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  1. Cheers guys! Appreciate all the interest and support over the years on this thread. There were many times where I wondered if I'd ever get this far. Being able to post here really helped with the motivation and help me stay focused on what I was going to do next. I knew it would run once I put the heads on and turned it by hand but it's always a nervous moment. Until that oil pressure gauge shoots up you can never be 100% sure. I've still got lots of bits and pieces left to do but I'm a very happy man. I'm leaving it on the axle stands for now and will finish up everything under
  2. Its running! Pulled some late nights and fitted the gearbox, driveshaft and exhaust ready for the big moment. Doesn't matter how many times you do it its always a bit scary. This one especially being my own car! Here's a short vid of the first cough then start and some initial tuning. First Start.mp4 I'm now working my way through the various jobs left to do including some engine teething issues such as... Fuel leak from carb - already fixed it, filter bolt wasn't tight Valve clearances need doing Oil leak from crank pulley due to it being in very poor condit
  3. Continued doing various small jobs all over the place. The seats now have the plastic side trims fitted. These are usually broken to some extent but luckily I had some spare ones and made an almost perfect set. The engine is now ready to start. Everything is fitted/connected and I've filled it with coolant and oil. I've also put some ATF in the power steering and will top that off once its running. The gearbox is ready to go back in so a few more hours and I should be ready to turn that key. The oil is Millers 10w40 which is the recommended grade for these engines. C
  4. I've had the radiator reconditioned. I'm not 100% sure if it came from this car but it is the right size and bolted up no problem. Finding all the bits has been a challenge on this build. I'm told the engine & bay came apart in 2007 so that's a lot of unlabelled stuff sitting around for a very long time. I've cleaned up the power steering pump. I'm going to try my luck and just see how it holds up. Feels fine, I just hope it doesn't leak. With the pump fitted I've continued to fit the rest of the hoses and lines. Mostly new stuff has been fitted with one origin
  5. Temporary battery for now. I'll get the right square post battery towards the end of the restoration. Just my hours are in the count as I don't know how long the other jobs like sand blasting, powder coat, engine block, seats, radiator etc have taken. At a guess I'd say its probably another 80 hours or so from various services.
  6. Continued building the engine over the course of the week after work and installed it late Thursday night. Various parts fitted such as the distributor, fuel pump, fan, brackets, manifolds etc. Its all either new old stock or reconditioned with a wire brush and a lick of paint. I've stuck with original spec stuff like the crack prone exhaust manifolds. Keeps it looking the part. The star shaped water outlet is on upside down and was corrected later. I'll be sticking with points and condenser. I have plenty of motorcraft ones in stock and it gives me something to tinker wit
  7. I've also got the engine back. The block has been acid dipped and bored out to +1mm. It certainly looks a lot better than it did a few months ago. Gave it a lick of paint. Factory colour for these in 75 was black for just about everything. I'm painting the bits separately so stuff like core plugs and bolts stand out. Looks a little more interesting/professional than a big lump of gloss black. Changed the crank gear to this new one as I have a matched replacement timing wheel to go with it. Crank, bearings and caps installed Replaced the camshaft. The
  8. Got the seats back. They've had quite a bit of work. Certainly miles better than how they were before. Wasted no time in installing them as I'd cleaned & painted the relevant hardware in advance. Very comfy and now have some actual support. The rear bench was originally so bad you hit the floor pan.
  9. Engine work is still ongoing. Current status is acid dipping to remove all that rust. I've located all the parts and it was quite a challenge as I've been looking for decent stuff and not the new unbranded repro stuff. The pistons & cam where the hardest to locate. I ended up getting +1mm pistons in the end. As far as I know this is the last known oversize set in the UK. Wasn't cheap... These are KS pistons. The box looked about 20 years old but they're in mint condition. Come with rings and pins of course. The steering rack has come back from the specialist.
  10. More progress has been made. The steering rack has been sent away for an overhaul. It didn't look very good and last saw fluid over 10 years ago. If it leaks its a bugger to get out again so I decided to get it refurbished. That should be back in the next week or two. The car has been moved from the dark corner to one of the other workshops. I then continued with the polishing now I have much better light. Caught any edges I missed and set to having another go at the bonnet. I was well nervous when I did this the first time around. Since then I've had much more practice so set
  11. I've gone the other way and while sticking to the factory colour scheme I've been taking more time with the paint. Everything is taken back to bare metal, etch primed and given a heavy top coat with lacquer on top in some cases. For the engine I'm just going with satin black for brackets & tinware with gloss black enamel for the intake, block and heads. A factory finish looks amazing but in practice lasts about a year. I want to drive the car quite a bit so I'm doing everything I can think of to make the finishes last as long as possible.
  12. Started the process of cleaning and painting all the various mechanical bits left. Nothing complex but it certainly takes a while when its all this rusty. The alternator will probably get rebuilt as its the original unit. I've been let down by too may ebay/cheapo/generic alternators & starters on classic cars. If possible I try to save the original ones as they end up being more reliable. Lots of cleaning with various air tools and brushes to get everything rust free. I've not painted the rocker covers or sump on the inside as I don't want to risk anything gettin
  13. We don't like them either. I've yet to meet anybody apart from the owner who does! Doesn't suit it, needs the steels back on for sure. He's also changed the steering wheel which is now too small and obscures the fuel gauge.
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