so impressed with the pull select drive and pull off, handbrake releases automatically until I literally read above our friends in the USA have had this for 50 years!!!!
  11. My son's a class had this, worked brilliantly.
  12. But as I've worked in the same place for over 2 years I can no longer claim expenses unless it's a commercial vehicle or a hybrid/full LECK-TRICK which just doesn't stack up for me therefore I bit the bullet and bought a 64 plate euro 6 Merc c220cdi which I love. I raided the old moneybox etc and only ended up needing about 55% on a loan which I'm happy with. It's really just a personal car but even when I looked at moving on to reactivate the expenses the wages were a bit lower plus less hours so in the end I saved on one bit lost on another. Plus I get 0/t rates where I am which are silly really so it yields a decent quick call injection when required. This really is surplus now so any offers considered, be such a shame to bridge it.
  13. WTAF Never knew that engine went back so far. But of a bargain and only mildly pineappled.
  14. Ah that would a great idea, I took the thermostat out anyway to prove/alleviate the problem which did work sort of so I know how easy it is to remove!!!! What I should also confess is that I thought the thermostat was actually at the end of the head so I removed that waterway manifold thing just to find it wasn't behind it....... Yeah I know, ten minutes on the web etc.
  15. Apologies for the essay, just a lot easier than a million questions. Cars lovely and clean inside now as I wet vacced it to try out my new machine.
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