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  1. Not sure where exactly but I have a decent USA model of the pt cruiser I'd be happy to send to you for free if I can find it. It maybe bigger than the little dinky sized ones though? My son is currently clearing his loft so it may turn up sooner rather than later πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Free of charge as I've really enjoyed reading the thread πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.
  2. I did some minor bodywork on one of these years ago, think it was a touch earlier than yours maybe a 54 plate? Anyway the guy I did it for didn't really like the car and offered it to me for the cost of the repairs and I think Β£300 on top, told him I'd think about it, I still had it another day to hand it back to him. I loved the way it drove, great on fuel, looked good, plenty of room and power, dog loved it too but it started doing that wierd thing you're describing a few hours before I was due to make a decision. Then it started playing up not recognising the key card, then it said there was an injector fault on the dash then after a quick battery off and on it worked so I drove it straight over to him and said I wasn't really interested. He had it a few weeks of perfect ownership then the exact same thing happened but it had to be recovered and the root cause never found. Shame as when working they are really fantastic cars.
  3. Very good cars and you've made the right move going for a pez version. They had a really bad rep years ago but totally unjustified and most of the major issues have an easy workaround. I really fancied this at the time but with my mileage I couldn't even consider it. Still the ultimate all round car IMO, and fair play can they stand up to a good bump. Ace off road too compared to the hapless X5, have a YouTube for a good laugh, ours drove in the snow exactly the same as in the dry.
  4. To be honest though, when I bought my 3 yrs old at the time merc there were lots of small things wrong with it that we agreed would be sorted before I collected it. They did a few bits but not ask so rather than reject the car they agreed to get it repaired at merc and they'd pay the bill which they did. I couldn't really argue with that other than they had it for 2 weeks before I could collect and the salesman even asked me to delay it a week so he could be there at the time.... Then he didn't bother turning up to work. Been a great car otherwise though, I can't fault it, just wish I could afford an extra version for me 🀣🀣🀣
  5. Love the concentration on the daughter but she'll be ok as gran is supervising!!! Great skills to learn that stay with you a lifetime. Lovely to see.
  6. I went to look at a Z4 before with my uncles 2nd wife. It was ok, nothing really wrong with it to be fair but the salesmans bollox about a FSH did make me chuckle. I looked through the book and at 7 years old it had been serviced twice. I said to him "thought this one was FSH mannie" (as he was fae BUCKIE KENNNN??), "Aye it is, they're every 2 years now and 25k miles". Are they really? Car was bang on though so she bought it anyway despite trying to knock £2k off for cash, he was at least honest about that and said he'd rather she financed it 🀣🀣🀣. I buy a car as a car, not from the person selling it,been to plenty of old boys houses in nice areas and bought a pile of shit and conversely met dodgy as fuck boys in petrol stations turning up with 4 mates driving round endless roads to turn up at a rough as fuck garage in some sink estate only to buy a cracker of a car. Not very auotoshite but be prepared to walk away. I see so many folk on here put onus on a car having all round Michelins as a "sign it's been cared for" but I'd be more interested in a receipt for a clutch or timing belt. Often those same folk seem to find a few hidden nasties soon after that end up costing them dear, but surely the seller didn't know it was fucked as he lived in a nice house in the Cotswolds? Be aware that sometimes really well off people have kept their cars going on a shoestring each year until mot man says "get rid" as they don't see the point of spending £60k on a car every year when the volvo estate just keeps on going. Now if they've done that for 20 years, why have they suddenly decided to buy a brand new one? I've found decent sellers are usually those who are just honest about the car and it's faults, the Partner I just bought is a good example, it wasn't perfect but they did undersell it a bit IMO however he was very honest and said despite the low miles they've put on it, it hasn't had a belt done and needed a few bits for the mot they got done as part of a service beforehand. He didn't ask for a deposit, just a good old fashioned handshake. Can't fault it.
