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  1. Oooooh a genuine sereck Swansea reg mk3 van, lovely...... Looks a total basket case though but already at fifteen hunna with 4 days to go 😱😱😱
  2. Pretty sure they all came with an auto choke, the manual ones that lit up on the stalk itself awere a really popular kit back in the 80's from motor factors as the autochoke ones were very unreliable from memory? Iirc any ford manual choke just had the symbol on the choke itself?
  3. I think I've got one of those in the garage you could have for free but it's the wrong period, mk4.
  4. Looking forward too seeing this in and around Mumbles /Gower when you get your turn to use it!!!
  5. Same colour as my two but with the hdi up front makes you a winnah. Jesus I must say there's not a hint of rust on either of mine, but Scottishland does seem to kill cars with excess road salt. Deffo worth saving as these things are ACE.
  6. Really love that, but 5k too much for me.
  7. Oh dear my little ditty earlier seems to have caused some debate. Firstly, the likelihood of any car simply being pressed straight back into service after standing for more than even a few years is very low. Even ignoring basic safety items the amount of perishable rubber alone that would need addressing is a few days work minimum. If the brakes haven't been used in a while they'll soon start binding and you'll need to do them anyway plus in truth, if you drive something older than 1980 you're probably into cars and would do such things anyway as let's face it most mot exempt stuff
  8. I remember junkman of this parish (in a previous life) doing just that with some old merc he had. Battery, fresh fuel, straight out of the garden it had been stored in for at least the last 10 years and put on the road..... I thought it was a cool thing to do anyway
  9. Tis a cracker that but the oil lamp would indeed trouble me as well as you just don't know and truthfully it's right at the top of the price range for one. Could be a dicky sensor but why doesn't the seller just change it and been done?
  10. A few lads in Ford had these back in the day when they were new and really rated them. I believe they went OK top end as well but were a tad thirsty.
  11. Nice but Reasons to buy from us Honesty, Trustworthy OAP pensioners who just want to spread JOY amongst Car & Van Buyers Old fashioned Courtesy with Straight talking Yorkshire born & bred Deals, tha buys it or tha doesnt Delivery nationwide by our mature Two Daves who’ll move heaven & earth to get the car to you quickly All Debit/Credit & Charge Cards taken, VISA, Mastercards, AMEX, DINERS, BACS, CASH Established in 1969~50 years Diamond Jubilee Year of trading Me & the Missus all over Yorkshire = FRO from me. Goes
  12. Swansea reg as well. My old neighbour had one in white... Thought it was a bag of shit compared to the old man's 2.0 GL cortina in auto flava. They did take us to Porthcawl fair in our once and the dash was cool at night.
  13. Put a best offer in of £795 and if he accepts happy days, otherwise, the usual ebay cheesenob.
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