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  1. Another day completed on the car. It now has it's face back on! Previously I went through and cleaned up the engine bay wiring loom. I've now redone most of the loom wrap and installed it in the engine bay making sure it follows the original route. With the loom installed I can now begin to build the front end of the car. Once again various new parts are being used and I've also fitted lucas RHD head lamps. Getting all this stuff to line up can take a while. General fit of the indicator, lamps & chrome is usually quite poor on a Mk1 Granada. Its a few hours to get all the flimsy bits and pieces to line up properly. I've got as close as I can with this one, they don't typically get much better and I'm happy with the look. The grille is also a new part. The bumper is the original unit and has survived in excellent condition. It needs a final polish but I'll save that for later. Next up is the spot lamps which where available on the Granada S or as a dealer fit option. Without spot lamps I find these cars can look a bit dull at the front and luckily the previous owner had the same idea. Granada spec S lamps are very hard to find especially the brackets that hold them onto the car. Very happy to have these, looks much better!
  2. I'm going to stick with it, took me ages to find the correct carb for the car. You can set them up to work a bit better but I enjoy these sort of things. Gives the car character!
  3. It's basically a temperature controlled auto choke. Theres a water hose that runs through the carb on it's way to the heater box. As the coolant warms up a metal coil inside the choke should slowly release. However being a Ford this didn't happen often and a touch of the accelerator on warm up would knock it off completely and then the engine cuts out. The electric one isn't much better either.
  4. I've got quite good at fitting and gapping cars with painted panels thanks to that mentality. Met a few painters who just paint stuff on stands. You risk colour match problems, make my job difficult and all the bolts that should be body colour on the finished car are not. Didn't realize the colour was that short lived, my car was built in may 75. It should have a Solex 35EEIT carb which differ from the mk2s by having a water controlled auto choke rather than the electric one. Mine had a later unit but I managed to get hold of an earlier unit last week.
  5. I'm not sure. I just replace the foam, should last a good few years.
  6. Its left hand drive, car was sold new somewhere around Dortmund in Germany. Came to the UK in 1985 and came off the road in the early 90s.
  7. I got it from ebay went for the 4mm stuff. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Foam-Sheet-Sponge-Rubber-Grey-Extra-Sticky-Self-Adhesive-Plain-Gaskets-Seals/261530567751?hash=item3ce46fc447:m:mpzF0zdJgu_H2dpfidBqtSw
  8. As I cross over 900 hours work on the dashboard continues. I've now reached a point where I need to make a start on the engine bay & front end of the car. Before fitting the dashboard I need to go through and fit the interior heater box. This unit contains various flaps and receives air from the main heater box which lives in the engine bay. The flaps like most cars are covered in foam to keep them quiet when used and it also provides a better seal against incoming air from the blower motor. On cars of this age the foam is usually falling to bits so it's a good time to replace it. With the flaps removed I got rid of the old foam and wire wheeled the rust off. They were then painted silver. Some new foam and a massive clean to the rest of the parts means its can now go back together. I also cleaned, painted and checked over the controls for it. It's a tight fit in the car and goes in very similar to a Capri unit. I've chucked in the carpet at this point and will give it a serious clean later on. The ducting has also been cleaned & fitted. The dashboard itself can now go back in. This is another fragile part that I don't like sitting around so it's nice to have it safe back where it belongs. It was very dirty but cleaned up quite well. It has a few marks but in general its very good. The switches will be replaced with new ones. Time to look at some audio. The MK1 Granada doesn't offer much in terms of sound. At best you had a speaker under the dash and possibly another on the parcel shelf if you were lucky. I have everything I need to recreate the original setup for this car which just had the dashboard speaker. The electric aerial is from the 80s and might be fitted if it still works. I've not decided what to do here yet. For now I've fitted the speaker and will decide later on how to proceed. There are various options about but whatever happens I'll be keeping to the original look. I moved on and fitted the cardboard bulkhead and parcel shelf. Very happy with the parcel shelf. To have one unmarked with no speaker holes in it is almost unheard of. It'll be staying like that as I can hide speakers in other places. Spend the rest of my time going through the engine bay section of the wiring loom. I'll be making a few repairs and then it can go back in allowing for the front end of the car to be assembled.
