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  1. mr_fish


    great find. always like a hedgerow/barn find!
  2. nice job paul. good to see a retro citroen kept on the road.
  3. Could be a cold start video on the horizon.
  4. Just needs a bit of positive pressure at the inlet to help it along. Keen to see this progress. Myself and a few other took one and a citroen BX around bits of europe for a couple years running.
  5. Brilliant, beats working on your back or side. Should be able to obtain a neat finish easier.
  6. from the damage to the car to the wall it looks like the offending vehicle transformed from a corsa to a lorry.
  7. Took an old Lexus and a Merc to Switzerland Hills were a bit steady with the 6 cylinder NA Merc
  8. The 2.0HDi is seriously understressed. stage 1 remap really does wake them up. I'd recommend it.
  9. so.much.beige! 505 would be awesome. Dont see many floating around the forums.
  10. hah, yeah think it was you who mentioned this forum. Actually got around to looking it up. some of the threads on here are entertaining. Yeah unfortunately the 306 scene is quietened down now.
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