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  1. I might have made the odd scene with shite...
  2. Not the first time I've heard that haha. Glad you enjoy it!
  3. 375 miles covered since the last post. I put the daily driver in the garage and used the Granada instead. Its been very enjoyable and I've been keeping a close eye on how its doing. Since FOTU I've noticed a very slight hesitation just as you get on the throttle. It only existed in 3rd gear going from a 30 to a 60 and was barely noticeable so I didn't think too much of it. Last week on the way to work it turned into a more severe splutter/ hesitation at various speeds. Only when slightly on the throttle and you could just power through it. Knew it wasn't right so decided to take a look. First thing I found was a slight vacuum leak from the line running between the carb and the airbox. The airbox is very old so I wasn't surprised, blocked it off and adjusted the tune. Went for a drive and it wasn't that so I set to looking at the ignition as its running points and a host of ancient NOS components. The points were starting to pit a fair bit. I'd expect them to be better than that given the mileage. Usually means a bad condenser so I replaced both. I gapped the points and set the dwell. Handy to have this book as a cologne engine with points wasn't available on UK Granada's. It should be 38 degrees according to this. Went for a drive and it wasn't that so I decided the swap the coil. A weak one can cause issues with acceleration and while I had my doubts it only takes a minute to test. Went for a drive and sure enough it wasn't that so I changed the spark plugs just to be sure and it wasn't those either. I'd been thinking fuel for a while but didn't investigate as the fuel system is spotless and has been filtered since day one. The filter is before the pump for max protection and the pump is a new item. With the ignition system out of the picture it must be fuel related so I took the carb top off and removed the float to check the jets. Wedged in one of the main jets was what looked like some blue gasket sealer. No idea where that came from as I didn't use any on the restoration but there it is. The rest of the carb was squeaky clean so I put everything back together and went for a drive. It was indeed that starving the engine for fuel. I reckon I've picked up 15HP! It's always something stupid and I'm glad to have found it relatively quickly. I'll use the car again next week.
  4. I did just over 200 miles on a mix of roads and used 33 litres of fuel. I'm sure 5th gear is really helping the figures. A German roadtest of a 2.3 Granada got 32 mpg on a long run at a constant speed. Around town it was right down in the low 20s.
  5. Good news! The sun has revived the original dealer sticker in the back window. When I put the window in this looked really brown and washed out. Slowly over the past couple of months it's been coming back to life in the sun. No idea how that that works but I'm pleased. Here it is with a colleagues Maxi, doing our best to bring some style to the otherwise modern car park. Maxi gives the Granada a good run for its money on the twisty roads. Good fun! Done another 150 miles or so since the show. Still running well and I make sure to give it a good workout each time without thrashing it. Getting about 28mpg, on a run driving gentle I should be able to get 30 out of it.
  6. I fitted an 82 stat on Friday night before the show. I forgot how tricky these are to blead but I got there eventually. You always get a nasty airlock in the heater matrix on mk1s when the coolant is drained. Ford fitted a blead valve in the affected hose on later cars. Ran it round the block a few times and the temp stayed at half, with the 87 stat it would sit at 2 thirds or more. Set off the following morning on the 70 odd mile trip to FOTU. Performed really well on the A1 with the temp sitting at half or slightly under. Cruised at 70 running about 3k rpm thanks to 5th gear. Plenty of stop start traffic too and it wasn't bothered. I turned it off a few times in the queue to get in and it fired straight back up each time. That should be an end to any vapor locks issues, queue was quite handy to test that on reflection. A quick wax and rough clean of the engine bay to get rid of the water stains from the previous evening's thermostat fun and we're sorted. On the way back I passed the 1k mile mark since the restoration. I've not had any major issues and the car has gained my trust. I'll thin out the tool kit in the boot now!
  7. Made it no problems but got a bit worried in that bloody queue. Thankfully the temp didn't get much above half and the Granada ran fine. Apart from getting in it was a fab day out, so much variety.
  8. Hopeful I can make it. Booked for the concours ages ago but was unsuccessful as they were overwhelmed with entries for it. They sent an email saying I'd get a regular ticket instead but I've not received anything and now the event is sold out. I have chased of course, fingers crossed.
  9. Sort of but not really. There's a metal spacer that exists for vacuum purposes with a gasket either side. Wont do much in terms of heat protection.