  7. I'd agree with @sierramanthat most modern stuff goes through with only service items required, emissions can be a bit trickier I suppose. I'd also agree with @beko1987that French stuff usually defies the odds every mot time. For example both my Berlingo and Partner passed the mot and the horns broke within a week, well in fact my Berlingo horn broke as I left the mot centre. Even the EML and airbag light went off by themselves on the way there (and haven't come back on). When I owned Fiat's and Ford's back in the 90's/00's it was always a huge gamble come mot time, both usually on rust but fiat's just seemed to fail on almost everything, really didn't like our roads back then hence so few survived from that era. Ford's were usually terminal rust or lower arms, rest seemed OK. Most jap cars I've had have gone straight through, same with German stuff aside from my ML which was always suspension stuff, usually every second mot. The roads round here are dreadful though and I think ECP shit didn't help. Vauxhall usually really good too, never seen a hint of rust on an 00's one underneath, although I'm told rusty subframes are a thing on them. Still shocks me how many people bin off a 7-8yr old car that needs Β£500 spent on it for the mot, almost always due to owner neglect in the first place and go and get another on pcp. I used to see it a lot with 3yr old cars when I worked in Ford, people part ex'ing for fuck all because it needed 4 tyres and service, maybe brakes and a lower arm. They'd always have the same excuse "the mot man said get rid of it now, it's going to cost you a fortune next time", on a 4yr old mk1 Focus ? That car is probably still going without a care in the world!!! I get it off you know nothing about cars but I always take mine to the same mot centre 15 miles away as their 100% fair, don't really do repairs unless it's tyres/exhausts and will always try to pass rather than try to fail.
  8. https://www.205gtidrivers.com/forums/topic/62013-cti-electric-hood-wiring/ Sounds like it's hydraulic and has two relays behind a light cluster that corrode. Good luck, sounds an easy fix.
  9. - Assuming it's electric operated only!! My guess would be as it's DC, the switch simply reverses polarity to drive the motor in the other direction. I would look at the hood motor itself and see if you can swap the wires round on it. Press the down button again and it should drive the motor in the other direction and raise the roof. - Assuming it's hydraulic (this is a general explanation). The button gets pressed for up and motor should turn the pump which should give pressure to system, usually via a valve to operate the cylinder/ram which extends and lifts the roof. When the roof reaches full height, the motor shuts off or relieves back to tank as full pressure is met so rather than blowing oil out of the top, it just circulates around the system. When the motor stops turning, a solenoid operated valve "shuts in" and holds the roof in place. To lower the roof, Usually pressing the down button simply opens the solenoid valve and relieves the oil back to tank from the cylinder hence pulling the roof open but if its an awkward design or the roof needs to open quickly, the hydraulic system could have a "2 position valve" or a 4/2 valve (4 ports/2 position) which is solenoid operated. The system produces pressure up the the valve block and the solenoid decides which way the oil travels in the cylinder, to the top for down, to the bottom for up. Faults - If it is pressure up and relief down, most likely relief stuck open so can never make pressure therefore never lift. It should still make a noise but not so anything. Pump makes no pressure, won't lift again. If solenoid operated, the up solenoid could either fail or the wiring to it but the down be ok, if that's the case, swap the solenoids around and it should go up but not down. The wiring from the switch to the up solenoid could be open circuit. The up part of the switch could be open circuit but down ok. May sound a bit complicated but it isn't really, all pretty basic stuff however a proper overview of the system would be really helpful.
