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  1. I wont be counting those! I'm now in the never ending cleaning and polishing phase. So far it's just a few dead bugs on the windscreen. I'll stick to driving in the nicer weather.
  2. Finally had a nice sunny day this weekend so I've put together a video. Still some tinkering to do and you'll notice I've not quite cured that exhaust rattle. Done 120 miles this weekend and it's been a joy to drive.
  3. I've had the car back at home for a while now. Still a few things to tinker with, there always will be on a car like this. Have been waiting for some better weather to get out and enjoy the car. First job today was the thermostat. I had a feeling it was stuck open and it certainly was. After changing that and bleeding the cooling system I changed the oil and filter. The engine was fully rebuilt so it's worth changing the oil as soon as its done a few heat cycles. Gets all the assembly lube and stuff out of the engine. I had a look at the exhaust and located the source
  4. Its in very good condition, almost rock solid. We're sorting out some corrosion on the front valence for the owner. Car was repainted a few years ago and has been done quite well.
  5. Well the moment finally came where I could go out for a test drive. I chucked some basic tools in the boot and set off onto tarmac for the first time in 26 years. On the first drive I found a few niggles but nothing serious. Made some timing and tuning adjustments along the way. Returned to the workshop and fixed the niggles over the course of an afternoon. I've since completed a second drive and covered about 50 miles or so without issue. Very pleased with the car and will be sorting out some proper video footage now I know it works. Engine is really smooth and
  6. After some very valuable tuition from a professional detailer I've had another crack at the polishing. I'm now much happier with it and look forward to getting out on the road. Its certainly not pebble beach but its good enough for me. Not bad for somebody who hadn't painted before.
  7. I've don't have any plans for another car straight after this project. I'm going to enjoy the Granada and get my weekends back. Another car project will probably happen at some point. I like most cars so would consider almost anything.
  8. Yes that's me. I'll be doing a video on the car once I get it out on the road.
  9. Longstone Tyres. They do all sorts of old style tyres in uncommon sizes. Vintage Tyres and Brockley Tyres are also worth checking out.
  10. Here's some pictures taken over the past 26 years. 1994 or close to it. Taken by Steve my boss at a show. Car came off the road not long after this was taken. Stickers relate to a charity run it did to Euro Disney or Disneyland Paris with some other cars. 2005 arriving with Dave the previous owner. Had sat in a garden from the mid 90s to 05. Non runner at this point due to failed water pump. Engine removed around 2006 or 2007, not sure. Unable to weld Dave begins collecting panels and parts for the restoration. 2015. Dave takes the car apart some mor
  11. Blimey! Already onto the next page in 2 days! Glad you guys like the car and have enjoyed the thread so far. It's been a crazy amount of work but I'm well pleased with it. The car is only part of it, all the skills learnt and stuff I've been able to do while building it. Good fun, an experience I'll never forget. This thread might be quiet for a few weeks while I finish the polishing and wait on the weather to improve. Don't fancy going out right now in all those salt ridden puddles! In the meantime I'll try to answer some questions... What's it worth? Super nice ones can
  12. Completed the last few jobs for assembly. Been saving some of these jobs for the end of the build. Went around the car and applied the relevant stickers for stuff like coolant and sunroof etc. Also fitted the ford stickers to the sills. These are a reproduction item as originals cost very silly money. Filled the glovebox up with tat! Cleaned the vinyl roof The tyres on the car were an ancient set of Viking Norways from 1985. I needed 5 new tyres and decided to fit some period correct ones. These michelin's would have been fitted to
  13. It has various security devices fitted. Sorted all that out some time ago. Cheers
  14. Thanks guys, glad you enjoy the thread! It's great to have finally reached this stage and I'm really looking forward to the first test drive on the road. I expect some teething issues but that's all part of the fun with a car like this. I bought the car very early in my restoration career and had no idea what I was letting myself in for. If I could go back to 2016 I would have certainly thought a little harder about buying it or not! Hopefully in the future some of you can see the thing for yourselves. I've no plans on locking it away and fully intend on driving and enjoying it
  15. I've done quite a bit more work since the last update. Over the past year or so since I painted it I've spent a lot of time with the car and got to know every defect no matter how small. Something I decided to do a while back was repaint both quarter panels when I had the opportunity. When I painted the car originally I had never done anything like it before. As a result my filler work was basic and only focused on areas I could see or feel. The results of that method are missing ripples and shallow dents. Once the paint goes all of them show up when you look down the side of the
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