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    cheap redex

    Can't beat an enthusiast de-coke down your local dual carriageway. Banging off the limiter at every gearchange soon sorts it.
  2. I have a very very basic bradex charger which my dad bought in the early 90s when we first had a car,he gave me it about 8years ago and it still charges anything to this day. I bought some dog sh1t effort from Lidl earlier in the year that blew as soon as I pressed start which reminds me I need a refund. My bradex has made batteries last that bit extra many times over many vehicles. All this new vandango stuff and that thing still owns them!!
  3. There's one in Bridlington about 20miles from me,prices look cheap and says you can keep/work on projects and restos there.Not sure how much that costs though. For me though it's dead money unless it's ultra cheap,I'm a Yorkshireman after all lol Plus what If you're doing a clutch and you end up getting given the wrong one and you have to leave it as the replacement is an overnight from Japan hobby? Then the savings suddenly become very embarrassing.
  4. Always makes me cringe when I see people using discs the wrong way too. As said,using without the guard is asking for trouble,they will ming your face if they kick back.
  5. I'll have number 11 please if there's PayPal
  6. Most recent was probably when I bought my new light board for my trailer,I parked it in the garage and used to drive my autograss nova onto it.Well this particular afternoon I decided to wheel spin all the way up my drive on the rev limiter like a clown and slammed on at the ramps,cool as ya like I started to drive on,pleased with my efforts and smoke Infront of my neighbours who regularly saw me giving it hell as they say.This time though I didn't put the rear feet down and as I got so far up the front end of the trailer suddenly smashed into the garage roof and the light board exploded into many many pieces.the bang it made was incredible.Lessons were learnt that day.....
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