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  1. Probably not the one with a mate (aye, sure!) called Chalky!
  2. I Is that the same J. Davidson that deal in scrap? If so the whole truck fleet is ridiculously well turned out for the sector they work in.
  3. Neighbours have smashed up an MG and an Audi in the last 4 months so we'll see what happens next renewal.
  4. Just for the contents, fuck me! My house and contents including accidental damage and legal was £145 last week on renewal.
  5. Wow, I'm up to my oxters (armpits) in nostalgia as I had an E Reg 120L 5 for around 2 years about 30 years ago, bloody loved it! Mine was the redder red whatever it was called. Near where I lived there was a junction a bit back on itself and uphill, many a happy tail out on a wet day was had pretending to be Jonh Haughland. It was a bit hard on rear wheel bearings funnily enough! If I recall you can help the handling with SAAB 900 shocks, unfortunately I can't remember if it's front or rear shocks. Anyway I look forward to reading about this beauty's revival.
  6. Never fell off, even after a few lunchtime pints. As he said you'd only fall off once! Extra couple of leaves in the rear springs of the Landy I guess.
  7. Are these based on something American?
  8. If you've an Android phone you can store them all in your Google Wallet, no cards necessary.
  9. There is a big variation in what age of car can be reliably used as a daily depending on where in the country you are. As @EyesWeldedShut concludes pre-2010 are now thinning out here (rural Aberdeenshire) mainly due to roads that can be randomly salted for 6 months of the year. I've noticed the cutoff seems to be 15-17 years so at the moment 55 - 06 plated cars are coming to the end. Go down to rural Devon or Dorset and I suspect the lack of salt probably gives cars another 5 -10 years with pricey repairs being the main killer rather than rust.
  10. Been twice, 2006 and 07, probably around the time it was just starting to get quite popular, both times on a Yam TDM900. Doubt I'll ever go back and ride or drive it with it being so busy now but definitely fancy being driven round in a 'ring taxi. One thing I'd say to anyone going with their own car, change your brake fluid before you go. Four, five or six year old fluid is fine for running around as normal but the moisture that can have absorbed can have a huge difference on brake fade.
  11. Not a fan of the daft sunvisor but otherwise! Let's hope Traton get their act together and put the new 13L 560 Scania engine in these, that'll give Freightliner a fright.
  12. But your car was white in the earlier pictures! 😉
  13. In about '96-'98 I regularly took transporter loads of them from auction in Glasgow to Hull docks. A couple of Russians based in a portacabin presumably acting as agents. I once managed to load 7 of which only two would start and run, the first and last on. The last being the pusher car.
  14. Aye, we were all meant to be living the life of Riley by now, maybe work a few hours a week but so much free time to enjoy. Bit like the Romans really.
  15. Light loads on the freeway by the look of it, live in that and save the expense of a house. American camper interior taste does seem stuck decades ago though, all that dark wood.
  16. I would add to check the chain is adjusted correctly as the rear hub tends to seize if not looked after and that makes the chain unadjustable. Great bikes. I had a 2002 model for 15k and it was good fun, plenty of torque but also sounded good at the top end, Beowulf can. @jazoli may have the engine spec incorrect as the Sprints (RS and ST) had a good bit less power but the 955i is listed at 147 BHP.
  17. £2 to not be parked next to some twat talking loudly to his mate a 3 am is definitely worth it.
  18. Finish Binky, do the truck and the MG. Should keep them busy for a bit.
  19. Looking good, as you've no peak was there any reason you went for a flat roof cab? Home every night or just used to it?
  20. I've got an Interceptor now and ended up putting the Continental GT touring seat on it but the Meteor looks a prime candidate for an Airrider cushion.
  21. Love the way they feel the need for a drip mat.
  22. Had a seat on one at the Scottish Bike Show. Seemed comfy enough but I was concerned the foot forward position would put pressure on my lower back/tailbone area, how did you find it?
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