  9. They went in quite easily. I had a decent sized heater in the car which kept things warmish. Took me a few sheets to get the hang of it, sticky stuff.
  10. I'm freezing my tits off instead! Had a heater with me in the car but all the heat buggered off through my missing side windows!
  11. I'm now at the stage where I can begin to build the interior. The roof, headliner and glass is done so now all the other bits can follow. First step is to get the sound deadening installed and run the wiring loom. Way back at the beginning of this thread I ripped up all the old tar based sound insulation so I could address the rotten floors & sills. I need to reinstate this stuff as it stops the panels from resonating & ringing. I'm using dodo hex mat as its quite a bit cheaper than dynamat. I've been more thorough than ford was so hopefully I should have a nice quiet car. Next I used the remains of the old underlay to make new versions in fresh material. This stuff acts as a second layer to help keep road & tyre noise away. In places I've used some of the original pieces due to the unique shape. I've still got to finish doing the bulkhead but I can now start the process of installing the wiring loom. It's in very good condition and I'll be cleaning & repairing any dodgy bits as I work my way through it. Took me all day to do that. Feels good on the knees, I can continue in comfort now, cheers.
  12. I'm very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time for that one! It came off the road before I was born but growing up in the 90s I of course saw the show and knew of the car. Ended up watching most of the episodes again to be sure I got the details right. It passed the mot shortly before the show so it's yet to have it's first decent test drive. I'm expecting the usual few niggles, but it's fun to work on for obvious reasons. I have driven it round the yard shouting Guv out the window and locking up the wheels for no good reason. Need to practice opening the door before that car actually stops and find somebody with an old Jag.
  13. Spent today continuing on the exterior trim work. I've now completed the vinyl roof. Started off repainting the door frame trims. These are chrome but series 2 cars (like mine) have black ones. It's the same chrome part, Ford just rattle canned them black for the series 2. Most of the black had come off so I decided to repaint the lot so it all matched. I also cleaned and fitted the front screen. Needs a more thorough clean but it's nice to have it back where it belongs. Treated myself to some new number plates. Period correct item having the plastic letters, just looks right on the car. Pictures of this car will circulate on the net when I've finished it so I see no point in obscuring the number plate. Took the sunroof apart and applied some fresh vinyl. I also cleaned & checked the various parts that make it work and fitted a new seal. The new seal is fatter than the original so despite overhauling everything it is very stiff to operate. It does fit very nicely though so I'm not that bothered. I'll just wind the window down. Very pleased with the roof. Probably start some wiring next time. If you made to the NEC this year you may have seen a certain Ford Consul GT at the entrance to hall 5. I built that car from a bare shell to what it is now. It's one of the reasons why I'm making good progress on the coupe as I know where a lot of the bits need to go. Will be heading to the show tomorrow so hopefully it's still where we left it!
  14. I put the Sweeney Consul back together over the past 4 years. The customer had limited budget so it was only worked on as and when funds where available. Restoration was started in about 2004 arriving with us as a repaired & painted shell ready for reassembly in 2016. Metalwork wise it was a mess. I've seen the pictures of it from 1989 and it was just a pile of rust. After it was sold out of the Ford press fleet in the late 70s it went through various owners who used it as a normal car. By 89 it was never going to pass another mot and if it wasn't for its history it would have been scrapped. Most of the exterior panels had to be replaced such as wings, bonnet, doors etc. The inner shell of the car is mostly original with the exception of the boot floor and one of the front chassis legs as they were too far gone to be of any use. Mechanically it’s original and rebuilt. I replaced the brake lines & a number of bushes/ancillaries but all the big stuff is original. Exterior trim wise I saved as much as possible and replaced only the bumpers, lights & some of the door handles. The wiring loom is original but overhauled/repaired Interior trim again I saved as much as possible but did have to change the headliner and various small parts. It still has its original door cards, glass, seats & carpet. Was a real challenge to do. If you replace the lot its not the original car and if you reuse everything you're told it looks crap and you haven't really bothered. Difficult to find the right mix of original & new... Spent most of Thursday polishing it. Nice to be able to finally talk about it!
  15. Yep, I've done quite a few windows now. You need to give them a good wack several times as they go in. If you're scared of the glass then you'll get nowhere. I find getting the windows out harder than putting them back in.
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