  10. Vaguely recall that vet bloke who used to rebuild things and built a land rover from scratch into a heritage shell having this issue, albeit the other way around with his Landy simulating low pressure on its first outing. They traced it to a dodgy oil PRV and once fixed all was well. One good thing about cars of this era is you can actually fix such things yourself which you certainly seem hugely capable of and that looks gorgeous, will worth fixing. I'd guess the support for the V8 is great as well. Mad how things go wrong at MOT time. I had a 520i E34 estate (wank cars, don't believe the hype, particularly with that engine) which I went through with a fine tooth comb prior to the mot then on its way over, the handbrake suddenly decided it needed 200 clicks to actually work, the brake light switch failed and it started idling like a pile of crap and stalling, no prior warning at all. Failed is mot of course but only on the brake items. Sorted them out and the idling problem never really returned in anger, very odd. Still a bag of wank car though. One car make I will say will reward you on the mot is Citroen , took my berlingo over with a very iffy horn and airbag light coming on and it worked for the mot and then broke on the way out of the test station as I tried to beep the lads to say thanks 🀣🀣🀣. French cars are like that though.
  11. Blimey they made some beautiful cars.
  12. In all fairness, the price doesn't seem bad at all, I'd say more sport territory but plenty of interest in these older beemers now and I wouldn't blame you for shoving the Β£1500 odd profit on top as you never know with older cars if that could bite you on the arse during the 3 month warranty.
  13. So, what did you actually pay for it as its the "cheapest one in Britain at the time"? Bit of a pointless claim otherwise 🀣🀣🀣.
  14. As for that engine I think it's excellent, I loved it in my 2001 Ibiza Cupra. I was going to mention it to you a few months back when I first saw you looking for something to avoid the CAZ but also a bit interesting. Sadly it wasn't in a ready to go state, it would have made a good project for you and been reasonably ......plus I'd already had two total and utter time wasters from this forum enquire so sold it elsewhere. I'd say with VAG as well that I always type the actual part number I need into the interweb as they cross match on so many cars that often an identical part is half or quarter of the price from one make to another. In the Ibiza the elec window switches fail and on ebay was showing about Β£30 a switch as they're unique* to that model, even Β£25 second hand and not guaranteed however a part number search revealed they were actually fitted to a facelift Polo of that era and I got them for Β£6 each delivered πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Same with the rear wheel bearings as they came complete with the hub they were about Β£50 a piece for the SEAT or Β£75 a piece for the polo πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„. Enginewise I never put a lot into mine, IIRC the model I had was about 156bhp out of the factory and I recall it being the smallest car they put that engine in so went really well, the 180bhp one should be great in a TT. As for value they've hit rock bottom I think. I remember about 5 years ago looking for a car to buy complete to put the 1.8t into my mk1 gti cab and the golf or A3 were the only ones I could find for about the 6-700 mark, tt's were still Β£1800-2k cars at entry level. Now, on the rare occasion you see a golf variant for sale they seem to hold their money well, even the A3's seem to fetch good coin if you can even find one. My suspicion is that when they went below a grand they started falling into the wrong hands and, like the early Imprezas, have now all but disappeared after being in abundance only about 10 years ago. I think the TT is now at an odd age where its not cool enough for young kids to lust after when they can just buy a fiesta st for "Β£250 a month", still seen as a bit of a hairdressers car to a lot of folk in their 30's and in my age group, 40's, I think they're just seen as a bit old hat leaving the market as quite limited. Mint ones will attract those who lusted after them in their teens /20's and now have a good bit of disposal income at their hands or over 50's who are just divorced but got no money and think they can impress a 25yr old hottie to piss off the ex wife in a semi midlife crisis stylee🀣🀣. Me I still think they look great, go well and have some great features, I'd love one but I would genuinely look like the 50yr old midlife crisis man above despite being in a happy relationship πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. My only surprise is you didn't say "BMW" or "Mercedes" drivers as well, yawn yawn. I got run off the road yesterday on a major roundabout near Frome in my Partner causing some damage to my wheel and despite flashing the driver for 5 miles gesturing to them to pull over, they just ignored me until I was able to pass and stop them. Denied all knowledge of course despite the fact I saw the look of horror in her and the 2 passengers eyes, watched her swerve back into the correct lane using no indicators, driving right round a roundabout without indicating in the outside lane and then try and put their foot down despite spending the first part of the journey at below 40mph in a 60. And what was she driving? A Rav 4. Not exclusive to any car make.
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