  10. I did try driving quite a bit faster to get more cool fuel in the carb but I think it was too little too late. Many pops and bangs were had before it died at about 50mph. Handy as I could just roll to the nearest farm gate and stop. It already has a fuel return and the fuel boiled as a result of the engine just getting too hot. I'd rather it cut out and vapor lock before actually overheating in a cloud of steam and head gaskets. Its only a little engine so I expect the fuel in the float bowl lasts quite a while. I can help cool the carb by fitting a spacer block between it and the inlet. Fitting a revotec fan or similar is an option but the thermostat just opens too late for the cooling system to do anything. I'd just be cooling a radiator that's not being allowed to flow into the engine. Since wedging the thermostat open it runs cold at the bottom of the gauge. I can't even get a quarter on the gauge in stationary afternoon traffic. I'll do the thermostat and progress from there. Think I have a spacer block for the carb in my pile of bits so will try that if I continue to get problems with a stat fitted.
  11. I was running BP ultimate with Millers VSPe fuel additive when I broke down. It still boiled but the engine was certainly running too hot. Having a mechanical pump bolted to the site of the block doesn't exactly help. Main goal is to get the engine temp down as I don't like running cologne V6s hot. They can't take the abuse like an essex, much more fragile.
  12. I've done about another 300 miles since the last post. Generally using it as a car and mostly going back and forth to work. As the weather has been getting increasingly hot I've noticed the engine temperature creeping up a little bit each time. Was out for a jolly on a hot evening and the temp climbed over the 3/4 mark. This resulted in some quite spectacular vapor lock which lead to me being stranded in the middle of nowhere! I took the airbox off to have a look and the carb sounded like frying bacon. All the fuel in the engine bay was either boiling or full of bubbles. While the engine didn't actually overheat the fuel just couldn't handle the heat. Modern fuel boils at lower temperatures than the old stuff. Results are vapor lock being a much more common issue than it used to be. Nothing I could do apart from wait hours for the car to cool. So with it getting dark I phoned a mate and got a tow home via his trusty Rover Tomcat. Unfortunately it was so dark I didn't take any more pictures. I've jammed the thermostat open as a temporary measure. Car now runs at a quarter on the gauge in 30 degree heat and seems just fine. I've ordered a cooler stat and that should solve the problem. One fitted was an 87 so I'll go down to an 82 and see how things go. Apart from that I've no major issues and the car seems to be running very well.
  13. I'll certainly be keeping it for the time being. Working on it for as long as I have got me very attached to the car. I did consider selling if it turned out to be problematic, dull or difficult to drive. Truth is I love driving it and would drive it every day if I could.
  14. Since the last post I've been making the most of the nice weather and using the Granada to go to work. Been out in the evenings too and made sure to give it decent workout. I've covered another 200 miles and have been keeping a close eye on the car. For the most part it's been excellent and a real joy to drive. It's also slowly revealed a few small niggles which is to be expected for any car that's had a restoration. Spend the day going through some of the niggles and giving everything underneath a good look over. Well worth doing as you'll find stuff you didn't know about. In my case I found a small brake fluid leak from a fitting that needed tightening a bit more. Well worth taking the time to give things a thorough going over during your first 1000 miles of driving. Checked over the engine and pulled the plugs. I'm no expert when it comes to reading plugs but these certainly look happy to me. Timing looks close too with a colour change right on the 90 degree part of the strap. I also tightened the rocker covers as they were starting to weep a bit of oil. Checked the fuel filter and changed a section of line I wasn't happy with. Also performed various other small jobs. A bigger job concerned the diff. Whilst driving in 3rd or 4th gear at anywhere from 20 to 40mph there was a noticeable whine from the diff when you let off the throttle. I decided to sort it out as it can become quite annoying once you notice it's there. To fix I need to tighten the pinion nut a faction more. The will increase the preload and reduce or stop the noise. On a Granada this is a pain to get to as you have to split the diff to reach the nut. Drop the driveshaft, unbolt the diff from the beam, removed the large rear bushing bolt, remove the bolts attaching the extension housing to the diff and you can then tighten the pinion nut. I marked the position and added a touch more preload. Put everything back together and went for a test drive. Pleased to say 90% of the noise has been eliminated, I'll keep an eye on it but I'm happy I managed that on the first go. It's not something you want to do twice!
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